J. Cole: “Hip Hop is Completely White”

J. Cole Power 105 Interview

J.Cole just pulled the music industry’s card, revealing its apparent correlation to the movie industry likes of Sony Entertainment … when it comes to upholding white talent.

During a recent radio interview with Power 105.1, J. Cole slammed the industry for jacking Hip Hop culture. He also raised the industry’s apparent protocol of signing great white hopes to deliver Hip Hop to the masses.

Here’s what J.Cole told Angie Martinez:

“It’s the system’s fault. There comes a time when the system realizes, ‘I can sell this White person a lot easier.’ Hip Hop is like completely White.”



      • Long story short.
        Music and TV is used to program ppl a certain way (godless).
        The govt wants us all to be dumb fat poor and sick so the can make crazy laws and control our money

        • So true black magic at it’s best and while most of us watch TV we have past the time when we can live without having a TV in our houses. I do watch TV but I am still start enough to know that it is trying to control my perception of life and things. You must have a life outside of just watching TV because then you start to take in everything that is being said and shown as fact.

        • So you’re saying that the Federal Government actually pulls the strings at Interscope?

          • I don’t know bout that. But I have heard Obama tell a group of kids they could be the next lil wayne.

          • I think the execs have to answer to some faction of the U.S. Gov’t. .

            But yes, the gov’t is using TV and music (esp hip hop) to destroy the youth.

    • You are so right, I just read an article about USAID using this tactic in Cuba. They have recruited Cuban rappers and have them making music that could cause major problems in Cuba.

    • your point being….yes, and….what are you going to do about it….?!

      • Who is crying or complaining?
        Who are you talking to?

        Its a fact of life government programming.
        Someone asked and I answered ..

  1. It all comes down to greed and greed doesn’t have a color. Don’t believe me? Ask Tip, the Carters, and all the other sell outs.

  2. It is not just hip hop though, it is all ‘black music’. Ask a white UK person who the best soul singer is right now they will say Adele. Ask them who the best rnb / urban singer is they will say Jessie J. lol. It is a joke I tell ya. Ask who they think the best UK rapper is right now they will probably say Professor Green – a white Brit male rapper.

    Yep, they love our culture but hate it when we do it; they do it ‘best’ you see …

  3. I say great, they’re stealing “our” music, so it’s about time for us to start inventing shit.

    • Will you say it’s great when they start stealing our inventions like they did before. ..

      • Invent what??!!

        Oh, if you meant Apple/Microsoft and their products + advanced technology, ships, trains, planes & automobiles. Plus mass communications, cell phones, military weapons, etc.
        Don’t forget life-saving drugs & medical advances.

        Yep you did invent that

  4. Well, we’re very creative people. If you look back in history, we have always created words and names to describe things in our culture and lives that only WE understood. Since Native American Indians, Black People, Puerto Rican People, Dominican People, we have always put a “slang/esoteric language” on how we do our thing…we always have to stay one step ahead. That’s why every time “they” learn a new slang word, we up and make a new one to define the old word. They keep trying to keep up with us and we keep creating new urban terms and languages. So the Iggy’s and Adele’s have to ask one of us how “what does it mean?” so they can recreate.

    • Mami, them hijacking black culture is nothing new. Look at this trainwreck of a film that hit the cinemas this weekend…Exodus: Gods and Kings. As all educated people know, Egyptians were black. Yet, Christian Bale is portrayed as Moses and Ramses is played by Joel Edgerton. The mere fact that Ridley Scott and 20th Century Fox Studios would release a blatantly racist film that lies about our history in North Africa is hella brave. But, no outrage from black folk. We need to remember this fact of life. Caucasian folk will always steal from us, because, they’re obsessed…Always Will Be! If we allow them to rape us over and over again…They’re Not Gonna Stop—The Lesson!

      • yeah, I know that’s nothing new. I was just having that conversation with someone this weekend. Asking him name ONE thing the European has contributed to this Earth that was not stolen (or if they invented it) was not negative. And that’s the first thing I said when I saw the coming attractions, Moses was black, everybody in Egypt was black…wtf?? But they’ve been white washing isht since the longest.

