NeNe Leakes Broadway Ticket Sales Bomb

Nene Leakes Ugly Woman

HSK Exclusive – NeNe Leakes seems to be a bad ticket for Broadway! Know why? Since she took over as the evil stepmother, Madame, in ‘Cinderella’ … the Broadway play has faced a reported $300K loss in ticket sales!

And Guess what? It’s barely been a month since she joined the ‘Cinderalla’ cast! The Real Housewives of Atlanta personality officially took over the role, previously filled by Sherri Shepard, back on November 25th. We’re told its been downhill ever since!

Check it:

“Cinderella has been losing ever since NeNe jumped on board. NeNe is no trained actress … and the audience sees it! The Broadway Cinderella staff is not satisfied with NeNe’s performance either.”

Nene Leakes Bombs on Broadway


      • It was a regular black, round nose until she tried to have it pinched in. She looks like a Groucho Marx mask with that noise and those hug assed veneers. Didn’t know she’s on Broadway. You get what you pay for Broadway. Plenty of black actresses out there who could play that role. Nene is not an actress. Just a helluva hustler.

        • My lord you are right!! It looks just lie one of those Groucho nose and glasses things…just w/o the mustache.

    • We are not surprised at all! SHE is a reality star who forgot her real role! HEr ego blew up the size of New York! That’s what happens Nene when you start believing your own press!

      • just because they said they didn’t doesn’t make it true. it’s all blurry on the end. it’s big, but not like this. for f*cking shame.

        • Keep trying to tell yall that noise is not photoshopped. LOL. I know it is hard to believe but that is what SHE did to her nose. You can find that same pic online.

  1. Can we say, ” I’m broke, Bitch!” Looks like NeNe will be saying that from now on.

  2. Sherri has manners and seem to be empathetic cordial and courteous. She seem to act like she have some sense
    NeeNee is crass, rude, loud mouth and selfish
    U know yte folks dont like those type of kneegrows
    That shyt may fly over with the ghetto viewers on The Housewives series but not with Broadway ticket holders
    NeNe need to humble herself if she want to work abroad

  3. She just doesn’t get it does she? Why does she get all of these breaks when there are more attractive (and personable) people out there?

    • She participate well enough in the hollywood fueled coke parties and she represents the stereotype loud mouth black women on tv
      Thats why she keep getting these roles

      • Oh, maybe she’s more focused on willing it more. You know that can happen.

        You people and your theories lol

        And y’all act like there aren’t drug-fueled parties outside hollywood in your hood. SMH.

        • Right these ppl are so miserable and jealous. They complain when blacks don’t get roles and hate on them when they do and they the same ppl that always say why are black ppl always getting the short end of the stick it’s because of ppl like them. Crab ass niggas and it’s always the same ppl I wonder how the hell did I come across this damn websites hater site kingdom

          • And I wonder how you can sound so reasonable and normal as Phillymofo and then so loud and obnoxious as Glok9? I like this identity better js.

    • Exactly, what in the hell did she do to get that part? Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

      • Do we need to really ask? lol we know wnat this talent loud gonzo nose ,chicklet teeth ex stripper does .Remember she was on dancing with the stars and that television show Glee for a short while? TPTB are throwing her around wherever even if she does not fit the role .Therefore she continues doing whatever perverse act that is required of her including servicing men.Her husband Greg knows the deal always pulling her luggage behind them acting like the concerned husband lol ….he waits patiently for her to get that next paycheck.

        • Oh Anon 06:54 I was thinking way more sinister than that. Lord forgive me, I always think of the worst when it comes to these people and what they will do for fame.

        • i agree @Anonymous…Gregg is more of her 64-year-old pimp than a husband. i mean..can u see them two making love in the bed and him “putting it down” like she claims he does in the bedroom? uhhh…EWWWWW and yuck! hell to he freakin’ naw! why u think this heffa aint got a man that’s within her own age bracket in her life? because young bucks, younger than Gregg, wanna f*ck on a constant basis, and u know doggone well Gregg heart-medication-taking a** aint f*ckin this amazon-heffa like she say he is…nuff said. so of course Gregg knows the deal and doesn’t mind because he’s allowing her to suck on a few thangalangs of those white men to get these roles that trained actresses are suppose to get.

