Janice Dickinson Says Bill Cosby Has His Red Wings

Bill Cosby Janice Dickinson Rape Charges

Former model and reality star, Janice Dickinson, claims that back in 1982 comedian Bill Cosby raped her while she was on her menstrual cycle.

Dickinson is saying she had a meeting with Cosby to hire her for a role on the Cosby Show. She said when she got out of rehab. Cosby reached out to her during a trip to Bali, Cosby had her travel to Lake Tahoe, because he was performing there and wanted to offer her the job they had discussed as well as help her with a singing career.

Dickinson went on to say after dinner in his hotel room Cosby gave her a glass of wine and a pill, because she was menstruating and had stomach pains.

Here’s what Dickinson said:

“The next morning I woke up, and I wasn’t wearing my pajamas, and I remember before I passed out that I had been sexually assaulted by this man. Before I woke up in the morning, the last thing I remember was Bill Cosby in a patchwork robe, dropping his robe and getting on top of me. And I remember a lot of pain. The next morning I remember waking up with my pajamas off and there was semen in between my legs.

Stuffing feelings of rape and my unresolved issued with this incident has drove me into a life of trying to hurt myself because I didn’t have counsel and I was afraid. I was afraid of the consequences. I was afraid of being labeled a whore or a slut and trying to sleep my way to the top of a career that never took place.”


  1. Idc how many years ago this was Bill Cosby needs to be held accountable for his actions.

    • Bitch stfu,you act likr you were there and saw him do it. Motherf*ckers like you are the reason innocent people get convicted. I would hope you never serve on a jury.

      • You don’t know if he’s innocent or not yet your azz is trying to go off on someone for stating their opinion! There are many people who seem to think that he did do it. I don’t know for a fact that its true but then again i don’t know that its not true.All these women coming forward with similar stories,and its not the first time that these allegation s against has been made.

    • If anyone believes janice dickinson then shoot yourself…do your research on people before you assume cosby guilty…I know this hoe lying..and the other hoe that was released from prison for identity theft and a bunch of other shit..sorry her story didnt seem credible…hey maybe cosby did do something. Who knows..but not ALL of these hoes are being truthful..maybe if I jump on this wagon I can write a book n make some money too! Y not everyone else doin it…dont judge me lol

  2. So I guess the ‘Dickerson’ reference is not just a typo?

    Poor woman, there is nothing worse than that. Hope she gets some help – it’s never too late.

    • what kind of woman stays with a nasty n8ggah that does this? has N E one noticed that all his victims were white? that N word would have married one of them if President Clinton’s affirmative action policies hadn’t stipulated that N E negro man who abandons the black woman and his own community would be punished. that’s a fact. i witnessed them being demoted at my job for abandoning blk wives

    • Anyone nutty enough to believe Janice Dickerson needs me to sell them some land……anyone with an ounce of sense knows that IF BILL wanted Janice all he had to do was ask because she would have said YES…I swear white woman are the worst and lowest form of life on this planet

  3. A deeper look at this situation: i personally never cared for Bill Cosby or the Cosby Show, but to each its own. Bill Cosby from what i’ve read and know speaks his mind about things that are plaguing the black community. Andbhe’s always at the black colleges on graduation day encouraging the grads to do better. What Bill is failing to realize is that even for the Cosby show, movies, all of his endorsemnt deals, etc. Is that he ows Satan ( the entertainment industry big wigs) their money. Now whether Mr. Cosby doesn’t want to sleep around with the elite anymore or become a high ranking illuminati boule sell out brother like all most older celebrities could be the reason why they have used all of the old accusation along with new folks to make Mr. Cosby look bad. When you sign your contract in hollyweird your game for all types of satanic rituals that goes on in the industry. Like so many other puppets in the industry that follow suite, Cosby probably won’t follow their agenda.

    • No smoke without fire. I have been hearing for years about his ‘suspect’ behaviour with minors on that show –

      • Scorpiess your right but we all know that nothing is released in the media without someone in the industry allowing these things to happen. Also people are beginning to wake up about HOLLYWEIRD now people are asking questions and they’re countless video over internet exposing alot of these satanic industry dark secrets. No this is no excuse for Bill behavior. Sad because so many young people looked up to him.

    • I am not trying to take up for Cosby just a deeper look on what could be going on with the deal he made when signing his name.

    • I was thinking too, that Bill is in trouble because all his skeletons are coming out to party and ain’t nobody cleaning up the mess.

      • It ain’t just him Sher, its a lot of other folks stuff coming out. Folks are either out under pressure or TPTB are losing their grip. Either way its those two sets of people is going to battle. I notice that most of one a certain family is dying mighty quick. Y’all know what I am talking about too.

        • So some people say the Raven accusation/story is false, some people say it’s not. Did Raven accuse him or is that fraud?

          • She said in a statement that she had no negative experience while doing the Cosby show, and that she was young at the time.She also stated that she didn’t want her name thrown into the mix.

      • *cues up Stevie Wonder’s “Skeletons” joint*………and the crowd goes into a frenzy. In the words of Stevie, “It’s getting ready to smell”.

    • @Babbsbunny: EXACTLY! Bill is being targeted by the elite for failure to meet is contract obligations he made with Satan. He took the oath and he signed his name in blood for fame and now it is time to pay the piper. Bill is being set up and next we will here he is dead.

      • @CELEB WARNER!! I’m definitely not a Bill supporter, but that is exactly what I feel is going on here. The cover up for Bill has been going on for many years and now all of a sudden he’s being exposed for the creep he is. Really? This isn’t the first time I’ve heard Janice actually say something about this, but as usual it was swept under a rug. I also agree that we will possibly hear about Bill’s death under the guise that he had a stroke, heart failure or suicide.

        • I believe this as well. There is no way in Amerikkka that a black man accused of raping multiple white women would have such a cover up in that this story and accusations would be unknown to the general public. Then all of a sudden with an ill timed joke by a black comedian, these allegations are coming to the forefront, WITH the victims firsthand accounts. I do believe Janice was a ho before she met cosby though, and I don’t think a promise of fame and notoriety was all it took for her to allow him to ravish her.

        • I agree. This sounds like a witch hunt to me but there is a lesson in all of this. Black men you all need to stay away from these white witches and harlot. These cave women do not mean you any good. The white man is using his woman to take you down and there will be many more to come just watch.

          • True talk …as you lives depend on it.70 years ago they would habve lynched him proper. Just like they tried to do. And beverly johnson thirsty ho ..let a cracker shit on her ..well prostitution.Here we are responding to gossip from women who let men pay them money to be degraded..smh!!

