Wendy Williams Takes More Time Off Amid Mystery Illness

wendy williams sick valentines day

Wendy Williams posted a video to address her recent disappearance from her talk show. After canceling the February 14th episode, her show released a statement saying she was battling the flu, but Wendy has since gone on the record to say she doesn’t have the flu but is feeling “flu-ish.”


She also says she was talked out of going to work so she’ll be taking a few more days off to get herself together.


  1. Wendy is a terrible person who made a name for herself by putting others down and while I think she’s horrible I don’t wish sickness on anyone. She seems very ill and I don’t think it’s just the flu. I hope she gets better.

  2. No one has to wish ill-will on anyone.

    Ugliness and mean-spiritedness (yeah I made up a word) can manifest into physical symptoms…there are some thing she may say that are on point, but I have not been able to watch some of her latest shows all the way through, because she has been just down right nasty, wrong and off-point in some of her comments.

    • If she doing coke(someone posted)why dose she trash others(whitney)does she think cause she has a few dollars she immune to bbe ridiculed/karma? she should prob check her spirit& chill on the name calling

        • These black ppl who think they got money should know by now,no matter how much $$$ you have in the grand scheme of the things/universe its chump change,if you don’t have bill cosby $$$ you aint tlkN bout nothing,and we see what happen to him

  3. A curse was put on her for saying she was ‘sick’ of the #metoo movement. Now look at her, she is sick and can’t work. Wendell Orenthal Rufus Bartholomew Clyde Pookie Williams I have no sympathy for you, you’re the same cock who leaked out Meth’s wife had cancer before their family knew. Inappropriate old hag!

  4. In my Arrested Development voice “♫♪♬Go ahead Mr Wendal yea yea go Mr Wendal ♬♪♫

  5. I heard her husband is a tranny chaser and those type of men never wrap it up…hopefully it is not an incurable shit

  6. Blind Item from another website says it’s drugs. Apparently they were waiting for show to go into hiatus to get her in rehab. However she is so far gone, she needs rehab now.

  7. At some point we all get sick of gossip because our own lives are filled with problems.

    • @anon12:39 Many of us do,some seem to like keepN the pot stewing(howevr u say it)

  8. List of black women who hate being black:

    1. Wendy Williams

    2. Lil Kim

    3. Nicki Ninaj

    4. Letoya Jackson

    5. Trina McGee

    These black women hated themselves so much they got plastic surgery; now they’re ugly! These sistas were completely uneducated about the benefits and privilege of melanin. These black women destroyed their God given melanin.

    • i have a list too but i don’t feel like getN roasted by the women on here today so ima go sit dwn

    • Where is the list of men?

      Wait it is too long to be on here…

      Chill with the list Dick we saw it the first thousand times you posted it.

  9. Wendy is nothing but fake boobs. She’s that small to me..poor thang. I believe she’s back on that white, white.

  10. She’s so thin. Also, she hasn’t done a cooking segment for awhile. My first thought was she had an eating disorder. But if she’s doing cocaine that would explain a lot.

  11. Its not the coke…its the pills!! Oxy, vicodin, percocets you can see it amile away. The last episode or so i saw on Youtube i was on the floor laughing. I kno its not funny but i was like this bish trippin the fuk out. Couldnt read off the teleprompter, losing thoughts mid sentence, they dont let her stand up for more than a minute, she snappy as fuk now to the audience and crew, sickly thin, eyes glassy, like this bitch be high. Real talk watch the most recent episodes on youtube its like a episode of intervention in that bitch

  12. Wendy looks like Michael Jackson in woman’s clothes

    She still.wromg for wearing that bakini

  13. She looks high as a bird upon the sky.. Wendy us just so mean spirited toward black people, it’s not funny at all.. She never goes in on white people, just her own race.. She gas Graves Disease along with whatever her husband is bringing home from all his affairs.. She didn’t want to address that, although she said she forgave him once before and she wouldn’t do it again if he cheated.. Well the world saw the pictures if this younger and ugly chick living in a house her money us paying for.. The joke is definitely on Mr. Wendy bug eyed Williams.l She’s a former crack hoe and dime prostitution.,

  14. Naw, it ain’t graves, its likely HIV that she contracted from her abusive, bisexual hooker husband/manager/handler. There’s always more to the full story in Hollywood.

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