Muhammad Ali’s Ex-Girlfriend Attempting to Sell Their Sex Tape

muhammad ali barbara mensah sex tape

Well here’s some old school tea for those of you who are interested…Muhammad Ali’s ex-girlfriend, 70-year-old Barbara Mensah, claims to have sex tapes of herself and the boxing legend getting freaky.

Barbara is attempting to sale the tapes to the highest bidder, and she’s currently asking for six-figures for the footage.

“There would be Ali and a few of his guys and then about a dozen or more girls. All of them were stunning. Muhammad couldn’t keep away from a pretty girl whether he was married or not. The tape shows them having sex; they used to call them gumbo parties – it was a mix of everything.”

Yuck, no thanks.

On top of that, she claims Ali fathered a daughter named Kiiursti who is now 35-years-old. The child is allegedly the result of a 20-year affair Ali and Barbara had. The boxer allegedly visited the daughter up until she was 5, but his wife Lonnie made him cut all contact.


  1. Lordt, if the quality of the video is anything like the Leon & Jayne Kennedy's sex tape, she can keep that bullsht

  2. Wow. There are no words for this level of disrespect.

    I wonder how much white people paid her (or threatened her) to put this out.

    • really. why does everything have to be about race. this lady is making the choice to ask people to pay for what she has. that's on her. don't put it on another race please. im not white or black. how does a white black asain Mexican know what she has. shit she is the one being money hungry.

        • TS It's true that the Jhews control porn, but doesn't every person have free will to accept or reject an offer? I don't care what she was offered, if she sells out, I blame her every bit as much as they who offered the money.
          Personal responsibility is everything. And yanno what? I will be that there are some very rich sports memorabilia collectors who would have matched the offer in order to have the video in their private collection, and so that the Champ's memory stays free of scandal.

          • AH – that's a good question and you will get a great answer!

            Jhews created this economy and the money to serve them and ONLY them! We are all essentially working as slaves of the Jhews (black, white, criminal, etc.) and as long as their "federal" notes remain the only legal currency, everything belongs to them! Our house, possession and even our bodies! The land is theirs with their phony money and Jhew lawmakers.

            They made it so that WE NEED the money to live, but they tax us to keep us in debt and not allowing us to get ahead – even those who could afford a Bentley believe it or not. All the "Fed" has to do is change policy (as they continuously do) and they can cut cash flow and drive a rich man to become poor.

            They do the same with the under class. If people cannot get jobs, are mentally ill or drug addicted, the Jhews offer these types a decent amount of money to do something that everyone knows how to do – have sex! However, what the 'performers' do not realize is that the Jhews have porn not as a way to employ people – but to exploit and humiliate them! Who? Non-Jhews.

            Since they own the economy and their economic policies determine who has what and who pays what or earns what legally and illegally (that is what the IRS and the MOB is for – to find out), they can them bypass college educated earnings and offer them to sex performers to humiliate themselves on camera, while being filmed before nasty Jhews in the studio, doing the worst 'sex' acts imaginable and unimaginable!

            If the performers had another way to earn good money they would, but as you know, Jhews have made ALL easy ways to earn money ILLEGAL, so LEGAL prostitution (porn) is legal to do – because it is a Jhewish dominate thing! Just like drug dealers claim they have to hustle to make it, porn performers are put into that position as well.

            You name the porn performer from any era and the stories are the same.. Low education, drug addicted, down and out, looking for a come up and on the fringe of society. These are the perfect types to get to take their clothes off and have sex in from of strangers, with strangers.

            So yea, a person can reject the porn offer, but the Jhews set things up knowing that there are few alternatives to making porn money. The money may be good, but you lose dignity. Just watch interviews with them – especially the women. Not many are married and many kill themselves.

            • Agreed with everything except they own our bodies. Your body is a temple that God owns but each individual governs. Govern wisely ppl!!

  3. Daaam her greedy ass is so disrespectful and desperate for money.. How you gonna post an old asss video from like the 1900's in todays modern High Def Video world? NO thanks.. Daaam some ratchet bitches would do anything for money $$$ nasty old ass hoe.

    • I am sure it must be from the 70's and/or 80's. This would tarnish his legacy and image. Maybe the people who own his image might prevent this from going out or buy it up.

  4. Don't want to see tape & he should not have stopped seeing his child

    • His last wife kept him from all the children who were not theirs, for a long time.

  5. Old bitch needs to be in church begging for forgiveness not selling a sex tape of her and a man who just died omg I wish I could just move to another planet.. Saturn seems nice

      • That's debatable. I seem to remember that Elijah Muhammad had a bunch of young girlfriends/baby mamas.
        But all organized religions are guilty of hypocrisy.

        • Well, the Nation of Islam are NOT muslims, despite them calling themselves that. They are Free Masons run by Jhews, like practically ALL black or allegedly black organizations.

          Their god is not the mysterious allah, it is "Master Fard." Their prophet is not Elijah Muhammad of the so-called middle-east, it is Elijah Muhammad of Georgia.

        • The religion (and most traditional cultures) allows co-wives. Over thousands of years, that served communities and families best. Some even argue that monogamy is only for rich people.

          Muslims tend to be far more conservative and progressive than Christians. Compare Muslim countries to South America, one region studies and protects the dignity of their mothers, sisters, and wives — the other pimps women.

      • Bullshit!!!

        You do know they use little boys for sex, like many others before they marry so the women can stay virgins until marriage, just to fulfill their needs, right?

        They try to call it mentoring like the ancient greeks did.

  6. Lord… I hope this ain't true, but I don't put SHIT past anyone these days. Damn bitch, you couldn't have at least waited until like few years afterward.

  7. In my mind the only people who would be interested are the people around their age. Which means her target audience would be considered "Elderly". So on that note she may be outta luck. More than half of them are blind, death, senile, somewhere in pain and complaining, or have expired.

    • I hope you're right. Maybe it will never be seen by the general public. If JFK Jr, was alive, he would have paid whatever it took to keep it private. He always named Ali as his personal idol, and when he died Mr. Ali played a big part in his memorial service.

  8. Zero interest in seeing the tape, especially when the quality most likely is extremely poor. Instead of hating on her, hate on the men that put themselves out there! had they not cheated and had these "gumbo" parties, there wouldn't be an alleged tape! This bitch must have been taking her multivitamins lmao, trying to outlive the G.O.A.T so she can put this shit out there, she knew if this was released while he was alive, she would have died from a fast acting "brain disease" in the manner of Khalid Muhammed ano others who went against the Nation.

  9. This woman is an OG hoe, no different than millennial thots. Just goes to show a hoe cannot change! What does this 70 year old bish want with millions? If she was that much of a hoe, her health is prolly not that good so she need to stay quiet in the senior citizens center.
    She won’t get any play tho, cuz some things, believe it or not, really are sacrosanct in this society.

  10. @Tony Stark: You went in! Don’t get this site under surveillance like August 2012, LOL1

    • Then go back to stormfront and complain about black men actually getting laid while you babble on the internet.

    • @ 19:26 Try visiting the page about EJ Johnson and his latest exhibitionist-wear and balance out your disrespect for the male side a little won't you? ? ?

  11. No shame what's so ever, why didn't she do this when he was alive??…. who the puck she thinks wanna Ali in anything but a match……..she better pray Lonnie don't hear about this, & shut both her & the "tape" down!!!!!!!

  12. Omg; this is insane! Kiiursti and I dated for 2 years in high school and on and off when I went off to college my freshman year. I always felt uncomfortable around Ms. Barbara though, she would always degrade Kiiursti in front of people, this is just craziness let the man rest, smh

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