Nelly and Shantel Jackson Engaged?

nelly miss jackson engaged

Nelly and Shantel Jackson, better known as Miss Jackson, have been dating for a few years now, so we wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to take things to the next level. And judging by Miss Jackson’s Instagram, it looks like the couple may even be engaged.

What's Next Baby!!!! ? @daphnejoy

A photo posted by Shantel Jackson (@missjackson) on

Miss Jackson posted a photo of herself and Nelly, and although much isn’t shown, it looks like she’s looking down at whatever Nelly’s holding. Could it be a ring? We think so!

She captioned the photo, “What’s Next Baby!!!” and everyone in her comments is congratulating her on the engagement.

Miss Jackson might want to rethink that engagement though. Nelly is currently on the hook for over $2 million owed to the IRS. He even had all his profits from his concert performances seized.

In case you forgot, Miss Jackson is Floyd Mayweather’s ex-boo thang, and Nelly dated Ashanti for years, but never really claimed her in public.

This would be the first marriage for both of them.



    • Exactly! What two dumb broke ass bum wanna marry to each other when one has a playboy simpin after him and the other one is nothing but a ping pong ball being paddle back and forth trying to play the hustle game and knowing damn well she ain't stop f*cking around with the other dude! Who in the hell they fooling? Johnnie Taylor?

      • Please note this is the same lady who was "seeing" a dope dealer in LA & Nelly all while she was supposedly in a serious relationship with Floyd of whom paid for her current looks. She is not the only one of that pair who has issues to evaluate.

    • Oh now that he's old, broke, and done had 17 chillren, now he wants to settle down with another hoe!…Fuck the I R S Nigga, he needs to pay back Ashanti her $500,000 that sdsdhe loaned him, when sdsdhe was in love!…Ole nigga! Try getting some financial help like that from the new hoe!…She don't have admit but light skin, and used up industry p*ssy, but that's what he wife's up! Bitch Bye!

      • Typo! She don't have shit! This old hoe that he's with now! You'll get the gist though!

      • The cheating will come mostly from her..she don't love Mr skeletor.I saw Nelly's reality show last year that girl come rappers with all there dirty words they call women still are the biggest simps.

  1. The body language in the 1st pic says it all. She is definitely leaning away from him. Not believe these two and don't care either way.

  2. Miss Jackson is an interesting character. She was 1 of the highlights, if you will, of his boring reality show. I don't think she should marry Nelly & also think she needs to end (this farce?) of a relationship. I don't think she'll want to have to permanently deal w/Nana, Nelly's daughter. Nana needs to learn to stay in her lane when it comes to her dad's affairs. I feel Miss Jackson can do better, since she appears to be about THAT life. To put it nicely, it's said that she's a good lover so why doesn't she take her skills over to Dubai & make some REAL money?

    On a somewhat similar note, I believe Halle Berry is now advertising….:P

    • Jackie Who,

      What do you mean? Shantel has BEEN to Dubai. The problem was she wasn't asked to return due to an issue arising over her not wanting to provide certain services. She's very protective of her body Floyd's money paid for.

      • Well if that's true I beg your pardon, lol. I don't understand why she'd be protective of her new body NOW because how is she gonna keep up her lifestyle? And it does not change the fact what she was doing w/her body (& the possible after effects) before the surgeries. Also, with some plastic surgery procedures, you have to get them redone/updated, etc. Who's gonna pay for that? For her to try to be a prim & proper lady now or whatever, is laughable. 😛 And w/Nelly of all ppl?? At least get w/a dude with money. All I'm saying is if you gonna do what she do, have something to show for it!!!

  3. Niggas get old and funky, dick been in everything and everybody, and now he wants to get married!…Why?…They'll wait until they're five minutes from a stroke to get married, in hopes that some young desperate fool with perky tits, will wipe the drool from their stinking lying mouths!??? I can't with niggas yo!

  4. ^^^^ Damn yall some bitter ass people. Just f*cking miserable! I guess yall never been proposed to and all you have is your bitter negative engery. Hence yall asses lonely, complaining on a blog

    • @Sunni!…Nope wrong!…We have an opinions, just as you do!…I wanted to point out the pathology of most relationships today!… They mostly start bout on bvbvad terms, end on bad terms, produce parentless, spastic children, and then starts all over again, and corrupts, yet another generation of people!

      • Love is great!…Relationships can be wonderful, despite the ups and downs!…However, most people are rotten, dirty dogs, and the more you know about them, the less you like them, and I don't like selfish, greedy people!…Nelly ain't all bad, but he's a dirty dick Negroe, and his fiance is a know hoe!

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