Carter’s Diss Memphis Bleek To Party With Taylor Swift

Jayz Beyonce BFF Taylor Swift

HSK Exclusive – Jay Z and Beyonce have being exposed for recently cutting out on their people in order to tailgate Taylor Swift! Know why? Because Bey and Jay chose mainstream press over longtime friends!

The Carters pulled the stunt Saturday evening, during Memphis Bleek’s wedding reception. We’re told Jay and Bey bounced from the Merion New Jersey event “without saying goodbye” … only to make a b-line to Taylor Swift’s 25th birthday celebration!

“Beyonce refused to take pictures with Memphis Bleek and his bride [Ashley Coombs],” says a source. “But guests heard Beyonce telling Jay Z “It’s time to leave this place.”

The Drop:

“Beyonce and Jay left an all black party with excitement and joy to go party with their white friends.”





    • Even though I cant stand Jayz, he look awfully happy and upbeat at Memphitz celebration and thats a good look

    • Wow!! Forgot who made u money for someone that’s never made u a dime ! Damn j !! What goes around comes around !? They went from a dress to impress to a regular ol fashion hoe down! But when it’s light camera action it’s the other way around. Money changes all!!!!!

  1. No more Beyonce albums for me… I bought 1 of her albums before but never again.

  2. The same bird that made Kanye put his celebrity image by blasting Taylor for winning an award over the overrated and under talented Beyoncé; now they turn on him to go support her birthday press party. Where are the B stans to explain this back stabbery. And y’all wonder why people don’t like illiterate, inarticulate Beyoncé

    • the craziest thing about it is that now Taylor Swift has surpassed Beyonce’s success in every area and is millions of dollars ahead of her in terms of marketing and everything else. Did anyone see Taylor’s album sales for the first day of release? Beyonce is a freaking fool

      • Exactly. They always ride the coat tails of people who surpass them. Shakira was really hot at one time, Beyonce had to ride her coat tails and do a duet, Lady Gaga was hot at one point, Beyonce had to ride her coat tails and do a duet, Nikki Minaj blew up, Beyonce has to ride her coat tails and do a duet. White grunge rockers were really hot and making media waves, Jayz had to ride their coat tails and hop on every rock concert stage across America and Europe. Thses two are posers and users.

          • Truth Lucid. Bonnie & Clyde time is up. Taylor should have a sign over her head that says ” THAN YOU! KANYE”. My how the mighty have fallen. Their N&#$er card has been pulled.

            • She will never see the success or money that jay z and Beyonce has seen.. both of them have been doin this for almost 2 Decades.. Taylor is a FAD, time will tell.. Enoy your CR@%$er while you can.. we all know how fast they stale..

        • my issue with it is that Beyonce ran backstage and contradicted Kanye to support this pale faced talentless bird to appease the “masses”.

        • I just read a blind of a possible collaboration and record label / deal between the couple, Justin Timberlake, and Taylor Swift. I don’t think Kanye is in the mix. Do they have real friends?

        • Artists careers go downhill after working with Beyonce. Alicia Keys, GaGa, Missy, Shakira, etc.

    • And ya’ll really believe this nonsense! What if, just maybe, she didn’t want pictures and didn’t want the wedding to turn into a BeyonceAffair. Haven’t you ever overbooked events on the same night?

      • Thank you! People will run with a BS story! LoL! Just to justify why they hate the Carters for no apparent reason.

        • I cant stand Jayz bcus Ive met in person on several occasions and he is very nasty an extremely arrogant. Ive never met Beyonce, but u are known by the company u keep
          So those are my reasons 4 disliking them

    • whom are you referring to THEM or the desperate media that reports these STUPID stories or the pathetic fans that nurture the story or the silly haters that perpetuate the story..because that LATTER ALL have contributed way more than the Carters HAVE

      • Why? Because you happen to say so? Troll plz the minute folks star making connections and passing info about these freaks here you come trying to confuse and distract. You.might as well give up. We are in the reveal stage of Revelation. Wait til the horsemen ride up . Then you are really gonna see what these creatures get up to behind closed doors.

        • lol of course I am a troll when my words make sense..seriously is that all your imbecile brain can conjure up and then your bring up the white mans bible chile please ..LET ME TELL YOU that you are far more brain washed and far more lost then the carters will ever be ..go suck on that LOSER

  3. The carters are a friend to no one And they looked stupid and out of place at that taylor swift party, just trying to soak up some of her lime light. If this story is true, the backlash is going to be serious.

