Laura Govan: I Hooked Gloria Up W/Matt Barnes to Keep Her Away From Gilbert Arenas

gloria govan laura govan gilbert arenas

What in the dysfunctional hell is going on with the Govan sisters?! Laura Govan has enough issues with her baby daddy Gilbert Arenas, but now she’s spilling the tea on her relationship with her little sister, Gloria.

In a radio interview, Gloria confirms that when she first met Gilbert Arenas, Gloria had her eyes on him too! It got so bad that Gloria decided to hook her sister up with Matt Barnes just to keep her away from Gil.

Maybe she should have let Gloria have him after all, because after all the breakups, the back and forth, and the numerous lawsuits they have filed against each other, Laura says she’s now afraid for her life! When she thinks about her relationship with Gil, she thinks about OJ Simpson murdering Nicole Brown!

Stay tuned…you know Gil’s going to have something to say about all this!


  1. Matt Barnes looks permanently pissed, and his hair is forever over-moisturized. Janet Jackson must have his number, that's her type.

  2. Wow! What's going on???? This mess is so crazy! Why doesn't Laura just spit it all out? I mean, she's already in the hole for 30 million dollars. She's a prime example of a sore loser…She needs to leave all of this drama in the pasdpasdt and move on with her life. She needs to grow up and focus on those beautiful babies before she looses custody of them. Her ways makes her look so ugly. Gil has won the battle, but Laura is trying to win the war. She literally threw her little sister under the bus. "Damn!"

  3. Gilbert is an ignorant nigga. He dont give two shits about her or the 10 ?kids she got by him. His ignorant ass is prolly trying to kill her.

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