      • Also is it me or alot of comedians are dieing this year? Joan river, robin williams, Phillip Seymour Hoffman their trying to get bill cosby. It’s just all seem kind of strange to me. this year has got to be the year for the comedians. Their after Kat Williams, etc. The only reason why they don’t mess with Kevin Hart is because he souled out by wearing a dress on SNL. I mean can anyone think of someone else that i’ve missed? Sad

    • I agree its strange Why 30,000 years later? Dickerson is a known druggie and industry whore who has been passed around and od’d on more then 2 or 3 occasions further each one of these women states they were with him because they thought he was going to help them in their careers in some way or another and many continued to be with him after the rape episode.

      • @i love Jackie; LMAO. I don’t believe Janice. She slept with Bill to further her career. By the way; what the hell was she doing in his hotel room? Oh please.

        Janice issues r a lot deeper than Bill Cosby

        • for your information…
          A. Black comedian Hannibal Buress has brought out the truth about Devil Cosby
          B. Billy Cosby settled out of court back in 2002 for rape charges
          C. Old man river is refusing to answer for his evil ways nor apologize for his wicked soul.
          D. There is no conspiracy BS, just what goes on in the dark shall come to light.
          E. If he commits suicide, oh well, this uppity n!99@ needs to pay for his sins!!!
          The End

          • I have heard ppl rat out Bill on this site MANY times! This seems like a known story. This dude Burger constantly tells whats going on in Hollyweird. When ppl tell it, most dont want to here it!

          • Here’s a know story. This Nickelodeon producer Dan Schneider father Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter. You can google pics for proof! That girl looks nothing like that blonde guy(who prob got paid MILLIONS!) and everything like dan schneider(look at those eye brows!!!) People call for this guy to be banded and he still goes on! Wonder what Adriana Grande through?

            • Anonymous@ 16:49,

              I told our HSK family about Dan Schneider several posts ago. And…I asked “How do you think Adriana Grande suddenly is the new IT songstress now & being compared to Mariah?” Notice how I NEVER commented on the Amanda Bynes article? While the media is busy portraying her as “nuts” I’m curious to know WHY she “supposedly snapped” & I firmly believe every word she said about her parents right down to her claims of being implanted with a microchip. And…guess what? She has been accosted & molested by Dan Schneider too. Who can REALLY tell it is Robert Downey Jr…he knows all about Dan’s history firsthand.

            • It’s funny you all mention Schneider, I was reading a quote from RDJ regarding how horrible that man is.
              Hollywood execs are sick and the parents need to be locked up right along with them.

            • Amanda Bynes was f*cking Jenny Garths husband Peter Facinelli(dad from Twilight Movies) when they had a show together. It was known that she was sexually wild, AT 15?!?!?! Also it is KNOWN that Amanda was RAPED by some producer, and HER PARENTS DIDNT DO SHIT!!!

              Wonder why she doesnt trust them! When she said her dad molested her, did you look at that man and go no he doesnt have that look…. Or did you go, Oh hell yah that man has stereotypical petto face!

      • “Tangled-Eyed”….I can’t…LMBBO! OMG his eyes are crazy looking. My new saying instead of cross eyed. Thanks 414

  4. Wowwwwww bill you a date raper mane bill it’s coming back to hunt you, all of these women couldn’t lie’en, bill you rapist you! I guess the power’s that be will cover this up hu? Or are they after you? What did you do or didn’t do? This is starting to look like Michael Jackson case and how they came after him because he had the beetles catalog, he was labeled a pedophile and sent the the good doctor to help him sleep, and he did he’s now sleeping much better, bill, bill, bill, you dirty mothaf*cka you, even while they bleed’en hu? You nasty f*ck, and why would you ladies go to a hotel with him? You can have dinner and discuss whatever deals there in the restaurant. Why would you go back to a room with him? He couldn’t have given you anything to drink there, it’s being served by the waiter or waitresses, he couldn’t have given you anything . bill you nasty mane, really you only geten back the low down dirty you did.ms.cosby u have my sympathy, I know this is to much and you and your family are probably besides yourselves with grief knowing your husband is a rapist, and he’s a habitual rapist. This is terrible not to mention the lives you’ve ruined. These ladies were afraid to come forth for the fears of being harassed and threatened bill you should be arrested and charged, but it won’t happen with all your top of the line lawyers and there’s no proof just what they said happen but all of them can’t be lieing. Well we’ll see what happens. Nothing probably but we’ll see.

    • Bull. I love those celebrity apologists, their fictional narrative is interesting to read. it is like a chapters from a conspiracy theorist favorite books.


      I have a better question. Who in hollywierd has NOT been raped. If its how they roll in hollywood which it seems like it is. Then either leave Bill alone or go after everyone who has been accused. Why won’t they come for Chris stokes, because its just a bunch of lil black boys who was messed up. Raz B need more help than New Orleans did in August 2005, but all people say is that he is crazy. This kid has been doing everything he can to get people to hear him. Go after the Castin couch gangsters. Thandy Newton and many others spilled the beans on that shit. Go after everyone if y’all are concerned about people being raped and drugged in Hollywood, they got enough work to last them till they die. Until they get on their job and and protect everyone in the game, miss me with this shit. It’s so many black kids out here who have beem molested raped until its a shame. Look up that boy named Houston, Maya Campbell, Jet Jackson all them damn Disney kids. It seems as if a black person is being victimized then it can be swept under the rug, but if it’s black n white we can run with it. It’s too many black kids out here who are killing themselves because no one will take action on their part. But they are all over Bill Cosby 30 years after the fact. Not saying its ok but as far as laws go, this is a cold case. They need to show me they care about our kids as much as they care about somebody that made a repeated conscious decision to put hemselves in harms way. Didn’t this happen to her more than once by Cosby? I don’t want to seem mean but I think she was willing to trade herself for fame. But on the other hand Raz B, gave it all up, at the height of the lil B2k success and asked for help.

  5. If she was on the rag how can she differentiate semen from blood? Did he release on her thighs or something. Not saying that I doubt he attacked her or is not a perv in general but that didn’t make sense unless I am reading this incorrectly.

    • They are two different colors lol but maybe she just didn’t want to get that graphic

      • I know but semen is clear; maybe off white and a guy may bust a tablespoon or two. Doubt Cos released a milk jug of babies, even in the 80s. When mixed with the brown/red period blood how could she tell. Also, the next morning wouldn’t it had dried up? And if she felt semen, how can she tell it wasn’t the same wetness of the blood, UNLESS he forced anal. Or perhaps Cos has that yellow thick gummy STD semen. This convo is getting hella gross btw.