    • U know they had to get to their eyes wide shut orgy party with Taylor Swift to fulfill their obligations
      and their committment to the ritual for the powers that be
      That was also a part of Taylors ritual when Kanye did that skit a few years ago
      Regular folks just dont get it and continue to be fooled by the smoke and mirrors

      • Many here are aware of the humiliation ritual Taylor had to go through as a step toward furthering her career. Kanye storming the stage, Bey welcoming her into the fold, the matching red dresses, we all took note. Not too much gets by folks once they know what to look for.It’s done to give you a taste of what it will be like when you fall out of favor . Keeps those souless cyborgs in line.
        I’m not surprised at Jay and Bey. First of all, they suck as people. Second It’s ritual season . Winter soltice happens between Dec 21 and Dec 22 this year. So folks beware, and Be AWARE.

        • @5:38 and @6:18…you both are on point and said a mouth full. Also we know that any move Jay and Bey makes is because their bosses told them to do it.These nasty azzes the things they have to do and participate in for the almighty dollar .The underworld of magik rituals keeps them on top for a minute but you can not tell me these demons have not had a nervous break down behind closed doors.They try to play it cool in front of the cameras but the soul can only handle so much thats why they need to be repetive with dark rituals .

          • Yep and tell it !!!!!!!! That episode with Beyonce at that game gives a small glimpse of what she goes through behind closed doors

  4. I’m not surprised, attention whores. I bet Memphis Bleek not to mention Kim and Ye are feeling real stupid right now. PLAYED….

    When are people going to realize these self absorbed narcissists only care about money and themselves.

  5. Is that a turd mask that person int the picture got on?
    I remember Jaden Smith had a out of the way costume on at Kims reception
    Thats how I know something is weird and amisss at these parties
    It is not halloween or a costume ball

      • Well if that’s the case And that is Jason Timberlake. Jay Z is next level. How many rappers can say that there is a hollowed mask out?!?! Only Jay, but nobody the crazy thing is JT is wearing his Jay z mask to a Taylor Swift party, now that’s huge?? That Jay nigga really is next level….lol

    • I see that gay white soul singer “Sam Smith” was there too. And Taykors lez lovah that model she got caught sucking face with.

  6. They look absolutely pathetic and out of place in the first picture. Such calculated opportunists.

      • Hey brother you good? I am just busy busy! I have so much university work to do it’s unreal 🙁 and on top of that my parents are moving house. Damn lol! I need a holiday.

  7. So Memphis Bleek got married. Well damn! I loved him back in the day. Damn! Damn! Damn!

  8. And they probably paid for Bleek’s wedding. We all know he has been Jay’s “Fonsworth Bentley” for years now. So what they didn’t stay they showed up. I didn’t stay at my cousin’s wack ass wedding (no booze).

      • I wonder if Bleek is 1 of Jayzs undercover lovers
        I dont put nothing pass these folks

        • Couldn’t he just be a very good friend who paid for a wedding because he could afford to do so?
          If my best friend was getting married and II had the money, I would do the same.

  9. I don’t have anything else to add to this article other than I agree with every comment here.

  10. I wonder if JT wore that poop emoji mask as a joke or they had special plans for him that evening?

    • LOL…this could be taken so many ways, but either way you slice it, that’s some funny isht.

      • Lol, TB check this out. Look at the pic of Beyonce and J leaving the party in the wee hours, they have their heads held down with his hoodie and her hat pulled low to cover their faces looking guilty as sin.

        I bet the help could tell some stories about what really went on at that party.

        Anon 11:38 yeah, we know and it is sad, smh.

        • LOL! I just saw them….Whoah! Yeah, they’re definitely coming out of the party on some “incognito” type isht. Did you see Justin’s pic when he was leaving? His eyes were all red…he looked like Beelzebub himself.

        • No, I will definitely go look for it. Poor little tink tink must have got the same treatment as BOW WOW at Diddy’s party, lol. Let me stop.

