Birdman Pays $4 Million To Jas Prince

Jas Prince Drake Payment

HSK Exclusive – It’s been just days since Cash Money was court-ordered to “make good” on its Drake deal with Jas Prince… and we’ve gotten word that Birdman has already covered the $4M bill!

This news comes about a year after Jas Prince hit Cash Money with the multi-million dollar suit, citing the label for “breach of contract”. Late last week, the court ruled in Jas Prince’s favor. But even though Jas Prince has collected what he was promised, source tells us that others attached to the deal can’t say the same. Just ask Cortez Bryant.

Dig the Drop:

“Birdman paid Jas the money he owed him but he screwed Cortez Bryant out of millions on the Drake deal.

Cortez is screaming that Aspire Music Group owes him money but it’s Birdman who owes him millions and Birdman is refusing to pay Cortez a red cent.”

HSK broke the story first … bringing you first word of Cash Money’s agreement — with Jas Prince’s Aspire Music Group — for rights to Drake. “Cash Money Records tried to cheat Jas Prince’s company out of their Drake royalties,” says the source. “They owed Aspire Music Group.”

Here is what else is out there:

“In 2007 both Jas Prince discovered Drake and signed him to Aspire Music Group. Later, Cash Money approached them and wanted to sign Drake but to do so they had to agree to pay 22% of all Drake’s advances, net profits and other advances to Jas Prince & Aspire.

Jas says that in November 2013, he was still owed a total of $5 million dollars, confronted Cash Money about the money and they sent over $1 million to his bank. However, he claims that he never received the remaining $4 million from the label. He filed suit for the $4 million claiming Cash Money breached their contract.”


  1. Dang, they are passing these artists around like two dollar hoes. I don’t get it, I thought Birdman was broke. I guess he’s robbing Pete to pay Paul. That shell game is going to catch up with him eventually.


  2. I am surprised he could find $4M. But then again he has probably got it all hidden away in Switzerland or the Cayman Islands or somewhere.

  3. J Prince is Jas Prince father an is an OG in the industry so Baby was dancing with someone in the know this round

  4. Lil Wayne better check his account. Something tells me it may be about $3,999,999.99 short.

  5. Since everbody involved in the Drake saga has their hands out…Is Shi Wisdom gonna get her cut? She penned the lyrics for many of his hits, Just Saying?

  6. Why does Jaz Prince’s name sound very familiar!?
    wasn’t Christina Millian dating Him at one point and She dumped Him for Lil Wendy.

    • yes Christina was dating jas prince and dumped him for wayne.

      jas father j prince wasn’t no jokje but lets not forget all the artists j prince robbed since the 80’s.

      birdman if anything took serious notes on how to phukk artists like j prince and rap a lot.

      juvenile and turk joined rap a lot and guess juve wasn’t happy with raop a lot so he went back to cash money to get phukked by baby some more.

      • Hold up!!, so Baby has to pay Christina’s love sicken ex money for Drake???

        Damn Karma moral of the story is

        Don’t cheat or left your partner for someone else

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