        • NI, Imma stop U right there. Now ladies and gentlemen what I am about to describe is graphic in a lil bit but it will help U understand it better. WARNING! I HAVE TOLD YALL SO YALL BETTER NOT COME FOR ME EITHER AND NEITHER THE STAFF OF HSK OR ANYBODY ELSE THAT MATTERS UNLESS U ARE GOD AKA THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA HIMSELF! Yes, I had sex with my period on but their are a couple of things. 1) The sex pressure heightens your drive up by five notches, 2) The blood flow actually backups while U are having sex and that I know personally and 3) U can tell the semen in the blood because blood is more heavier and semen is more slimmier and more glistening than blood. U can see semen because of the protein in the mucus gives off that glow. So Janice can see it and therefore she is right. I know, I have done this with my son’s father ONE TIME!! Yeah I have done some crazy ass sgit but this one I can actually say Janice was right on the head.

            • DR1,

              And as always…yes, you surely telling the truth. Never mind how I know, damn it! 😉

            • Ms Reg , you done called me out on my white wedding dress fakery , so you already know how I get down, LOL. All ima say is I heard the two substances actually do feel different. That’s what I heard, anyway. * bats eyelashes, looks innocent*

          • Thank you for the explanation Radiance. I honestly didnt want to come right out and ask Can anyone who has had sex on the rag explain. I rarely see semen outside a condom or ingestion(joke). But semen isnt viscous or thick, does it float on the blood? Got hope she wasnt a clotter.

            Is there heighten pleasure on the rag vs dry sex?

          • please I have f*cked plenty of times on my period. it doesn’t always back up depends on where you are in the cycle and how heavy the flow. coming off of the period is the best. men like to get they vampire on too. you can tell them, but some don’t care… see it is not nasty we are adults guys

          • Any man that touches a woman while she’s on her Flower(Cycle) is considered unclean for 7 days according to Leviticus of the bible.

            • I didn’t need to learn this from Liviticus….lol
              Yeah, if a woman on the she aint you ain’t got to worry about no pressure from me. I never had to be schooled on that, something inside me, not even deep inside me, said, ninja that’s nasty!!! some how, the desire goes away if the flow dun showed.

            • @Eddie I must admit in the past I’ve violated this Law but not today.This is the woman’s cleansing time which means sex or anything else is prohibited during her cycle.

            • You guys show great discipline, lol…I know guys who can’t wait for the cycle to be over. They start “pulling out that towel” lol. And truth be told, women tend to get more aroused when they’re on their periods. They get horny…I don’t know if that’s the truth for all the ladies, but some women’s hormones get to working…and….

            • I can dig it, but for me it was as big a no no as doing crack. I don’t know, but as I think back I felt like I would be doing something that I just couldn’t justify. Like I said, it was like a light switch turned off. I was crazy, if a chick said her period was on I would ask her how many baths has she taken today, and if it was 12 noon, she better say 2, by 6 pm, the count needs to be three and 10 at night better be at 4….,lol

            • TB, I’m curious, is it hormones or is it Tabu, you know we tend to want things more when the situation says that we can’t have it at that time. I inclined to think it is hormones just because of the sheer complexity of the human body and everything that can effect change in us. But I’m am curious as to what you think

            • @Ed, I think you have a point about the “Tabu” theory though. I’ve analyzed it quite a lot for myself throughout my life. When you know you can’t do it, that’s when you desire it the most. There’s always the shower you know. LOL

            • TB, I already thought about that shower, but had to rule it out when I found out the that worn like the water about 75 degrees hotter than men do. Y’all will make a man boil his bizzalls…..lol

            • To ELTP- the reason why women are hornier around their period is cos immediately after is when they’re the most fertile. It’s nature’s way of getting us to reproduce. I thought that straight after the period was the safest time but my doctor put me straight that it’s the riskiest.

        • Ya’ll are really analyzing sh*t like you are hired forensic experts.. I think most people with half a brain no the difference between semen and blood…

    • Come on, a BLIND woman who has had a period EVERY month, knows what blood feels like and what semen feels like. Color or no color.

  6. She talked about that meeting with Bill a long time ago and I always thought there was more to it than him trying to date her. She should’ve known what he wanted though. Everyone woman knows a booty call when she get’s one. C’mon Janice… I don’t think that she got the spot on the show either. Smh

    • She didn’t. She went on to try to trap baby Sylvester Stallone about 3 yrs later.. but that didn’t pan out either.

  7. Why Now??? Why Didn’t She Mention This Long Time Ago?

    Janice Isn’t Innocent, She’s A Foul Mouthed Plastic Lipped Bimbo. Wonder Why Her And Sylvester Broke Up.

    • The rest of the article says that when she wrote a book in 2000 she wrote all about the rape in her book and then cosbys lawyers n the publishing company were all over it and forced her to edit it out or her book would have been prevented frm being released cuz they would have had to go to court first for years. So she did bring it up before now

      • That is sad to live with the pain and hurt of being violated for so long and then being made to keep quiet. This society hates women and I am so glad things are turning around.

    • Remember Janice Is A White Women, People Are Gonna Believe Her, Even Tho She Could Be Lying.

      They Only Mention It Now Because Their Money Is Running Dry!

      Saw Janice On Kim Kimble’s Ratchet Realty Show, She Got Her Hair And Nails Done, Must Of Set Her Back A Bob Or Two! Cos We All Know Kim Charges Are Lot Of Money.

      • No one believes anything she says. She accused her father of raping her sister. Her sister has said that Janice is flat lying about it. She is mentally unhinged and she’s admittedly been on drugs most of her life. She jumped on the bandwagon to get some attention.
        In football terms, this is a case of piling on.
        But I do believe the previous accusers.

  8. It’s not that I don’t believe he isn’t capable of something like this, I just don’t believe HER. In the past, she has been an attention whore. Anywhere from making a public spectacle of herself by putting a baby on Sylvester Stallone that ended up not being his, to molestation/rape allegations against her father. Not to mention a tell all book. Through all that sharing, she never mentioned this one incident. It’s funny she says that the incident with BC has driven her to a life of trying to hurt herself and drugs…she said the exact same thing about physical abuse she suffered at the hands of one of her husbands. Imo JD is an opportunist and is jumping on this bandwagon to keep her name out there. Plus she’s probably looking for a big pay day.