          *clasps hands over mouth*

    • Lol ! Thats funny and sad at the same time
      But we know it isnt just harmless fun and jokes in hollyweird

  11. Her ass think she better then most blacks,but blacks have made these house nigros who they are,I’m so over this broud and her ugly ass clothes,they over there all up Tayler ass cause there time is up, and they are clinching to the higher ups

    • The crazy part is that her family was extremely wealthy b4 Taylor hit the industry so I guess she was just after the fame

  12. Memphis Bleek aka Malik Cox…One of the nicest MCs of the 90s era. Jay-Z is not known to be loyal to the game…Jaz-O can testify to his backstabbing ways. Him and Bey have been reduced to butt-kissers in an industry that is reversing course. Who the hell is Taylor Swift? Before Kanye made her the darling of mainstream media, she was barely mentioned or talked about outside of country. Lest we forget, Kanye flew into a rage because he was upset that Beyoncé was topped by Taylor Swift for Best Female Video at the 2009 VMA AWARDS. Amazing how that episode has come full circle. Sane black folk need not continue giving money to either of them. They jump ship from a beautiful moment involving us to curry favor with a crowd that could care less…Crazy Times We Live In!!!

    • kind of odd cause usually kanye has a fit about his own cd’s and musaic selling and being overlooked why was he so concerned bout beyonce’s musoic anmd awards anyway.

      • Chris, i still don’t know why he cared so much? Kanye’s ego is on a 1000, as we know. His halo is Always On…Never Off! See what you created Yeezy, Do You See? Beyonce is “The Help” of the industry. Giving shine to other women at her own expense. Bleaching her skin did a number on her brain cells as well. Just waiting on some hacked e-mails from her social footprint detailing how she threw Destiny’s Child under the bus. Her time is coming Chris… True Dat!

    • Tyrone Even before she really broke big, Taylor was a really big hip hop fan. She used to perform that duet “Live Your Life”(she did the Rhianna part)with T.I. at some of her shows. And she is a big Kendrick Lamar groupie.

  13. This is a lie, I was actually there. This site is starting to reach and make up shit like all the other blogs

        • I’m confused. What’s a lie? And you were where_ birthday party or wedding? What is the blog supposedly lying about.

          • And Jay did my people Kline dirty too
            So I really dont give him any props
            Jay is a double crosser

  14. I do not blame The Carters not one bit. Why be associated with ghetto people who are not socially/wealthy in your tax bracket,(nor never will be)when you are already established members of the 1%.

          • TB
            It only takes a net worth of like $500k to be considered part of the 1%. It’s not as an exclusive club as some people try to make it out out to be.
            They also don’t all rob, cheat and murder others to get there.

            • Tell Anonymous up there about the 1%, not me. She was referring to the elite, the bourgeoisie class (not the regular rich). And those are the people who control everything…so yes they do kill and steal on a large scale. I didn’t say they rob and steal to get where they are…most of the 1% already come from money, so they don’t have to “get there”, they’ve arrived as soon as their mother’s pushed them out. They are part of the bourgeoisie class. They start wars, subjugate countries, tax us outrageously, jack our checks with taxes…you know rob and steal. LOL

            • And I quote Anon saying: “Why be associated with ghetto people who are not socially/wealthy in your tax bracket,(nor never will be)when you are already established members of the 1%.”


            • You are talking about blue bloods, not the 1%. Most of the 1% are just as powerless as everyone else. Trust me.

            • Like I said, speak to the Anon up there about that, not me. I didn’t mention the 1%, just commented on her theory.

            • TB I’m not trying to argue with you or anon. I just don’t want anyone here to assume all people in a certain tax bracket are evil.

            • Hey I’m not arguing with you. We’re just spitting healthy dialogue. Just letting you know that the whole 1% was not my math. AND, the type of murder and robbing I’m talking about cannot be tried in criminal court. They’re robbing and stealing is considered legal.

            • And, if I may add Anon, was mentioning that the “1%” wants nothing to do with the commoner…that is what you should be addressing, if anything. LOL

            • TB, I agree…that damn 1% Anon 11:10 is talking about don’t like us and we don’t want them rubbing elbows with us anyway! They are the true criminals in this country.

              @Say Cheese, Anon 11:44 said they were wicked evil, not TB. J/S

            • Maybe my eyes are deceiving me but I read TB’s comment, “Hell’s yeah. They rob and murder on a larger scale.” As an indictment against all people from that particular group.
              I guess I misunderstood.

            • Say Cheese, You absolutely read right…I wrote “Hell’s yeah, they rob and murder on a larger scale”. The “Hell’s Yeah” was in AGREEMENT to the Anon saying that they were “wicked evil people”. Then you wrote me, “I just don’t want anyone here to assume all people in a certain tax bracket are evil” That’s implying that I said they were evil. Now Say Cheese, I don’t want to split hairs here, but you keep pressing me. Follow the conversation and you’ll see how you tried to correct me, don’t do that. And BTW, the 1% are TPTB, they run this here planet…and that’s the whole problem…not me. LOL

            • @ Taino No shade or criticism, but the word bourgeoisie means “middle class” in French, or what we would call the upper middle class in this country. So they really aren’t the “elite” power brokers/shot callers. Bourgeoisie would define what Cheese meant by the 1%. People with a net worth which places them in the single digits millionaire category.
              Very comfortable, but not ruling class rich.