        • They know our history better than we do. So, i can understand why they behave as such. Hip-Hop was ripe for the taking because it was and still is youth-driven. So, all the multiculturalists had a field day lumping spongeable black and white youth together in the name of racial reconciliation. MTV was afraid of street music in the beginning, but they were forced to pay attention. YO’ MTV RAPS came on the scene…The Rest Is History!

          In all honesty, our side wanted access to a bigger market. Anytime we yearn to be liked by other folk, sacrificing certain aspects of the culture is a bitter pill that our artists swallow. The vibe of the music changed. NWA was loved by wigged out teens in the burbs. Black Cool was too strong for them to resist, and SoundScan numbers backed up their fascination with ghetto stories. Today, Iggy Azalea is the female Eminem without the talent. Another white female making pesos copying the black female aesthetic. It’s the rage nowadays. Of course, foolish brothas aid and abet the nonsense. We know the names, no need to out them. Mami, the same bs happens in latin culture. You and other morenas are the essence of the culture, but still discriminated against in tv, music, fashion, etc. I don’t see them changing, too much money at stake. We gotta value all that makes us who we are…No Other Way! Appreciate The Wisdom Mami!!!

          • TB: poor Latinas will only be portrayed as maids and whores.. nothing in between.

        • Was Marie Curie black? lol I’m just kidding, but I do think Caucasians have invented stuff too.

          • Of course, but, that’s not the issue. Members of our race can boast about this and that as well…Ditto! Hip-Hop is a global commodity. Travel to South Asia, Central Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin-America. I guarantee your ears will hear a bass drum thumping in the clubs. I have no issue with others liking the music. We would be hypocritical in that regard. Appreciation of another culture is good, hijacking it for monetary gain is racist. Cats got the fat head syndrome going on. All of a sudden, white chicks singing hooks for black rappers…Kanye, Common, Lupe Fiasco, T-Pain…WTF? Some of our kinfolk live to be accepted no matter the costs. Russell Simmons sold Def Jam to Polygram/Island Records for hundreds of millions…Why He Do That? He has blame in this bs, a lot of blame. We take our cultural legacy for granted…Needs To Stop ASAP!!!

      • But like someone on this thread pointed out…some of our own people give these whities passes to do so. We encourage their emulating our music. We send mixed messages them. I mean I don’t know if you saw the American Music Awards, but T.I. was just smiling and grinnin’ and trying to justify co-signing Iggy was just pathetic, embarrassing and overall Uncle Tomish.

        • That’s because they think throwing money at us will appease us.
          As you can see it has worked in the entertainment world. Just think how much further ahead we could be if our media stars would chose us over money.

            • Ty with capital letters at the beginning of each sentence. Hmmmmmm. Seen that before. Ty who are you really.

            • They love that boriqua chick who comes on here commenting on black problems and she aint even black, they skip over the black womens comments and Co.sign all of her shyt, but then if a mixed person says something they get told they arent black…fukin coons…this should show the mentality behind the whole sellout epidemic…some non black tries to act like they are down with the black struggle and the black men are ready to welcome them with open arms because they dont really like black woman, they want a latina or something exotic they can refer to as “nami”

            • Oh and one more thing Pepe Le Pew…you’re a fake bitch that likes to start shit. And you picked THE RIGHT ONE! Come get at me you f*cking sell-out Skanky bitch. The problem is not the brothers, the problem is you not getting attention. But they’re not ignoring you because you’re black, THEY’RE IGNORING YOU BECAUSE YOU’RE STUPID. YOUR STUPID AND YOUR COMMENTS ARE STUPID. THAT’S WHY YOU GET NO LOVE BITCH!!! COME FOR MORE…I GOT A WHOLE LOT TO GIVE.

            • Not that I have to prove anything to you, but since you brought up heritage you WACK BITCH…I AM BLACK. Puerto Ricans ARE black. I am of African decent, you f*ckin moron!!! Just because other Latinas are not aware of this doesn’t change my ancestry. NOT GET A FUCKIN’ CLUE YOU SCRUB BITCH! YOU HATIN’ BITCH! NOW I WILL FUCK WITH YOU ON EVERY POST.