    Again, I’m not saying he didn’t rape the other women. I don’t put anything past anyone. I just don’t believe a word that comes out of Janice Dickinsons mouth. Especially since she’s not known to keep secrets. I also don’t believe he did anything to Raven Symone. No legit news outlets have reported it. That’s something that would be on every news station by now. Besides, the link to the story that was posted here seemed suspect. So, until CNN or Tmz reports on that, I’m gonna call BS on that as well.

    • Wendy Williams just announced that Janice is TELLING THE FULL COMPLETE 100% TRUTH!!! Plus…Wendy also said that Demon Cosby threaten her when Wendy was up/coming.
      Now,Wendy Williams will petition The Smithsonian to return Demon Cosby works of art he donated.
      Wendy Williams said she will make it her mission for demon Cosby to go down in flames.

        • believe it or not, Wendy Williams has a lot of “behind the scenes” pull in the industry. She may be messy, but trust/believe she can get things done her way.

          • She doesn’t have more pull than him… She too is looking to capitalize off this sh*t t..not that I’m trying to say he did/didn’t do it. She will speak on this but won’t speak on that wack movie she called herself producing. If he did it he should be exposed..but Wendy needs to fall back .

        • @datjerk,

          I’m with you on that…
          That trout mouthed, amazon looking, long headed chick whom I’m STILL NOT CONVINCED isn’t &/or wasn’t a damn man Wendy Williams canNOT cosign on a doggone thing after she partook in the making of that lie known as the Aaliyah biopic.

      • Damn.U just told some tea.Wendy hasn’t came on yet over here.lol..but i will be watching.thanks! 🙂

  9. 1st off the “THE COSBY SHOW” was not even on television in 1982, the show priemered on television in September of 1984, I know this I was young enough to remember the show, now either Ms. Dickinson is lying or show has the dates wrong. The Illuminati must be so finished with Mr. Cosby now that they have used them and he is no longer of use to them wicked folks

    • Another reason I’m gonna call BS on this is that there were never any serious roles on the Cosby show that involved white ppl with the exception of the little boy Peter.

      • There probably wasn’t a part, he just made it up like a lot of employers do when they want some tail from a young woman climbing the career ladder…

    • That’s the first thing I noticed was that the show didn’t come on until ’84.

    • Bill Cosby had another show, called “The Bill Cosby Show” in either 1968 or 1969 where he placed the character Coach Chet Kinkaid. This could be the show that Janice is referring to. Then some time after that, in the early 70s, he had a variety show on called the Cosby show, on CBS, I think.

  10. Damn, this what makes like the 5th or 6th woman to have said Bill raped them. Damn, I smell a suicide attempt approaching.

    • I think it’s up to 13 now DA. Bill isn’t going to commit suicide, people like him and all the other Hollywood rapists know nothing will happen to them. All the have to do is wait out the media frenzy and most people will forget.
      The crazy thing is this same stuff goes on in a lot of families outside of Hollywood as well. There is a lot of misplaced shame involved with being an accuser and being a family member of the accused.

  11. I believe Bill Cosby is a serial rapist, however I don’t believe a word that comes out of Janice Dickinson’s mouth. She has proven to be a pathological liar who will piggy back on any story for the publicity.

    She’s also batshit crazy.

  12. How did she meet Bill Cosby back in 1982 for a role on the Cosby Show when that was wasn’t on in 1982?

    • If u read the whole thing it says she meets him in 1982 and they talked about how she wanted to act and wanted to start a singing career. Then years later she publicly went to rehab and he contacted her and wanted to meet when she got out to talk about helping her get a role on the Cosby show and help w singing like they talked about years before. That’s when rape supposedly happened. I’m not sayin I totally believe her but it’s documented that she told this story years ago when writing her book.for all these women 2have the same date rape roofie story is too much

  13. This has Illuminati written all over it. You people better learn to read the signs when a celebrity is under attack by them. Janice was a cocaine whore back in the day,didn’t nobody need to rape her,all you needed was some drugs and she would give it up gladly. Her legs kept better hours than the local 7-Eleven. Bill is being targeted by the elite of Hollywood because he is not complying with his ritual obligations or they want him to make another human/blood sacrifice and he refuses to do so. All these women coming out like this is a clear indication to those in the know what is happening to Bill. This is how the set you up in the industry before they kill you and say you took your own life. Bill is being made ready. These celebrities must keep their ritual obligations or else. He is being set up. This is the same they did to Michael Jackson before he died.

    • If the so-called “Illuminati” aka the ghetto boogeyman is real as all of the ghetto class claims, why doesn’t the African-American community rise up/stand up for Bill Cosby?
      Where is Phylicia Rashad?
      Malcolm Jamal-Warner to defend him? Both of them are not A thru D list celebrities, so you think they have nothing to lose.
      Where is Bill Cosby’s frat brothers from Temple University? They’re not in the business, they can speak for his character.
      Or are you/they just plain scared of them, The so-called Illuminati Boogeyman…?
      aka, The mythology used to explain why African-Americans can’t get ahead…
      yet West Indians, Asians, dark-skin Indians, black Hispanics and Mainland Africans are thriving and making a fortune in this country.

      • Those celebs who want to stand up know what’s best for them and their careers and family. They don’t want the Illuminati coming after them. Besides all the celebrities know how the game is played. For example,you think Monica and Brandy didn’t know Whitney was going to be taken out before she was? If you don’t know about ‘HOLLYWOOD RITUALS’ the best thing you can do is shut the f*ck up.

        • @ Celebrity Warner! I know that half the people who post here buy into all the Illuminati bullshit, but a lot of us know that it is being overstated. That is not to say that there aren’t very powerful people who effect many of the banking and political moves made in the First World countries. But folks here have taken that and run with it to another dimension. You will never convince me that Jay Z, T.I., and other hip hop moguls are even on the ground floor of the “Illuminati.” And the power players of the world are not spending their time worrying about whether to take down a 75 year old has been actor like Bill Cosby.
          You need to exercise a bit of discretion when spouting your harebrained theories.

          • I have to disagree with this statement that Cosby is not important enough to go after. He has 3 deals in the works: one for Netflix, a comedy show tour, and another comedy show or sitcom deal that have all fallen apart over this. Please don’t forget, Cosby got a HUGE piece of NBC (the network that the Cosby show ran on) many years ago, and was actually almost part owner of the network. Whatever happened to that stock and ownership? What will happen to it all after he is dead.

            Remember MJackson and how much of Sony he was supposed to own? Remember the Beatles catalog that he owned? What happened to the ownership after he died? Do you all notice any similarities? Why would the Evil Elite want to destroy Cosby? Why now all of a sudden? What is it that he is not cooperating with?