      • Who the hell are you black enga seriously you’re a really hateful “lady” ima need you to get some hookers and blow and suck a fat dick maybe your ass might not be on this site as the first and lady one to say some hateful shit??? Where is your man? He needs to keep yo ass off the blogs

        • I’am Black Enga Queen of Scotland and if I did that you would be out of a job,lol. Take your mean miserable self some where and sit done, take a minute and find your life. I told you I don’t play with serpents.

          Get Behind me Satan! HSK COME GET YOU PETS!

        • OK Phiilymofo, now your alter ego Glok9 is showing through this identity.
          Leave Black Enga alone. She’s good people and we respect her opinions.(not to mention her baked goods lol)

          • Thank you Anon 19:44 she/he cant help their self, it’s in their nature. If I knew she was coming I would have baked a cake…….With a Mongoose in it, lol.

  4. Nene Beakes trained actress? She’s ghetto with no home training. No talent just a big mouth.

  5. Is it true that Nene is NOT a trained actress? Because I could have sworn on one of the housewives reunion shows she said that she was and that’s how she was in the know to get cast on housewives. She said Sheree and Kim got the gig because of her and her connections. Don’t kbow if that’s true but I remember her telling Miss Andy that.
    Really I thought nene could pull off this role. She’s hideous but she can sing. And all she has to do as the wicked step mother is be her usual stank nasty self. So its not like she has to dig deep to fond her inspiration or something.

    • She said she was an aspiring actress and that she used to fly to LA for auditions every fall. I believe she said she did do a couple of very small things before RHWOA. I don’t recall her saying she is trained. I think the issue may be that people just don’t like her. When you think of her all you see is the character (herself) she plays on the housewives. Actresses are supposed to make you forget who they really are. I don’t think she can do that. She’s too over the top and folks have seen too much of her.

    • Believe me, I am NOT stanning for Bullwinkle, but she did say that she was a trained actress. What that actually means, who knows? But I imagine she has taken some acting classes in ATL as well as in LA.
      She mentioned her acting coach several times on RHOA.

      • Oh, I’m sure she has one now. Just not sure if she had one before but I believe u she said that. lol @Bullwinkle. Forgot folks called her that.

  6. Nene does not fit Hollywood’s standards. Nobody takes these reality people seriously.

  7. Wow I thought playing the wicked stepmother would fit her perfectly since she is a bully and doesnt care for other people’s feelings. I guess her 15 minutes is up or she will just continue with RHOA if Miss Andy permits. Lol.

  8. Greg got NeNe the role on Housewives. He scouted and scouted until he got her the role to recoup the losses he had when he came out of his marriage fro supporting NeNe. Remember when Marlo said that NeNe used to wear Kmart clothing before she hipped her (NeNe) on how to dressed

  9. Broadway, thought that they would have record breaking box office hits with Sherri and then by putting NeNe on it, the ticket sales would go through the roof. Only not too many blacks do Broadway, as ticket sales are too expensive to see someone make funny faces. When we spend that kind of money, we are “looking for a SHOW!”

    Need I say more…

  10. IDK why people think they can just up and do Broadway because they’ve had “some” tv experience. First of all Reality TV is not about “acting”, so she can’t say she got her acting experience from RHOATL…Broadway is HARD. For her to think that her notoriety alone was going to give her what she needed to perform on a Broadway stage is a smack in the face to all thespians and actors who have trained at Julliard, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, Tisch School of The Arts, etc.

    • Surely somebody felt that she could do it. It wasn’t about her thinking her notoriety would give her what she needed. The part was offered to her and she accepted. I don’t blame her. I don’t have any background in TV or Broadway but if somebody saw something in me an offered me the role, I would have accepted it too.

