Seal Accused of Sexual Battery

seal sexual battery

Seal came for Oprah Winfrey’s friendship with Harvey Winfrey, apologized for dragging her, and now his dirty laundry is being aired out!

Sources report the singer is now under investigation for a 2016 incident that happened with his neighbor, actress Tracey Birdsall.

Tracey said she and Seal were friends, and she went into his kitchen to retrieve a salad spinner she had lent him. That’s when things allegedly went left.

“He lunged at her. Tracey tells us Seal forced himself on her, attempting to kiss her. She says she shouted, ‘What are you doing?!’ and the singer replied, ‘I’m kissing you!'”

Tracey then said he began to make fun of her outfit (tank top and shorts), insinuating “she was asking for it,” and began groping her breast.

He invited her to then sit on his couch, she complied, and he began clowning her outfit and groped her again.

“Tracey says she left shortly after that and did not have contact with Seal again.”


  1. I don’t believe it. Although Seal’s dumb caveBitch chasing ass set himself up not to be believed. You know how a caveBitch do… smh #Oprah’sRevenge

  2. sooooo you didn’t leave after the forced kiss? instead you went to sit on his couch? riiiiiight…..

  3. @truth Serum… Thank you!!! Im like and why diddnt u leave after he groped u the first time??? Oprah is protected… This is what this is about…

  4. You knew this was going to happen as soon as he exposed Oprah. I still ride with Seal even though he lusts after white women just as much as Tiger Woods.

  5. Black people please realize that Oprah and the so called “Me Too” movement is about the ultimate destruction of the black man, the black family and the black race!

    • Why do you say this? Most of this has been white on white crime ( meaning the white women have been taking down the white men).

      • No white man has been taken down. They are all free, no one has been charged and the are all still multi millionaires. If only black men could get this type of “justice”.

    • No one’s really coming for the brotha man unless he stupidly puts a bulls-eye on his forhead like Seal or if he stupidly checks for money hungry caveBitches who operate under the modus operandi that their white skin gives them privilege to undermine you to take you money in some way. Other than that, it’s been white boys getting “burnt at the stake”.

  6. I don’t feel bad for either of them. Her dumb ass didn’t leave after the first grope and his ugly ass only messes with white women so who gives a fuck.

  7. I kept an open mind until I read that she sat on the couch. Why didn’t she go and take a shower like the “victim” in the Russell Simmons’ case? The truth is Seal and this woman were already sexing each other. The article says there were already friends. If she felt a threat, she wouldn’t have sat on the couch, which would cause her shorts to rise up even higher. I think this is more retaliation from the powers that be than any real assault. Nobody’s checking for Seal and now that his rose is in bloom, nobody ever will check for him.

    • You got it right. She offered information for money, to have his name listed in the perp list, was paid by tptb to confabulate on the story only because he threw cold water on Oprah’s ass kissing party. He should sue her ass.

  8. HSK posters keeping it raw &reall,its about time these black politicos,entertainers..etc
    get called out for their bs,the next step is stop investing in their debauchery with your hard
    earn $$ or your votes,those chumps could give a rats azz about us,so why should we about them its a new day/year y’all ..mho

  9. Oh yeah the matter at hand,if the article is accurate,why didn’t snowflake slap/kneed
    the shid of him and leave,rather then go sit down?

  10. The story is suspect, and he doesn’t seem that arrogant, but he may have had his moments.

    People say he has a preference, but he doesn’t except maybe models. He just picks them off the runway like, “I’ll take that one and that one.”

    • BS…just because one dumb bitch fucked with him does not mean that is all he gets.

      • Nigerians like them a thick woman. Hiedi was kust for clout to push his career I am sure.

      • LOL, right! Doesn’t Heidi Klum have a Billionnaire Baby daddy that denied the baby was his? Looks like Seal was her last resort.

      • Not true. He messes with all women, mostly models. The media chooses to show him with certain women. The media does that a lot.

  11. It true many people have a type, but every once in a while someone just does it for you and there’s no rhyme or reason for it…….they just turn you on…it’s called chemistry.

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