        • We send mixed signals… That’s True! All of us have seen old episodes of Showtime At The Apollo, in which, black folks would spaz out if a white singer or rapper was halfway decent. Seeing them copy us gave many in the fam a sense of pride. I never got caught up in that. I can understand others liking hip-hop, soul, jazz, reggae, soca, salsa, merengue, bachata, samba, etc. The african polyrhythms are addictive to the ear. However, we own the music. No way in hell somebody else should benefit more than us…Just Saying! Love Hip-Hop New York premieres tonight. I hate it and love it at the same time…Side Note! What would life be without black people…Imagine That?

            • So, some assume you’re not black…Really? I’ve noticed the conflict between African-American and Afro-Latinas on this blog. For all the miseducated sistas in the world. The vast majority of slaves were dropped off in the Caribbean and Central/South America. We had our civil-rights struggle, and our latin kin are doing the same. Please Believe, i understand the anger that bubbles up from hearing a Dominican or Brazilian black deny their ancestry. I hate it just the same. American Sistas have been loyal from the jump, so, seeing Erica Mena, Evelyn Lozada, Zoe Saldana, Gina Torres, and others soak up attention because brothas like them. They’re bilingual and bicultural…Duality! Personally, i don’t care what country a blackwoman hails from, i got love for her anyway. As to the word Mami, it’s a term of endearment. Brothas say Mama, Baby, Sis, Sista, Queen, etc. TainoBoriqua, don’t stress over the nonsense.

              Be Easy!!!

        • In all fairness to T.I., he was grinning and cheesing because he saw dollar signs all over the place at the AMAs. Maybe other black artists need to follow suit more often. Start making money off the white performers they created. Vince with Lady GaGa is another case.
          I never was mad at T.I. for pimping Iggy because it was nice to see someone black profiting off a white “employee” for a change.

          • I hear you…but if T.I.was going to make someone rich, I’d rather it had been one of us from the neighborhood. Someone who needs doors opened for them. There’s a lot of raw talent in our own back yard. His choice in who he backed up is one of the reasons why the Hip Hop game has changed.


              And furthermore, this is not about “black problems”, I live in a jungle filled with black people and puerto rican people…we share the same oppressions. So you jealous bitch, even with me being Puerto Rican, I’m blacker than you. So STFU, take several f*ckin seats and wait for a black man to pay attention to your pathetic ass.

              Maybe if you stop starting fights, people might take what you have to say seriously.

            • xxxKittenwithclawsxxx…you always make yourself look stupid. You say the most ignorant things. TB, I have respect for you, I know you keep it real. And we all see kittenwithclaws always trying to insult people on this blog.

            • @Anon 10:59…”It” does this all the time. No worries. What I don’t appreciate is that “it” should just come for me and stop trying to blame it on black men liking exotic women better than black women. She’s trying to get people to feel like they have to defend why they talk to me….that’s so UGLY

            • I wouldn’t be surprised @anonymous 12:08
              I now that he has multiple characters and screen names- some are nice_ some are not, and the biggest shock to me is that the “Glok9 style” of writing is completely fake. He is completely capable of typing and expressing himself normally when he chooses.
              I caught him tripping up on a thread early last week when he posted as “Phillymofo” and he forgot to switch up his screen name.
              I kind of doubt he’ll be back around here anytime soon.

            • Yes when he is his main character he gets along with Taino. All his other characters fight with her. I don’t think she knows it’s him.

            • I dont care who the phuck is who as long as that mischevious trouble making witch Tippie/Coco/The hoe is gone
              I remember her from Sandra Rose blog
              Sandra kicked her ass off of there
              Now shes on every site causing mischief

            • I think Glok may be all these troublemakers.
              s soon as he disappeared, they suddenly showed up.

            • Anon 12:42 AKA TIPPIETOES/NAME/CB ho you are pathetic you shifting all your lies and blaming glok? …bitch do we look that f*cking stupid when we know you got all50 handls in here bitch? People from other threads know you for being a jealous witch you cock sucking ho , glok isn’t kitten or philly bitch you are, and I look at TB STYLE THAT SOUND AND LOOK LIKE GLOK TYPING in big caps, BTW YOU stupid ho you trying to cause more shit go suck some dick or f*ck your son or something did he f*ck you and run like all the rest?

