Natalie Cole Bangin’ On Patti LaBelle!


A duel of divas is on!

Sources say the bitch’in from Broadway is ON… pegging Natalie Cole for pulling out all the stops to straight punk Patti LaBelle! The pair are now sharing a Broadway stage over the production of ‘After Midnight’. Witnesses have reportedly overheard Natalie Cole trashing current star Patti LaBelle’s performance behind her back.

Buss this:

“Natalie was overheard telling friends that Fantasia really made the show work, but Patti was just not up to par. People were saying that Patti would get tired in middle of her set and would just mouth the words instead of singing them. Natalie didn’t hold back — she went on to say that Patti had lost her touch — saying she was too old and too tired to make the performance work.”


  1. After Midnight closed a few weeks ago. Gladys Knignt and Natalie Cole were supposed to follow Patti in the show but there’s rumors that they might take the show on tour with either one of them

  2. She better shut up Patti be slapping the hell out of people and she don’t care nat go away and go listen to your one and only hit that you had with your father you hasbeen.

  3. 1st Buffet Aretha, now drunkard Natalie! Damn, Lady Belle ain’t gettin’ no breaks these days lol

  4. Natalie’s alcoholic drug using ass is only here by the graces of God. She don’t need to talk bad about no one.

  5. I actually saw Patti perform in “After Midnight” and she was flawless. This just sounds like the confessions of a bitter battleaxe. Next

  6. natalie has lost of power and range, needs to fall back for real.Patti got respect and love from all, and natalie is hating something terrible.

  7. patt’s 70 years old her labelle days been over.

    natalies 64 and yes as you age you lose vocal range heard Aretha ain’t what she used to be and to make money shes touring on the chitlin circuit.

    • yeah, let that be a lesson to
      all the new jacks coming up in
      the game: STACK YOUR DOUGH,
      exercise, eat right, and get your
      rest because your GOD giving vocals
      has an expiration date. i mean no
      disrespect, but most of the vet
      performers should be paid NOT
      to sing; personally, i’d rather pay
      for a meet and greet than a concert

  8. Go have a seat Natalie team Patti. Patti will sing laps around Natalie. Hell Patti will sing laps around the so called R&B females of today. No1 can mess with Patti. She’s always been my favorite. I like Gladys also but Natalie who.

  9. You must be a homo hard as you pick fights with the ladies here. How dat dick taste?

  10. Who you? where you come from? you think you can go against me, you think you can start something with me and challenge me? I WILL DESTROY YOU AND LEAVE FAKE ASS HAIR WEAVE EVERYWHERE.

    • you are the dum dum. It is NOT curable and it does lead to death by liver failure.
      But I agree it doesn’t have much in common with AIDS.
      Other than the fact that it is transmitted via blood.

  11. I don’t believe this. Patti isn’t gonna f*ck up a good show like After Midnight. This show might open in Vegas, so I don’t believe Natalie would even say this.

    But I will say this, those in the industry know: Miss LaBelle has trouble memorizing her lines. She still has that voice, albeit a little less powerful (and thank goodness, because she was just a screecher to me), but Miss LaBelle needs to be shown how to do homework and remember her lines. Real talk – inside dope!

  12. I like Patti, Natalie, and Gladys.They all are legends. I think that if Natalie felt that way she should have gone straight to Patti and spoken with her directly, and not about her behind her back.That is not cool at all:) They have been in industry a very long time and known eachother for a long time also.

  13. Natalie has more talent than any of them – more versatile. Patti is angry because some people don’t want to hear all that damn screaming!

  14. Saw Patti in LA a couple years ago- she was awesome! Aging gracefully and shouted on stage. Brought out like 10 pairs of shoes.

    Team Patti all the way!!

    Patti Diva Dinner Party ( also- RIP to Whitney (who goes in on Patti about Aunt ReRe)and Maya Angelou ( who rips Rhianna a new one for calling her Mama Odie)

  15. Natalie hadn't lost a bit of range and it's sad that some on here were saying negative things about her being ill back then. Natalie recently went home to be with the Lord, but she was definitely a Legend who had one of the best voices to ever grace the stage. She recorded R&B, Pop, Gospel, Jazz, and Latin music. Some may have forgotten "We Sing Praises" which she sang on and recorded with Deniece Williams. That's a beautiful song. Heck, Natalie even sang back up with Chaka Khan back in '76 on a song called "A Fool at Heart" with Stephen Bishop. It was on his "Bish" album. Natalie has awesome!

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