Nas & Nicki Minaj, Hip Hop’s New It Couple?

nas nicki minaj date

Now that Nicki Minaj is done with Meek Mill, it looks like she has moved on to Nas.

The rappers snapped a photo at Sweet Chick Life restaurant in Brooklyn, and they’re looking mighty comfy, don’t you think?

Nicki’s caption read:

Only KINGS recognize QUEENS. @sweetchicklife has the best food ? congrats @nas ?

At least Nas had a nice view that night.


  1. Nas makes poor choices in women. Nicki should take a break from men and get her lyrical content together. Her rebuttal to remy was wack.

  2. She must paid him a lot of money for this stunt or he’s just plain stupid. She’s just trying to take heat off her brother’s court cases…. that’s it.

  3. I’m tired of her. Need multiple female rappers. Why is Nicki the only female rapper in the mainstream? Shit makes no sense.
    How did it get to the point that there is only 1 female rapper, but multiple male rappers?

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