            • Thank you @spot the witch , she in here blaming Glok , this shit didn’t start until he called her out for being a witch, and to the stupid bitch calling Glok > kitten with claws , we see you WITCH you are very desperate and obvious !

        • U think im jealous because im black and your Puerto Rican, wow your a racist btch, what is there to be jealous of? Btw your struggles are not our struggles, but its typical for black people to shun thier own and then line up to cosign a racist b like you…carry on reminding black people of thier struggles

          • ” Come here baby why you feeling insecure,” don’t let it get you, there are also those who believe gay should be compared to race, Yeah that too! But on another note loving that new J. Cole. J and Kendrick represent real music. Night

          • Im another poster but u have to admit that sometimes blacks are jealous of spanish people because of the fine texture of their and lightness of their skin
            Im just saying

            • And that’s so sad when everything around us is built upon black culture. Especially music and style! I have never ever woke up feeling like being nothing more than Black. It’s funny when I get to any place or event and I do not see black folk, In a matter of minutes I realize just how boring the world would be without us;)

            • Spanish blacks have been brainwashed into seeing whiteness as the holy grail. Having a mixed child is a status symbol in the culture. We gotta be brutally honest about what goes on in latinidad with respect to us. Despite all the mixing they do, still treated with scorn by white spaniards. This explains the difference in hair and complexion. They’re more diluted than we are. Hating blackness is blasphemous to me, should be to all of us… 4 Eva & A Day!!!

            • Whites are jealous of Latinas because of the “flava”.. white women know they are bland. J.lo, Longoria, Sofia Vargas.. hot hot hot!
              Paltrow, Cyrus, celine Dion… not not not!

              White women are not jealous of black women. Too much “flava”, I guess. Black women have a bad reputation that scares white women.

              I don’t mind any of them. Its all the same color in the dark.

            • Wjj. I think women are just jealous of the thickness when they don’t have it. No matter what colour they iz.

          • Sis, all this drama over a word? You got me and other cats on this site in a bubble. If you’ve read some of my posts, this squabble would be ghosts. When you say exotic, you’re referring to half-black women…Yes? I don’t lust mixed women like that. I advocate us loving blackwomen to the max. Now, other brothas may swerve in that way for superficial reasons. Only want the exotical on his arm…Floyd Mayweather? Rappers love to yap about a woman being blasian or blatina. In their minds, a different kind of blackwoman. It’s colorism on display. Today, a clique of brothas wanna experiment with their dna by sleeping with non-black women. I see it as short-sighted on our part. Sistas are a beautiful creation, how can we not love you? Those that run away from you are not fully committed to our upliftment as a people. No shades of gray…We Love Ya’ll or We Don’t. This is relevant to the convo, because swirling has played a part in the theft of the music. Kanye, Tyga, Jeezy, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa and others boosting “The Other” to gain acceptance from the other side of the tracks. I’m on your side Sis, Ty is not that dude!!!

        • Tyrone,

          I have nothing against mixed races people but to me stealing our legecy starts in the mixed racing. I read some of the most racist comments from white and mixed raced people not all of them. Hundreds of years old your were black no matter what color your father might have been and now a lot of white people get made when someone see a mixed child as only black but they created it that way. I hear some many people who really think that mixed race chidren are more attractive more then everyday black women which most of us are mixed some where down the line. I see a lot of pretty and ugly mied children just lke any other race the ignorance it so thick. All of this message of hate is crazy and hard to hear after a while mixed children is not the new black people they are black in essenses because they come from us.

  5. They stole rap music years ago. When I saw that Honey Nut Cheerios bee rapping I threw up a little in my mouth. You can’t just blame whitey for this one. People like Dre went out here and dug up the likes of M&M to mainstream rap and to make money off of him….so.

    • lol @threw up a little in my mouth.

      The one with Usher dancing I had to try hard to hold down my breakfast as well.

      • lol TB my mother always said that they are making fun of Black people in these commercials every time they throw some shades and tennis shoes on the characters.

        • @Black Enga, lol…did you see the new Honey Nut Cheerios commercial with all the brothers sitting down like in a living room setting making melodic sounds to mimick instruments playing music. I was like, “yo, do you see what they’re making ya’ll do”…but hey, some of us would literally sell our souls to the devil to become famous and rich.


