Delonte West Beef Lebron

Delonte West must be feeling some type of way since King James has decide to to return back to Cleveland. Dont’ believe me..

Take a look at this:

Delonte West Lebron Wack

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    • lol Delonte also slept with Lebrons MOMS!!!


      he could be feelin like lebrons Papee!! lol

  1. I’m sure that DW’s words wound Lebron deeply. NOT.

    If I were playing ball in China for dim sum and firecrackers I’d hate King James too.

    Envy is always a bad look.

  2. Delonte West is very whack. He has slithered beneath his rock to get some shine at LBJ’s expense. Kick rocks Delonte. No one cares about your opinion.

    • And yet you keep responding to Coon, so he/she is not being ignored. You sound like the dumb bitch.

  3. @22:17 whhhoooow lmao general tso chicken ha@radiant I think I slobbered myself he he

  4. I’m not even into sports like that and will say this! If the man (Lebron) has fulfilled his contractual obligations and is a free agent..and wants to consider other options it is what it is..Life goes on! Why are people so upset? Its a game damn.

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