      • Hi @Gloria, Well now that somebody was wrong, weren’t they? LOL

        And it is about her notoriety because if she wasn’t hot at the moment, they would not have casted her in this play. She and “they” know she has to strike the iron when it’s hot. She has no formal training and knows no one from any credible acting background that will vouch for her as an actress. She’s trendy now so TPTB thought they’d cast someone who has a “I don’t take anything from anyone attitude as the evil stepmother in Cinderella. It’s all about timing. They wait for another 15 minutes, she won’t be the in thing anymore.
        But I do agree with you when you say if somebody saw something in you and offered you a role, you would have accepted it too. I probably would have too, but the difference is maybe you or I would have put our game face on and ACTED THE SHIT OUT OF THAT EVIL STEPMOTHER!! LOL

        • In reference to her notoriety…that’s not what was said in the first post. The first post said that she thought her notoriety would give her what she needed. I don’t think she thought that at all. The fact that somebody offered her the role along with a paycheck was the bottom line. Of course her notoriety from RHOA caused them to offer it to her but I don’t believe she thought it would give her what she needed to be able to be successful in the role. That doesn’t even make any sense.

  11. They should have gotten a real actress like Angela Bassett, Vanessa Williams, etc. to play the part instead of Nene. Everybody has to remember Nene is the joke from rhoa the same way Snooki from jersey shore is a joke. Nobody takes these clowns seriously.

    • They’d never afford those actresses playing such a bit part.

      Nenes cheap and available. She can only charge what she is worth. All she has is her name and a few TV credits.

      This ride will end. No one wants to see Nene at 50 doing the same neckroll and having that same sh*tty attitude

      Let her make her money.. when she is done the IRS will come to take it back.

  12. why whomever keep on giving this ultra-ghetto hoodrat ho these trained-actress roles is being f*cking me. who in the doggone hell is suppose to take a former strip club pole-swinging heffa serious on a stage as prestigious as Broadway’s – is the question at hand. she was just recently let go after three days of being in another stage play, playing a dragqueen, because of poor acting. it’s their own fault that ticket sales are dropping because don’t no one wanna see a messy-ass, keeping-up-shit all the time slut like this in a position that’s meant for trained actresses like Angela Bassett, Halle Berry, Viola Davis or Sharon Leal, just to name a few. I wouldn’t, by any damn means, go spend my money on a straight-from-the-hood ass, straight from Philer Homes Projects messy bitch like this NeNe-chic my damn self. kiddin me tho? u just can’t issue these highly acclaimed roles out to straight trash like this chic and anticipate ticket sales to sore. are y’all kiddin me tho? let this be a lesson learned – whomever is constantly feeling sorry for this messy hoodrat by giving her a chance in the acting world – because she doesn’t belong in the world of trained, went-to-college class of people with beyond years of experience in acting. smdh

  13. Isn’t that the nose for her part as the wicked step-mother? I don’t think that’s her nose.

  14. Lisa Wu is on a show called Hollywood Divas and she is not an actress but a reality star from rhoa so why is she on the show. Its like basketball wives none of the women are wives just ex girlfriends, sidechicks, or jumpoffs. Nene did not grow up in theatre or go to a performing arts school like Tupac or Aaliyah who had a passion for this. Mrs Leaks please have several seats and I do mean several honey. Bloop.

    • I have no sympathy for her she’s a mean spirited individual who likes to put others down. She could go back to a regular 9 to 5 or the pole because everyone is tired of her.

      • amen to that @della. folks sick of her, and folks do not like nasty-spirited people like her, and one who talks bad about u behind your back but grin right in your damn face. i never liked her to be honest due to the fact that she got her fame and come-up from mocking gay men. her damn time, on tv, is actually winding up. i believe she has one more doggone time to rub Miss Andy Cohen the wrong way, by asking for unnecessary raises in salary that she doesn’t deserve, and he’s gonna boot her out the damn door permanently…which is word on the streets. so she better straighten up and fly right, change her attidude, stop being messy, stop talking about people behind their backs and stop making a mockery from the expense of the gay community or she’ll be owing the IRS more than that $105,000 in back taxes that she can’t afford to pay.

  15. Nene can’t act for chit!!………..better stick in to realty tv Honey because this acting gig, ain’t working out

  16. They chose her to play the evil stepmother because of that evil beak she has on her face.

  17. Nene Leakes is nothing but a 21st century coon/mammy, Andy Cohan’s Her massa

    Nene’s attitude stinks she’s constantly bragging about how much money she has etc

    • Not that many “Massa’s” pay the help a million dollars for 9 week’s work. If she is a “slave” to him, it is by her own choice. No sympathy.