      • These people can only vouch for and speak on what they actually know about Bill Cosby! People choose which side of themselves to show to different people.

  14. Eww on her period come on Bill. I’m not saying I believe it because I wasn’t there but why didn’t she press charges? All of a sudden all these women are coming out the woodwork. One thing is for sure none of these women accusing Bill are attractive. That washed up coke head Janice is broke!

  15. Her Coke Prescription Ran Out And She Needs A Refill, She Can Only Get It If She Blabs On Wobbly Dick Bill

  16. Bill has bad taste in women.All these women accusing him don’t have anything on Bill’s wife!All these heffas are broke looking for a quick buck.

  17. So.. is this why Cosby didn’t participate much in the Civil Rights Movement??!!??
    He was too busy raping white women??? :/

  18. Janice Could Of Played Denise Or Vanessa, Or Even Cliff’s Side Chick

    • Janice is 60. How could she have played the daughter of a physician who is only 18-20 years older? You know doctors don’t start having babies until they are near 30 because of medical school.

      She wasn’t ever going to have even a bit part on his show. Where is her resume of other similar roles on TV and film? I’ll wait Janice.

      She was lucky to get a few reality gigs.

      • The woman that played Sondra (Sabrina Le Beouf) was only 10 years younger than her mother on the show Clair (Phylicia Rashad)

  19. Why are you all surprised? The general theme on HSK is that all actors are homosexual and satanists.

    What would make BC different?

    • White Women Have Lied About Black Men Sexually Assault Them For Years

      Take It With A Pinch Of Salt, Susan Smith Lied About Her Children Being Killed By A Black Men
      And The Cops Scowled The Streets For Innocent Nukkas

      Janice Is Pot Head, Who Isn’t Making A Buck Because She’s Loony

  20. Hold up! Hold up! Hold da MF presses! Did I just read that Don Lemon told Joan Tarshis (one of Bill’s accusers)and I quote:

    “CNN’s Don Lemon thinks one of Bill Cosby’s alleged victims could have thwarted any demand for oral sex by just biting down hard … yes, it’s breathtaking.

    Joan Tarshis claims Cosby sexually assaulted her twice in 1969, but she scared him from having intercourse by telling him she had an infection. But she says he then forced her to perform oral sex.

    So Lemon looks like the cat who ate the canary as he schools Tarshis on how she could have stopped Cosby in his tracks.”

    WTF??? He should know, right? LOL, smdh

    • Oh shit sis! That means all they gotta gotta do is look for bite marks on his pudding pop! Look like our Big Sis 414 was telling us the truth all of along! And foe those who were criticting (sp) her posts when she was only doing what God told her to do, SHE WAS TELLING US THE TRUTH BEFORE IT WAS POSTED!! 414!! GIRL I HIT THIS POST ON THE HEAD!!!!

      • CTFU!!!!!!! I’m Dead…@bite marks on his pudding POOP! Yeah, 414 was on point. That’s Big Sis for you…I love her sense of humor. Funny isht.

      • They had it in the news. That’s wear I read it…that’s why I cut and pasted the article. If you saw the article and he didn’t say it…I’m going on youtube or somewhere I can see the interview.

        • I meant if you “saw the interview”, I’m going to see if I can see it too. No need for Damn though…no one is trying to spread false reports on this thread. That’s why I bring it to the forum, so if others know if it’s not true, they can bring advise otherwise.

          • Oh, it was also in the NY Daily News that he said this…not a gossip magazine, like TMZ. I’ll search for more reputable sources. Cuz, now I want to know if this wannabe was that damn stupid.

            • http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/cnn-don-lemon-crosses-line-bill-cosby-rape-accuser-article-1.2015825

              CNN anchor Don Lemon faced biting criticism after suggesting to Bill Cosby rape accuser Joan Tarshis that she take a bite out of the comedian’s penis rather than perform oral sex.

              Tarshis, who came forward on Sunday, claimed she was sexually assaulted by Cosby as a 19-year-old aspiring actress in 1969.

              She appeared with Lemon on Tuesday and the conversation went south fast.

              “You know, there are ways not to perform oral sex if you didn’t want to do it,” Lemon told Tarshis during a TV interview.

              “I was kind of stoned at the time, and quite honestly, that didn’t even enter my mind,” Tarshis answered. “Now I wish it would have.”

              The mocking hashtag #DonLemonReporting quickly became a trending topic on Twitter.Dario Cantatore/Getty ImagesThe mocking hashtag #DonLemonReporting quickly became a trending topic on Twitter.

              “Right. Meaning the using of the teeth, right?” Lemon prodded.

              Tarshis didn’t bat an eye at the offensive line of questioning, but the mocking hashtag #DonLemonReporting quickly became a trending topic on Twitter.

              PHOTO TAKEN NOV. 6, 2014Evan Vucci/APJoan Tarshis claimed she was sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby as a 19-year-old aspiring actress in 1969.

              Cosby allegedly lured Tarshis to his bungalow at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, drugged her and then forced her to perform oral sex on him.

              Tarshis said “Mr. Jello” attacked her again days later at the Sherry Netherland hotel, after she accompanied him to a performance he gave at the Westbury Music Theater on Long Island.

              Lemon ends the exchange by stating, “I had to ask.”

              Now that’s two newspaper articles…what interview did you watch??

      • @anon 9:59…I like to back up my shit…so I JUST saw the ENTIRE interview…and YES, he DID say that DUMB ISHT. DAMNNNNNNN!!!!!!

          • LMAOOOOOOOO!!!!! Uh, you got me confused with someone who gives a damn. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

            • @anonymous

              Go Air Fuck Willie Jones Jr, And The Anonymous
              You Big Hips Marcus Motherf*cker

              You Wear A Girdle Just To Hide Your Hattie McDaniel’s Hips, Maybe Willie Jones Jr And Anonymous
              Can Suck The Fat Out Of Your Butt!!

            • Taino He certainly did say that, and Dr Drew was so upset by it(blaming the victim for her own victimhood) that he asked Don to make amends with Tarshus(sp?) She was very gracious and said she was not at all upset with Lemon.

  21. I just read that Don Lemon was fired from CNN because he said one of the women was lying.

  22. She can say all of this because other women have alleged Bill Cosby did them dirty. Oftentimes, women that have struggled with life issues are slapped down by society…Drugs, Booze, Abuse, ProProstitution etc. His guilt, i can’t call it. Based on media reports, we can assume that Cosby is hypersexual to the extreme in relation to whitewomen…That’s A Fact! Hollywood is swimming in sexual deviancy, so, this is not a shock to me.

