Nate Dogg’s Son ARRESTED In Drug Sting with College Football Teammate

Nate Dogg’s son — a college football player at Montana State — was arrested along with a teammate in a drug sting operation this week, officials say.

Officials say Naijiel Hale — a junior cornerback — set up multiple drug deals with buyers who turned out to be undercover police officers back in February.

On one occasion, cops say they contacted Hale to purchase a bunch of Xanax pills, and he allegedly kicked them over to his teammate, Darren Gardenhire, who completed the transaction.

Another time, cops say Hale arranged a deal at his home where he had a 3rd person deliver the drugs.

Hale has now been charged with 2 counts of felony distribution of dangerous drugs and 1 count of misdemeanor possession. The felony charges carry a maximum penalty of life in prison.

Gardenhire is also a cornerback at MSU. Both Hale and Gardenhire had previously played together at the University of Washington. Hale was kicked off the team in 2014. Gardenhire left in late 2016.


  1. Wonder will snoop help him I heard he never gave Nate Dogg widow any money hell Nate been locked up numerous times for armed robbery and assualt and never served time

  2. Washington, Montana. His issues didn’t go away after getting kicked off the first college. So many chances given to this guy.

  3. Nate’s son is really handsome<3, but why deal drugs and fuck up a great opportunity that was laid out for you? Nigga's always have to fuck up something great. Black people can't elevate for shit.

  4. Under cover cops = drug users working with the feds to….REDUCE THERE SENTENCES !!! 100% Fact !!!

    • Amen —— that’s why if your dealing drugs, don’t sell to newcomers and don’t sell them at all..If I was a dealer, there would only be one person coming to my house, and that’s my money man… All these petty as so called dealer, can’t get their butts out of jail, if arrested..

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