            • Good Morning Anon 6:04. How are you this lovely morning?? Hey, no shade taken. But, let’s not get stuck on symantecs. The term 1%…let’s just say TPTB.

      • Actually, only about 3 and a half percent of Americans are worth more than a million. And of those households, 95% is worth about 1 to 10 million. Of the remaining 5% , the top 1% of those are worth several hundred million to billions. That’s the 1% people are always referring to. Making only 500k doesn’t make someone a 1 percenter. And T B is right, amongst that 1% are a fair amount of sociopaths, I’m sure. They have money but many also reputations as evil meglomaniacs.

        • Okay 500K or $1Million…whatever. Either way most of the people who are in that tax bracket are hard working, honest people. I’m not talking about entertainment industry people, I’m referring to regular people who have graduated from college and worked their way up the ladder to success.

          Do you not see the hypocrisy in your statement? What you’re saying is just as silly as those who spew bs about lower class people being criminals. It’s just not true.
          There are good people and there are evil, sociopaths across all races and in every socioeconomic class.

          • Silly is for puppet shows and knock-knock jokes. What I
            stated was fact, and if you have a problem with that take it up with CNN, CNBC, Forbes etc, because they have all done articles on how millis and billis are smarter, more aggressive, self centered and yes often measurably more devious and self centered than the average joes. That’s how they amass all that money: most billis have earned, not inheirited wealth. There’s like 1650 of them and only 9 of those are black. I’m sure out of alnsit 17k filthy rich folks, some are very nice. As far as those who make 500k to 10 million they are not the 1%. But I’m sure tons of them are very nice as well. However, and this is my opinion not fact, I bet there are some prize assholes in there too.

          • I was referring to TPTB @Say Cheese…maybe that’s where the misunderstanding occurred.

    • Why do the Carters put out garbage albums and songs catered to ghetto people who are not socially wealthy or in their tax bracket? You can not tell me that when Beyonce says” surfboard” she’s catering to elite’s musical tastes. Or when Jay says “big pimpin'” he’s catering to wealthy family heirs. Just call a spade a spade. The people that listen to their nonsense are people who collect Popeyes and McDonald’s coupons. Jay Z and Beyonce need ghetto project raised mentality to support their status as the urban power couple, because they themselves are pawns serving the industry owners.

      • Thats why I dislike them so much
        Cuz they ENJOY riding off the backs of the poor and are too deceitful to admit it
        Instead they boast that they are better and above
        Im so looking 4ward to the day they cease on music charts
        I cant stand frauds

    • If you think Jay-z is part of the 1% I have plenty of bridges to sell you in Nyc and Arizona….Come On Down….

  15. JayZ became successful the same way most of the wealthy became successful and that’s by way of thievery.Ask Dash/Biggs.

    • BlackAnastasia

      Jayz is thieving house nicca who steals idea’s from black people and gives the idea to massa.

      He’s a danger to black community.

    • Yep. They don’t call them “Robber Barons” for nothing. Gigantic fortunes always involve some very dirty stuff.

  16. These two been coonin for years. And like others have pointed out, they are trying very hard to stay relevant.

  17. Damn, how shameful Beyonce And Jayz are, attention whores these coon kiss up to Taylor flat ass.

    Because sooner or later Taylor will turn on them

  18. The tables are turning for Beyonce and her crown is being passed to TS. Look at her new video and compare it to Bey’s Jealous. She is said to have made more money but TS sold more CD’s. It’s only a matter of time before she crosses over to take her position in the R&b/Pop category just like Iggy did to Nicki. They are whitewashing all our music. When I saw that they had Aretha Franklin sing Happy Birthday to her for the Women Of Music I was done.

  19. when are You nicca’s gonna learn, the Black culture has been taken over by White People along time ago!!

    White People are wearing Black Hairstyles
    David Beckham was rocking the cornrow look back in 2002

    now White Men are rocking 360 waves and shave patterns in Their hair.