    • @Tyrone

      Didn’t A White Woman Accused Kobe Brynt Of Sexually Assault Her??

      And Her Friends Said She Was Lying, Because She Wanted The Money And The Fame

      These White Women Are Crafty

      • I watched that white woman named Barbara who Jacky featured her last month being interviewed last week. She is a very wealthy, smart and attractive older lady and her believability factor was off the charts. Plus, unlike Janice, she has proof that she was working with Cosby at the time of the accused rape. I do believe her. She would not take any settlement money(and she clearly needs no money)and she said that she finally came forward after hearing yet another story of the Roofie in the drink followed by waking up sore and naked.
        Janice is an opportunist and it’s sickening.

  23. You know what does sound funny. She claimed she had her menstruation and took a pill and a bottle of wine for the cramps, that a dude gave to you??? And you woke up with semen in between your legs??? Not being nasty here, but all the women on this thread know…If you had your period that’s not the only thing you’re going to find between your legs if you’ve been raped. Something is not gelling here for some reason. Not saying she’s fraud, just saying all the ducks are not lining up here.

  24. Let’s not forget about Autumn Jackson who tried to extort poor Bill of $40 million back in the 90s. She got 5 years in prison and was pregnant at the time with twins. Too many people are out here scheming. These women if their telling the truth need to take a lie detector test.

  25. When Nukka’s Got Money, And They Hangout With White People

    1 Or 3 Of White People Will Scream Sexually Asault

    Many White People Have Accused Black Men Or Women With Sexually Assault Case
    We All Know What Bill’s Capable Of, Not Saying He’s Innocent But Facts Are Facts

    Mike Get Charged, Because Of Jordy Chandler Accusing Mike With Touching Him, His Family Members Appeared On Tv Bashing Mike, Questioning His Character

    This Year Wade Robinson Is Now Saying Mike Touched Him Also, But In The Past Wade Defended Mike

    Haven’t You Noticed White People Are Now, Suddenly Accusing Black Men With Sexually Assault??

    • Wow one in three. That’s like 70 million white folks will file sexual assault claims against black men. That’s a pandemic. You are a f*cking halfwit.

      • Black People Need To Distances Themselves From White People

        Haven’t Heard A Black Person Accuse, Bill Of Sexual Molestation, Yet

        All You Hear About, Is White People Bawling For Chump Change And Is The Truth!!!!
        Rich Black People Are Walking, Talking, Wallets For White People Just To Make A Quick Buck

    • Bull. I love those celebrity apologists, their fictional narrative is interesting to read. it is like a chapters from a conspiracy theorist favorite books. does the accuser have to be black for some on this site to believe the story. Celebrities are not saint, most are just as damaged or screwed up as most people.

  26. No they aren’t. This is a case of a man who ran amok sexually for nearly 50 years and it has now come back to bite him in the ass. The Jews are not behind this.
    Have you ever heard the term “personal responsibility?”

    • Personal responsibility
      Cognitive thinking
      Self awareness
      My bad, I f*cked up
      Stop me anytime.

  27. Billy C ain’t rape none of these women but he did Dog em, Boule must be mad with this old Nigga

  28. Why would the hews want to kill blacks because they have “new slaves?” Why would they care? How would that benefit them? Who would they sell their stuff to? Jhews are not going to knock off a large portion of their market base because Mexican labor is cheaper than black labor. Damn. Use your head.

  29. These lying old wrinkle women telling this story know that their star isn’t shining and nobody searching for old hoe suck stallone and many others is a liar. GO CRAWL BACK UNDER A ROCK OLD HAG ANGIE

  30. Not sure who’s telling the truth or who’d lying, but it seems all of it has served it purpose. NBC has pulled the plug on his new show (which more than likely was going to show positive , non-stereotypical Minorities).

    • Yeah, he’s a fake revolutionary, is being savaged in the media by the same people he worked all his life to impress, his wife has Boule connections, and he hides behind his PR like a suit of Armor, but I will give him that–His shows were about as positive and non-stereotypical as you could get for black sitcoms without venturing into Uncle Tom/Thomasina territory.

  31. It’s been chronicled for years that Bill Cosby loves to drug and have is way with women so this is really no surprise.On the other hand home girl knew damn well that for her to get something she’d have to give something dealing with a top echelon player like Bill C.Come on sweetheart the game never changes the players do.

  32. She is a liar. And why are these women coming out again with this? There is no proof and no evidence to prove their case. If his sperm was between her legs, I hope she took a bath and it’s gone! She was a nasty whore and was in groupies. So a trick got tricked!

  33. After the Jesuits are finished using your Ass than all of the dirt start to surface.Bill Cosby is old news to Middle America now so what comes next after the assignment up is his ass being thrown underneath the bus.

  34. Janice was a ho and a crackhead surprised she remember every man she slept with all the drugs she did.

    doesn’t sound like bill raped her she was in the bed already she was probably high laying down she did’;nt say he abused her, cursed her, she didn’t say she resisted either re read this again she said she was in lots of pain which means bill was packing.

    another example of leave the white girls alone.

    • @crazychris:

      True dat!!

      Back he 1960s and 1970s black boys were taught that a white woman will get you killed.

      Now they are taught that a white woman is the accessory or even pathway to success.

      I keep saying, “it’s the 1970s again”!

  35. when whites get tired of you they seem to really get at you.

    even if bill did do this can they even press charges.

    do they have evidence but white girls don’t lie huh.

    guess the elite white are tired of all these interracial couples tired of white girls fliiping over black dick.

    well bill is old and kimnd of useless to the industry at his age and if he passes the man has a huge legacy and all his albums, tv shows, and old films will become worth more dead than when he was alive.

    been nice knowing you bill.

  36. Bill did it, I believe it. BC is a serial rapist. Now I can’t even watch the Cosby show, I’m trying to pick apart every move he makes on the Cosby show. Lol

  37. Check out Michael Eric dysons book from 05 was bill cosby right or has the blk middle class lost their minds. Great great read.









    • Not only blacks, anyone can be targeted at any time. Why Bill though, there are more high profile black stars then him?

