Nelly Admits He Ain’t S**t in Valentine’s Message to Ms. Jackson

nelly ms jackson valentines day

Nelly admits that he has made things “hard” for his girlfriend, Shantel Jackson, in his Valentine’s Day message to her. But it appears that Ms. Jackson isn’t worried about her man cheating on her while on tour and she’s determined to stick by his side.


  1. So if you were on the tour bus you must have been an accomplice, because that MF admitted to conducting sex acts on that chick.

    New Chappelle sketch: when the stupid ho is actually the so-called GF goes wrong…smfh.

  2. Hollyweird!!! So either he is super duper uper disrespectful or she’s bi sexual. Weird stuff either way, very weird. She should have kept that statement to her self. She just made the whole situation way sound way worst and made Nelly look like even more of a jerk.

  3. Jane Does?! Hmmm… she’s trying so hard to make these women unreal. Bless her heart.

  4. Awwww and she thinks he will stay loyal! Dumb ass. Idk if nelly actually did it but when I saw how he was acting towards that little white girl at his concert I was disturbed. But then again maybe he’s paying her to be his beard. That’s how they get down in hollywierd

  5. So this means that miss Jackson knows Nelly sleep with other women while on tour with him

    Sounds like they have orgies together Nelly is a porn fanatic hell watch some porn thrn go out and try it his lunatics crew called him freaky king

  6. Didnt Nelly have an addiction to fucking strippers raw…and that was a reason Ashanti left him? These rappers should just stop trying to settle and just be honest with these women

    • Some of these women need to be honest too. They know that men in this position, especially Nelly who has women chasing him, are like kings back in the day.

      Women need to decide if they want to be the queen and let him have concubines, or get with a regular dude.

  7. Her new show cancelled. Her BF’s business all out internationally and her BF’s bank account may be drying up sooner than she expected.

  8. Rape,infidelity..etc? seems like something she/he should talk among themselves n privatet or their “close”friends,preacher,shrink instead of going to Ig??? i need a woman’s perspective on this to understand smh

  9. They are all disgusting. Why do people keep buying their music, why? To put them on buses to rape women. Just stop.

  10. Was she the one that threw the $100 bill at the victim? I kinda suspected her but they said it was some other female on the bus. The civil attorney is renowned in Washington. She has won very large settlements for her clients.

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