Is Moniece Slaughter’s NaNa Really Worth $109K?

Moniece Slaughter Thief

Moniece Slaughter is being dubbed a thief … alleged to have pulled a $109K heist! That’s according to NBA player Joe Smith, the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood personalities ex. But Moniece doesn’t see it that way, claiming Smith gifted her the money. “Joe knew all about the checks because he gave them to me and signed them himself,” she claims. “He only canceled the last check because we broke up.”

Recent reports reveal … Smith has filed a police report against Moniece Slaughter. “Smith claims that she stole nine checks from him,” says a source.

Here’s the latest:

“This happened from October 2011 to March 2012. Moniece didn’t have a bank account of her own. [She] got a man named Timothy Clayton Carr cashed them for her.”


  1. The Sex Must Of Been Good For Nukka Lose His Head, To Sign 6 Checks For Some Un-Talentless Bimbo

    Nukkas, White Are Laughing After You, So Put Up Your Dicks And Move On

    • Six U mean nine! Hell it had to be helluva good cause her and Fizz has a cute lil boy. But Moniece is straight up gangsta. I luv how she got hold of Amanda’s ass! She did that shit slick as hell! Lmao! Now that was the snatch, hit, and pulled heard around the globe! I betcha not a man nor woman won’t f*ck with Moniece. Lmao!

      • @DaRadiant1

        Couldn’t Stand Amanda’s Selfish Ungodly Ass Cheating On Lil Fizz, What Was This Bitch Thinking?
        Cheating On A Good Looking Nukka, Bet She Got Dicked Down By Some Ugly Nukka.

  2. Moneice’s hussle is real because her broke baby daddy Lil Fizz isn’t handling his business. Let her keep the money and gifts.

  3. Moniece is a dead beat mom. She is very unstable but she’s too thug for reality tv. She is bout that life. The way she snapped on Amanda was epic.

    • @scorpiogirl

      If Amanda Truly Cared For Kamron, She Should Of Met Moniece A long Time Ago
      2 Years Is A long Ass Time, She’s Looking After A Child And She’s Doesn’t Even Know His Mother, Something Ain’t Right With Ungodly Broomstick

      Moneice’s Behaviour Was Reasonable

    • She is the stereotypical crazy baby mama that often makes me think people with children should only date other people with children. Kinda felt bad for Amanda when I saw the youtube clip. No attractive young unattached woman wants to inherit other peoples drama and shouldn’t. Dreuix, like a lot of fathers who impregnate subpar women, seems to be looking for a nanny instead of a companion.

  4. i guess all of those checks was for the sex toy line she wanted to start. she found a sucker.

  5. Why would he give you 9 checks if you had no bank account???? Bytch please. Next…

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