      • Anonymous??? so Your now defending Black People now??
        thought You hated the “Black Race”

        I mean I’m wrong or right?? (probably right)

        You strike Me as a white lover (no racial jibs intended)

        (but Anonymous love causing racial rows on here with his little buddies)

        (I changed My name, for My self respect and dignity unlike Anonymous coons and sellout to massa)

        • @Name I don’t think of anyone as “Massa” and that word never enters my mind. It’s sad that it seems to be on yours a lot of the time.

  18. You people need to stop hating on Mrs.Lakes because she represents the average African American citizen and has gotten opportunities that most of you wish you have. The resentment and jealousy is pooring out of your veins and through your writings. Actually the Broadway financial numbers report just the opposite of this article and that is why she was selected and continues to work. Whether you like it or not, white folks love seeing Nene Leakes. She stay winning and you can’t understand that because you are filled with such self hatred. Only people reporting and believing these lies are resentful broadway actors and uninformed readers. These people would not continue to invest their money on Mrs. Leakes if they were not making a major money return. Stop behaving like jealous House Wives and wise up!!!!

    • No she doesn’t represent the average African American, that’s the problem. She is an embarrassment to Black people, she represents a stereo type that most white people believe.

      Bye Mrs Leakes.

  19. Nobody is checking for this ghetto trash princess. I wish they stop forcing these idiots on us. Enough is enough!!!

  20. Nene Leaks can’t act. and I for one can’t wait until she gone from the show, rude and nasty like I said before and please get rid of the blond wig she’s not Mae West lol

  21. Exactly. She has a lot of fans. She’s sassy and funny and her one-liners are memorable.

    Does that mean she should be Broadway? Nope. But people thought she could bring in the numbers because she is popular.

    • I think Jules has it right. That’s a very fair assessment of her popularity.
      I don’t personally care for her, but she has a very expressive face, she has put a few expressions into the social media lexicon(Bloop!) and she can be very funny while reading someone.

  22. I think had she booked a smaller venue in Vegas she might have done well. But she can’t fill a showroom like Celine or Britney.

  23. We went to purchase tickets and discovered that Nene Leaks was appearing as thee wicked witch, we changed our minds. Three couples……… we all agreed we will not spend a dime to watch that horse tooth arrogant woman who can’t act, and have her ruin our night. we went to see the Rockeets again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We later found out that we made a wise choose, there were others who had seen the show and was very disappointed.

  24. Its not unheard of for plays (theater) to cast a revolving roster of select celebrities or known TV personalities in roles.Some are more popular in the select roles than others! Maybe they were hoping to popularity on RHOA when they cast her. I’m by no means on the Nene Leakes bandwagon but if they didn’t think that she was suitable for the role and couldn’t impact ticket sales in any way why cast her? Did people really not buy tickets because she was in it(one role of many )or has the novelty of the play worn thin already? If its because of her than when they re cast they should see an immediate increase in sales again.

  25. I mean “capitalize off the popularity” of her on RHOA..thinking it would equal increase ticket sales

  26. I saw the Cinderella show we nee nee leaks she was ok she got a well reception she got a standing ovation at the end she was ok no she’s not a trained actress but she was okay

    • That fact that she wasn’t a trained actress was most likely the reason why she got a standing ovation. People like to root for the underdog.

  27. I am not a Nene fan but HSK where did you get this information. Right is right and wrong is wrong. According to grosses. Nene’s ticket sales are doing better than Sherri’s. Nene’s debut week was over a million dollars. One of only 4 million dollars ticket sales for the year. The 300K loss was for the week after her debut week. Remember Nene debuted during Thanksgiving week when people were off work and kids were out of school. The shows were selling out that week but the ticket sales fell off the next week. But her sales are still better than Sherri’s. But then Sherri did not play during the holidays either. Look for a big pickup in sales during the Christmas holidays as kids will once again be out of schools and black parents will be flying in in groups to see Cinderella and Keke as the first black Cinderella on Broadway. Nene is just there.

  28. So even with a false story people will still be hateful. If you do a simple google search you will find that all Broadway shows were down the same week of Cinderella. The week after a record breaking Broadway Box Office. And actually the show is making money with NeNe #No Talent, Gonzo nose. People rather hate on some one then congratulate. Numbers don’t lie. And we wonder why they kill us in the streets without blinking.

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