    White Women are rocking wigs weaves and cornrows Their now starting natural hair journeys

    carols daughters inventor sold her hair formula to L’Oreal

    • Yep. And for DECADES blacks have done NOTHING about it but sit back and complain
      Why should the whites stop taking if the blacks wont do anything about it

      • hold up!! Anonymous don’t come on My thread with Your f*cked up excuse, see Your complaining now don’t cry over split milk!! that’s what Your doing now

        I was only high lighting the facts

    • They aren’t taking over shit. They are just creating and fanning the flames of racial discontent to distract us all. While folks are worried about pancake assed Slimey Virus out twerking Nikki Minaj, and several black men being taken out by cops, Obama signed all sorts of legislation expanding immigration and limiting our personal freedoms. Look no one is going to take Teylor Swift seriously as queen bee of black music. But the more people talk about it the less we are discussing the police state / martial law era that is coming. Also, did yall know they now have technology to f*ck with the weather. So f*ck a brass statuette and the exec Owen you have to gargle to get one. Let ytee take back their whole filthy ritual obsessed industry. They can have it. We as a people have bigger fish to fry

      • Taylor is country singer with no azz or boobs, She won’t be taken seriously, if She does R’n’B and Hip Hop music

        Her music is for white teens who believes in magic and love stories

        • ‘ with no azz or boobs’? You really are stupid. It is evident that she has both,same with every other female.

      • I hear you and that HAARP is no joke. Call me crazy but I believe they used it in Chicago this past summer to curb the violence. It was crazy, everyday that it was over 80 degrees, there were mass shootings. I live somewhat near the area and I only had to turn my air conditioner on 3 times. Shit, once it was so cold in late June I had to turn the heat on.

      • Didn’t he though Anon? Your comment is so on point. Obama has been making all kinds of moves over the last couple of weeks with little to no fanfare.

        • So Your praising Anonymous now??? if it wasn’t for Me writing this thread, He/She wouldn’t be speaking about this chit, just saying, give credit when credits dues

          • You are so on point. If hsk didn’t write this you wouldn’t commenting too. Thankz hsk. Name stop riding on coatails.

            • @Name seem to have a funk azz attitude and a nasty disposition
              I guess in the real world it dont have anyone to talk to cuz real people will not put up with this type of rudeness and bullying

            • It’s just the same ole same ole CB.
              New day new “name.” She pretty much defines “funk azz attitude and nasty disposition” but she doesn’t get that. Instead she has a persecution complex that WE are the ones who are wrong for calling her out on her shit.

            • I know it’s cb. Cbt reminds of scrappy doo. Fist always up ready to fight, but got know idea who the real enemy is.


              How’s that?

  20. Stop with the nonsense! Why couldn’t it be they just wanted to do several events in one day. Haven’t any of you ever double-booked or triple-booked events in one day?

    • if Beyonce and her pet animal were loyal people, they would of partied with Memphis Bleak, but instead They partied with Taylor and Her white friends

      double booked or not

      a person with sense and dignity would of stayed with their friends They known the longest

  21. Who would ditch a wedding of someone close to go to a 25 birthday. These celebs ain’t loyal.

  22. at least jigga attended the wedding.

    but then aghain who was bleek compared to taylor swift.

    big naMES LIKE TO Hang with other big names.

  23. At least they showed up to the wedding compared to Kimye that was straight disrespect. Bleek is on Jay’s payroll so he’ good.

    • I agree. I literally LOATHE Kanye and Kim, but the Carters ditching that wedding was a real shitty thing to do. I lost respect for them on that one.

  24. wondering if Bey would of done this chit to Kelly?!
    knowing how Beyonce roll, She’d probably do the same thing

  25. Y’all niggas is crazy as I stated before you guys need lives please stop beiliving every single thing you read on this and other gossip sites. Jayz had a great time and Beyoncé wasn’t even there y’all are some fools. Instead of talking stupid shit if anything this post should be about jay and bey partying when Nas was out marching. But it’s their life they can share there time with whoever just like you do with yours damn you ppl are obsessed with them but u hate them so much gtfoh

  26. they can go and party with whoever they want! At least they showed up, which means there was some interest- Jay and Bey didnt make it to Kanye’s wedding, so…….

  27. alla ya’ll can call Jay Z camel all you want but take a step back and think about his excellence and realise he shits on your lives like he has a running stomach…and let it marinate….dussé

    • each but camels don’t get appraised when you end up making terrible business moves. And have fights in elevators

  28. Bleek got married weeks ago, but the pics were just released. The wedding was not the same day as Taylor’s B-day, so there was not ditching out early to party with her.

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