Jacky Jasper’s Kool Keith Diss – Mr. Gerber


Kool Keith celebrates his 58th birthday today, and guess what? I have the perfect birthday gift for dude. Know why? Because dude was rude to record a pair of slanderous songs about me.

Releasing them at the top of this year. Because I’ve remained silent about the diss tracks till now, he probably thought I wasn’t going to react…but, the truth is, I thought today would be the perfect time to let it rip on dude — challenging him to prove he has a full mouth of teeth for $10,000.

The video was shot with my mobile phone. It’s not yet totally complete, but because it’s Kool Keith’s birthday – I’m releasing it anyway.

I hope you enjoy it, because I enjoyed making it.

Check it out…

Black Elvis Blind item


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