          • LMAO TainoBorigua no I didn’t see those two but I rarely watch TV anymore. I’m not surprised though, these poor young actors and their parents don’t have a clue as to what is really going on, they are just happy to be seen on TV. Some of them do know and just don’t care because greed and fame.

            If I was a parent of a child star we would be chained at the hip. They would probably hurrup and get rid of my ass because I would never let them out of my sight.

            • You’re right. I mean, I get it…who wouldn’t want to be famous? I absolutely get the appeal. Back in the days I wanted to be the “dopest female rapper out there” and I still freestyle, so I know how badly it is to want to show out. But most people don’t know to what extent they will have to sell out until the twilight of their career and they look back in retrospect and analyze the decisions that they’ve made and the things they’ve done along the way. It’s easier said than done…Not easy to be strong and true to yourself, if it was everybody would do it more often.

            • You see the mcdonalds where dad brings a 20 piece for sons birthday? A 20 piece really?

            • LMAO…it could’ve been worse…he could have brought home Popeye’s fried chicken…which btw, is VERY good. I eat that isht whenever I get the opportunity. Bad as a phuck for you, but I don’t have many vices so….Got one right on the corner of my block. LMAO

            • Taino

              There is a appeal of being famous but it is a fake one an illusion. Being famous is just the devil playpin you will literally sell everything about yourself (your soul) to become famous and how many famous people actually grow old unscaved most of them died early. As GOD has always said the devil is a lair and there is not truth in him. When you case fame you gain the whold world only to loose your soul and that is the biggest picture at the end the fame is very limited and very control, they are not looking for a authentic person only a puppet.

      • Let’s not forget about that MC Hammer KFC commercial
        where He raps about chicken and He also dances

        and What about in 2012 Mary J Blidge sings about Burger Kings chicken wraps

    • what about fred flinstone rapping back in the 80’s and 90’s.

      sprite used to hire rappers for commercials.

      Alvin and the chipmunks and tiny toons tried to get in on the rap formula.

      super Mario bros cartoon had a episode where the Mario bros went to rapland and james brown was the king of rapland not making this up.

      • Chris and Name I hear you both. It’s hard to believe that not too long ago the top new songs were by Black people. Last year, not even one.

        I cant relate to the music that is being put out here now. It doesn’t even seem like they are trying anymore. I really want to get De’Angelo’s new music, I hope it’s not some bs.

        • I don’t buy music anymore, the last time I bought an album was back in 2005, ever since than I’ve been going on YouTube and listening for free!!!

          the only rap era I listen to is the 80’s 90’s it was real, it wasn’t just about money and fame it was about real life struggle for black people

          • Me neither, I just read somewhere that it suppose to be uplifting and about the struggle. He might catch some beef about the name though.

            • Public Enemy were rapping about Fight The Power etc, and Flava Flav f*cked up Their image by doing that god awful realty show

  6. blame Black People for selling Our music to the Jhews

    Hip Hop was a underground movement until mainstream took it

  7. hip hop crossedover from 79.

    nothing new blondie tried to do it.

    Madonna tried it.
    new kids and marky mark tried to act from the streets.

    vanilla ice tried it.

    beastie boys tried it.

    tairrie b disgraced eazy e by slapping him in a video.

    cant forget brian Austin GREEN AND DAVID FAUSTINO TRYING TO RAP.

    FERGIE’S WAck azz.

    gween Stefani tried to act like sahes from the streets.

    just likje in the 70’s yopu had wild cherry trying to do funk music.

    the beatles and stones admitted they was doing black music.

  8. their stole rock music from black people
    if nicca’s wanted to pursue in a rock career white people will make racist comments.

    • That’s just nor true CB. There are many blacks in famous rock bands and the greatest rocker of all time was black. Rock is not a segregated art, it’s just that the buying audience for rock is 75% white.

  9. I blame all of those mainstream idiots who have crossover and sold their souls just for a buck. Hip Hop used to be beautiful. No love for it anymore with the exception of old school hip hop.