  39. if she was raped she should have gone to the hospital and gotten a rape kit which would have proven her claims, not come out years later trying to.publish it in a book for sales jmo

    • Bill Cosby is the devil,and I do believe the allegations but f*ck this coke whore, cause she said her dad f*cking her was the reason for her being f*cked up,now it’s all on Bill,bitch f*ck you and your disease bloody cooch, but this is what Cosby gets for selling his soul

    • @kitten…You are the dumbest woman I’ve ever encountered on HSK and I’ve heard dumb comments before. I’m embarrassed if you’re a black woman as well. And I’m a man. Some women don’t come out and say they were raped right away for several reasons stupid ass. Doesn’t mean they’re lying. And just because she’s slept around doesn’t mean she deserved to get raped. God forbid you ever get gang banged I hope they believe you.

      • She did try to tell you stupid fuk, she tried to tell in a book instead of getting proof of her claims which sounds suspect, your the dumb hoe if you think everyone who cries wolf is telling the truth especially when they have money to make off thier unsubstantiated claims

        • @kitten. I’m embarrassed for you, especially if you’re a woman…I already know you’re not a lady. You said she should have gotten a rape kit to prove she was raped and I told you some women don’t come out and say they were raped right after it happens for several reasons. PLEASE DON’T REPRODUCE.

        • your Hella dumb how did your retarded brain make that connection the writing style is totally different

          • It’s you’re…and you’re hella dumb if you think these shills can’t use more than one name/ writing style.

            • They come and go on the same day. Kitten, the one, fleece johnson and glok. All been gone. All show up Wednesday.

            • Wow. You are right. Nice catch Anonymous 03:13. The way that Glok has sort of just disappeared has me more convinced than ever of his fake persona. I think he reevaluated and decided that it was time to create some new characters. If Glok were real, and how he wrote was his true self, I doubt that he would have retreated so readily. We may see an appearance from him now and then, but his days of shitting all over this blog are over (I think.)




      • It’s good to see there are people who come here with sense and compassion instead if the haters spewing vitriol.

  40. Ooooookay!!
    Always save the Lilly white ppl!!! Bottom line whites pretty much invented rape slavery an incest?!?!?
    Black ppl get abused its water under the bridge . White ppl get bused it’s all out war .
    He said she said , they all have the same (M.O) red wine an a pill. Hmmm
    He’s not a doctor of medicine soooo why in the hell would you a recovering addict accept anything from mufuga ? Recovering my assss?!?singing career where when child please . All of these so called accounts took place at least twice. Really so you willingly go back for more????but you were soooo traumatized hmmmmmm.?
    When she was on Americas next top model she didn’t look so traumatized passing judgment on women who were having a hard time getting naked in for the camera !
    No she was pretty bitchy telling them it’s all part of the job and some days you just got to suck it up and just do it!!! Now she’s not tv she’s a rape case plz?!?!? Notice how no one would believe them before which is why they didn’t come forth. But now they all come forth at the same damn time. !!! SUSPECT ?!?!?!? Right when he’s bout to deliver another tv show. Coincidence I think not!! A white women not telling about being raped by a wealthy black man please what crazy world you living in. WTF..,,..?????

  41. I feel you on that last comment. Or he’ll devise a scheme, like some serious illness, to get sympathy from the public. Out of all of this, never once has he flat-out denied that any of these actions took place. If you didn’t do it, just say you didn’t, even if you did. OJ said he didn’t do it, and he got off.

  42. Also, wasn’t there also some shenanigans between Lisa Bonet and Bill? Is that how she got her show, “A Different World?”

    • lisa phukked bill but she left him for lenny kravitz.

      bill was so pissed hes still mad at all these years.

  43. Its just like Micheal Jackson and the child molestation cases. Why these women aint come forward sooner because they lying waiting for a payday. I tell you one thing it aint going to happen. You heffas better get a job and stop depending on these rich men to take care of you.

    • Did you never see MJ in camera openly admit to sleeping in the bed with children that were not his own, saying there’s nothing wrong with that? And it was after the Jody Chandler mess? Did you see the footage of MJ bouncing JC on his knee at an awards ceremony- which adult man does that? No men in my family or any other male I know…

      • he had Webster in his lap too back in 83.
        if mj wasn’t a pedo he showed symptonns of a pedo or a closet homo.

        mj turned down every woman who tried to phukk him.

        mj being weird was cool hell other weird or eccentric guys like prince dated women.

        even jimi Hendrix and George Clinton weird asses had plenty of women and they were both way stranger than mj ever was.

  44. You see, when someone like Janice Dickerson, who has no credibility, as a woman or a whore, comes out and accuses Cosby, then he will get sympathy.

    This drugged out, knifed up bitch needs to shut up and find an orgy that will let her participate and let the real victims come forward.

    • Just because you think she’s a druggies whore, doesn’t make him innocent. Prostitutes get raped and beaten regularly, it’s an occupational hazard. What you fail to realize is that rape is about the power/control. Bill could’ve found 1000 groupies to f*ck but was probably getting a buzz from the power.

      • No, she is a druggie whore liar on many fronts who would be the first to stab another woman in the back. Her presence just gives the rapist, MORE AMMUNITION for sympathy.

  45. Here is the deal. If you’re white, you can get away with scandal and crimes. If you’re black, you better have a perfect record. Your behavior must be flawless. If you are doing something dirty, it will come back to haunt you. Boule Bill has covered up these rape accusations for a long time. Thanks to a D-list comedian, they have re-surfaced.
    In conclusion if you’re a black celebrity or politician and you’re doing something illegal, you will be caught. If you don’t believe me, ask Messy Jesee or Ray Nagin!

  46. The Omega Psi Phi (Q-Dogs) and the boules can’t help Bill Cosby! His reputation is ruined for the rest of his life.

    P.S. Yes I agree this is all a tactic to distract people from racist bullshit in Ferguson Missouri!

    • Whoever or whatever is behind this is successful. TV Land has pulled Cosby show reruns from its lineup. There goes the wholesome image of an intact professiona, fit, nuclear black family which will eventually be phased out by this new baby mama, single mama his hers and ours dysfunction. Kinda pity these kids today. Hope no one outs Carl Winslow, Urkle/Stefan Urkle the reason ninjas joined NSBE in college.

      • The Cosby Show is still very lucrative. They’re probably pulling the show in light of these allegations. It will be back in syndication in another year or so.

        • Lets hope for the best. Probably will be substituted by one of Byron Allens shows.

