More ☕ About The New Season Of Basketball Wives LA!


The “Non Mother F—kin’ Factor” is a factor again. Basketball Wives alum Evelyn Lozada has relocated to Los Angeles and has reunited with longtime friend Shaunie O’Neal and her crew, but Tami Roman hasn’t forgotten about their issues from Miami.

Sparks will fly and friendships will be tested when the two cross paths for the first time in years.

As if one beef wasn’t enough, Evelyn quickly finds she’s made another enemy, Basketball Wives’ resident loose cannon Jackie Christie. Though the two barely know each other, Evelyn threw some very public shade in Jackie’s direction while stepping into the middle of a family dispute and now, Jackie is demanding answers. Can Evelyn handle the heat or will she crawl back to where she came from?

When Malaysia Pargo and Brandi Maxiell make a unexpected return to Los Angeles, will they be welcomed back by their old crew or will old grudges cause Shaunie to thank Brandi and Malaysia for their services and dismiss them once again?

Newcomer Keonna Green recently gave birth to her second child with a player from the league after being labeled the “side chick” in a very messy and very public makeup/breakup. She’s ready to move on from her guy unless he’s willing to give it one more try. Her friends, The Metoyer Sisters (Aja, Cristen, and Melissa) come equipped with plenty of baggage of their own – both with their men (Aja’s ex is one of basketball’s biggest stars) and with each other.

Bonnie-Jill Laflin, the league’s first female scout, is well known and well-respected around the league but because of her many friendships with players, she may have an extremely hard time rubbing elbows with so many of her famous friends’ exes, especially when the drama starts to heat up.

Elena Ahanzadeh is currently single but has dated a few players in the past. She has no problem speaking her mind no matter what the consequences may be, but how will the ladies react once Elena reveals that she has a bit of a past with one of their men?
From L.A. to Palm Springs to New York and Miami, Basketball Wives has never been hotter as the new recruits and the OGs join forces and butt heads on the most spectacular, most explosive, and most-heart wrenching season yet!


  1. I feel bad that these woman are so old and have not matured into grown woman yet. What a waste of time and life to be this old and this childish

  2. So it should be called the Real Ex-Basketball Wives/Baby Mommas All of them are not using their fame in their best interest. Sad.

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