  10. as for whites straling black music yes oldest trick in the world.

    jimi Hendrix took back rock and roll and ruled the rock charts he was too powerful so he had to be exterminated.

    whites retook rock and roll and it became more satanic and evil thanks to zeppelin, and black Sabbath.

    sly stone was king of the world but drugs phukked him up.

    regardless of how good Hendrix was he was a token and accepted by the white rock elite circles.

    blacks are not allowed to do rock music except those who crossover and seem non threatening like lenny kravitz.

    Michael Jackson and prince was allowed to do rock music because they were looked at as non threatening and feminine in the 80’s.

    early funkadelic did rock music and wasn’t accepted because they was looked at as too wild and crazy in the 70’s.

    but kiss could copy the wild costumes p funk was wearing.

    George Clinton produced the red hot chili peppers album freaky style and another example of whites running with black music and took it further.

  11. don’t listen to rap no more anyway.

    to me iggy is a fad she has nothing to offer cept injections and sex doubt she last 2 more years just another token whitye girl doing black musioc.

    at least teena marie copuld sing and play guitar.

    Justin bieber will never be a black kid noi matter who he hangs around or who approves of him.

    fergie’s and gwen stefganis black hip hop phases are over.

    black music will never die plenty of alternative black music out there if you search.

    there are plenty of artists who is already advancing and expanding their minds and sounds and being creative.

    so whites are still just doingh now as they did then copy.

    no white artist ever did what jimi Hendrix did.

    nobody white ever landed a spaceship on stage lije p funk did at concerts.

    even kiss and the beatles didn’t have no spaceship.

    can’t forget screamin jay Hawkins the original shock rocker.

    sun ra was the original aFRONAUT.



    phukk Madonna before her was prince and betty davis.

    • Chris some of the best metal bands are black, but I bet nobody here is even aware of them. But just because they are unknown here, doesn’t mean they don’t exist and have a big following.

  12. They did this to jazz too. Check out the headliners of jazz fest and even blues fests. There was some jazz movie that was just out and the whole cast was white. Big jazz centers and schools are being built and the leadership is all white. And this is in the USA I haven’t even mentioned Europe.

  13. …It’s like he’s begging to be blackballed (If this isn’t somehow controlled opposition, that is). Not that he or Scarface before him are/were wrong, but still…

    • He’s an odd dude Raheim. I know nothing about him, and I’d never seen him perform until this week when he was on Letterman. He did his whole song(a really plaintive soulful wail to be accurate)with his head down and his eyes shut. I don’t think he fits in with the rap game such as it is today.

      • I concur. Cole is alright lyrically and production-wise, but nothing too special (There’s a long-running joke among rap fans that his music will cure narcolepsy lol). And yes, he would probably fit in better in the early ’90s or even late ’80s when the budgets weren’t as big and the stakes weren’t as high.

  14. Well for all you Obama haters Jeb just declared. You get what u wish for. Dummies.

    • Good lord. Even though he is a little better than his retarded brother, I cannot take another Bush.
      Mark my words, the Obama haters will be whining about the good ole days after he’s been in the WH a year. I just hope that Obama is able to finish decriminalizing weed before he leaves. It’s not that I want to use it, but there are so many people in prison, male and female, for bullshit possession convictions.

  15. Comment awaiting moderation? Hmmm. U there Jacky? Or is someone else on here defending these celebrity clowns from my criticism?

  16. You would have to be a complete moron to not know this as fact. Look at the “awards shows”. White artists being said to be the “Best”,etc., and getting awards for something they have stolen. Hip Hop has become a lost art manipulated by white folks. You black producer also do not help when you make productions (beats) for these white folks. There is an agenda here and just like the Black Africans of Kemet (egypt), BLACK History, black talent,black statues, the black truth about who truly started this World are being erased. Remember, if white people started this world, they wouldn’t stink! WTFU!

  17. I want to speak on what J.Cole just said about the system not wanting to be changed so many aspects in the world is slavery and do not want to be changed. Jesus wanted to change the system and the Pharisees wanted to keep it things the same through religious standards when Jesus wanted your standards to be on something bigger and a deeper sense of love which is GOD the father. In the end he got crucified which was a prophecy and a point that was meant to be seen and understood. Today in almost 2015 we are still battling those same demons and concepts of living and slavery. If one person speaks up they will become a martyr the whole world needs to stand up and change their ways. As GOD has always said if my people change and repent then I will heal their lands, their minds, body and hearts. This whole way of living is beyond destructive.