  47. Some of yall really think Bill actually did this shit. You don’t understand how MK ULTA MIND CONTROL works. These celebs are forced into sex rituals whether they like it or not. They are made to participate in some sick shit in order to climb the ladder. These women were a part of that sick sexuall ritualistic world. You slack mouth idiots think Bill is the only one? They’re all down with sexual abuse of animals,children, women and yes even men. Bill is under attack because he had failed to comply with a demand the Illuminati had given him. Some of you are so quick to fall for the bullshit and don’t know how the game is played. Bill did no more than any of the rest of them sick motherf*ckers,both male and female. Janice was down with that sick shit too. This bitch is being used by the Illuminati because they want to take Bill’s wealth and then his life.

    • Whoever you are you really told the truth. I have been doing my research on these Hollywood rituals that date way back and Bill was a part of the scene,but he raped nobody. I think that movie called “Eyes Wide Shut” with Tom Cruise is the best way to get a visual idea of what went down back in those days. These women are not victoms like you said but they are willing participants in these secret societies. Bill is indeed being targeted for failing to obey something he was told to do.

  48. 99% of these women use their bodies to climb the ladder to wealth and fame in Hollywood,and when they are old and dried out they want to call it rape. Sex rituals in Hollywood is a normal thing. Trust me people,these women are not victims.

  49. Wasn’t Janet Dickerson HIGH through all of the 80’s. Let me get it straight, she just got out o rehab and took a un-named pill from someone? Yeah right…

    As a man, I don’t know how I would defend myself If some woman from thirty years ago that I had sex with said I sexual assaulted her.

    “Your Honor, I didn’t do it, Here is the condom from 1982 and the waiver she signed approving the various sexual acts”

    There is nothing he can say….

    If he come out aggressively against the women, every activist will be picketing outside his home.

  50. This is the perfect storm of bill being foul as hell and white folks not wanting us to have any heroes. A cracker is now saying nat turner was a rapist.

  51. These bitter-bitches get on my f*cking nerves. They price their pussies out the game and when they no longer have any claim to fame (meaning they can’t get paid anymore) then they want to cry victim. When these hoe’s were young they used their vagina like a Master card to gain access to men in high places and rich. After they use their bodies up and the money is spent they want to cry rape. Some of you who have jumped on “let’s get Bill” band wagon are as dumb as a bag or rocks. Janice and those other women were a part of that circle of sex,sex and some more sex back in the day.

    Their p*ssy was their ticket out of poverty. If Bill starts dropping names i can tell you the list will be long as f*ck. They are making this about Bill, but trust me,he wasn’t at those sex orgies/parties alone. These women are not telling you people the whole story,only bits and pieces to make themselves look like victims. Nobody had to rap Janet,she was one of the biggest f*ck toys in the game. She is looking for some money and doing what the elite/Illuminati told her to. Trust me,no celebrity can out another celebrity without their consent. Remember the star from 7 Heaven just a few weeks ago was outted as having had sex with a little girl? Notice how the noise on him has died down? Know why? Because he has now complied with the Illuminati demand that was on him. They got secret files (videos) on all these celebs. When a celebrity gets out of line,they will use what they got on him/her to release it to the public to destroy said celebrity. It’s just Bill turn right now….in a few months or more it will be another celebrity they out. They are trying to take these celebrities out,and the first step is to get the public to turn on them just like they did by setting Michael Jackson up as a pedophile.

    That kid that got that settlement is grown now and said MJ never touched him,his parents told him to say that. Learn how they do it in the industry before you are so quick to believe everything you read or hear. They have f*ck parties constantly and many of these women don’t want you people to know they were at those parties of their own free will.

  52. if I didn’t touch anybody I wouldn’t give you anything.

    mj’s rep was still phukked up after that incident.

    the case wasn’t closed which was why mj was arrested years later he shouldn’t have admitted to sleeping in the bed with kids which made him look gvuilty and started the public to turen on him.

    an ordinary guy can’t even say he sleeps with kids and say its okay mj did himself in by saying that.

    also blaming motalla for his record salers was a dumb move mj had to know his time as a pop star was up then and the youth was more into hip hop at the time anyway.

    mj did sleep in the bed with Jordan that was weird by himself.

    mj bought the mom clothes and jewlry and for what mj wasn’t phukkinhg the mom.

    all these so called secret girlfriends mj had where were they when mj was being called a fag guess mj gave them all hush money.

    all these kids coming out.

    like mj was really getting real vagina.

  53. and phukk Janice she tried to stab omarosa in the back and got mad cause omarosa defended herself and called Janice a crackhead and a bad mom.

    Janice cried.

    swear white women love creying when

    • CTFU! Yo, LML…that was on the Surreal Life show, right?? I remember that back in the days…that was hilarious!

      • yes it was.

        white women are weak they get bold but when you back them in a corner they cry like the soft little lambs they are and then go tell their white people what u did to them.

        • Hellz yeah! CTFU! She tried to act like she was gonna do something with that knife. Where we come from we go by the code…don’t pull out if you don’t plan on using it. Then she want a back peddle and start crying. Omarosa wasn’t scared of that moist bytch at all.

        • Speaking of white women wanting to tell what you did to them, I had this white women at my job go from 0 to 100 trying to get hard with me by doing petty things to treat me like I’m a spic, like I’m less than her by closing doors on me, not opening a door for me, just cuz I peeped something she did that showed she was a kiss azz. Like I give a isht about what white cracker boss she wants to impress. Long story short…no need to get into specifics, but she lost that battle cuz she don’t know the life and how we do it. So once her aggression wasn’t pumpin no fear and she was getting the worse out of her encounters with me…what she do? Go run tell that…they always start droppin dimes when their attempts to humiliate you or degrade you doesn’t work. Don’t be gangsta with a real gangsta.

  54. Once this filthy old beast Dickerson chimed in, you know for a fact Cosby is on some powerful folks radar for a unified and concerted media driven character assassination…

    The only question is we don’t know is their reason, for doing this at this time…

  55. Not saying Cosby isn’t a scumbag, but they had all of this information for DECADES AND DECADES and protected him….Why all of the sudden, now?

    • A lot of women who were raped in the 70s and 80s before the rule of law was changed which prevents defense attorneys from putting the woman(plaintiff)on trial for her clothing, sexual history and the like were afraid to go through the trial process. That is one of the reasons why so many men got away with their crimes. As far as why there are so many coming forth now, I believe it’s the snowball effect. Once one or two came forward, the others decided to come out and back their stories up. Just tonight, two more women have come forward. I bet by the times this is over there will be over 30.

  56. In 2006, Cosby settled out of court with Andrea Constand, who claimed he sexually assaulted her.

  57. Lets not be so blinded by the fact that this is Cosby.The stories aren’t exactly new. Waiting for the facts to come out.Everyone isn’t lying.

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