Nelly Forced to Hand Over Tour Profits to Settle IRS Debt

nelly tour profits irs

After it was reported Nelly was hit with a huge $2.4 million IRS tax bill, the government isn’t wasting any time seizing the rapper’s assets.

According to sources, the IRS has instructed Ticketmaster to seize all money the rapper is owed from them for upcoming concerts and any future concerts they will promote for him.

Nelly currently has 4 upcoming concerts promoted on Ticketmaster’s website, but he won’t see a dime from those ticket sales!

On top of that, the IRS has sent garnishment notices to the US Bancorp Investments Inc. and The Business Bank of St. Louis. to fork over all the money in his bank accounts.

I hope the rest of these celebs are paying attention, because the IRS is not playin around right now. They’re out for blood!



  2. and his fake ass label there was a local crew in st Louis that was beefing with nelly about him not putting anybody in st Louis on now nellys the laughing stock

    betcha slo down is laughin g his ass off now he made some comments bout nelly dropping him.

    nelly f*cked over the whole lunatic group only one murphy lee album only one ali album.

    at least chingy had enough sense to get out while the getting was good hate that him and nelly beefed but chin gy had more fame and money with Ludacris.

    • ur right… nobody f*cks with cornell is St.Louis….we hate the nigga…he cant even come back!! that local crew you talking abt is GSI and Rip Da General…Stloulou!

  3. Damn, they are really, really going after him. However, it seems a bit extreme. I wonder how many notices he received from the IRS before they decided to take such drastic measures?

    • @Mystique!…You know those notices were colored coded as f*ck!????? white, yellow, green, pink, red, and then thick phone books tacked the door, with court seals stamped on them, with the words, bitch better have my money in 2 hours or else!???

  4. List of corporations that pay less than 10% in federal taxes

    1. Apple
    2. Monsanto
    3. The NFL (501c)
    4. Wal Mart
    5. General Electric
    6. Microsoft
    7. Ford
    8. JP Morgan Chase
    9. McDonalds
    10. Nike

    It's interesting that many of the corporations that pay less than ten percent in federal taxes are the same corporations that use prison slave labor or sweatshop slave labor. No black man or woman should ever stand and salute the National Anthem!

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