  18. Lucifer himself has a always been the face of music. In heaven and even still on this earth. I’ve read most comments and i can agree with most of the folks here..but music is not a race thing it’s a spiritual thing. Music first belonged to I AM THAT I AM and used to worship him in spirit and his word in truth. Since the the fall of Lucifer and one third of the angels its been sex, drugs, killing, stealing, and all Lucifer is saying is that he wants the world to bow down and worship him because he is giving the music industry exactly what they want (RICHES). Everything comes at a price. The main goal for Lucifer i that you give his your soul in the process. Have you seen the Pinnalcle of success yet??, Since Lucifer was kicked out of Heaven he has tried to detroy everything that was good and righteous in the sight of I AM THAT I AM since. The reason why I AM THAT I AM was spoken about even in the constitution is because there has to be a solid foundation to build on. Both women and men have turned from the normal ways of procreation to lust for one another (Lucifers way of stopping the procretion of human race). Racism (Lucifers way of putting division between the different ethnic groups. Drugs to keep the people high and unconcious to what going on around them so tht Lucifer and continue to descrate the temple ( The humn body) of I AM THAT I AM. Sex is something that is spiritual that why everytime you break up with someone you yern for that person especially if you’ve been intimate with them… but of course there’s MARRAIGE , why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free??( in other words why marry when you can just live like the Samaritan woman at the well who had many husband and Jesus even stopped to have a word with inspite of her immoral situation. The woman had been with different men whom she all lived with and wasn’t even married to the man she currently lived with… but Jesus went the deciples away just so he can talk to her. Whatever wrong she had done could have been mde right. For God is no respecter of persons. Don’t get me wrong I AM THAT I AM will always take the weak and foolish thing of the world o confound the wise things of the world.

    What better way to destroy a race than to destroy the seed (The man) of that race. If you destroy the head the the whole body it gone. If a man of a certain race humilate the woman of his certain race through marraige and sex to other races and other races see it. Then it leads the other races to disrepect the entire race as whole because their is no genuine love or confern for the women who help to procrete that race. In other words brothers can’ t get mad when other races disrespect black women when they don’ t respect their own.

    Because of Lucifers rebellion against I AM THAT I AM. The corruption of music continues. Stealing: alot of these black producer continue to work with the white artist to give them a little urban culture not realizing that their just not borrowing it the stealing it. As boack people we are the most hated but the most celebrated culture on the planet. Other races hate us but can’t stop mimicking and even stealing or mannerisms. Our destruction as black people is black people and Lucifer taking us to the highest mountain when were t our lowest or poorest and showing us all that we can have through education, acceptance, power, money, and greed if ll we do is bow down and worship him in his demonic spirit and truth. Be blessed HSK FAMILY

    • He took Jesus on that same road and gave him the same option and he told him “Man
      shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of
      God. We need to live off of way more then money and really start to connect with deeper standards.

  19. Thou shalt betroth a wife, and another man shall lie with her: thou shalt build an house, and thou shalt not dwell therein: thou shalt plant a vineyard, and shalt not gather the grapes thereof.
    Deut 28:15

    • When will you brain dead fools get it?….look at that verse! It spells what’s been happening for the longest! When are yall gonna stop running from the truth?!

    • The book has told of all things but you idiot Afrocentric niggas will say it’s not true….bullshit! No one can deny it unless they a cracka or a nigga that thinks they a cracka

  20. The music industry is wack period. The black female singers and rappers they are more concerned with posing nude or dressing and performing like a stripper twerking. The males walk around ass out , like a gay invitation . Spitting bullshit rap about what they got when it’s really rented. Then you have the ones that spit wack don’t make sense ain’t got shit to do with the song, just some random bullshit to the beat. You cosign the bullshit when you listen to and purchase the wack bullshit.

  21. They even behave like stripper on stage twerking, then tell the dumb females it’s being a feminist. Last I checked the men weren’t liberating the women at the strip club.

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