Kenya Moore’s Trick Almost Killed Her

Kenya Moore Abused

Real Housewives of Atlanta personality, Kenya Moore, said in a recent interview that she had a near death experience, when she dated an older man while she attended high school.

Here’s what Kenya revealed:

“I was in high school, and I was dating a much older man. He was every bit of what you would think an abuser would be. he tormented me physically, mentally and once even nearly killed me by putting me into the hospital, from attacking me with a finger nail file…stabbing me with a finger nail file.”


    • When I saw the picture, before reading the article, the first thing I thought was that she was mocking Beyondel Creole in the single ladies video….lol

  1. I agree with ThatChick.. all for attention. Damn so much is missing in Kenya’s life. She has become a victim.

  2. Kenya Is More Classy And Elegant, Than That Wild Beast Nene Beakes

    Who Acts Like A Loud Mouth Stereotypical Black Woman With Unflattering Blonde Her, Yuck
    So Pushes Out Her Clown Nose When She Smiles, Like A Modern Day Mammy.

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    In The Words Of Nene Leakes

    Get Your Money, Girl!

    • @ThatChick414

      Lol, Nene Is Like Cheesecake The More You Want, The More Have, Your’ll Get Bored Of Her

      Nene Beake

      Wild Beast To The Stars

    • I wish people would stop calling Kenya classy. I can’t take it anymore. That bitch is not classy.

      • Yeah in my fat Albert voice, “hey hey hey, she is about as classy as school in the summertime”…….lol

          • Please tell you are joking. Please, I need you to say you are joking, I’m on the verge of suffocating here. Ii can’t breathe and I’m bout to dehydrate, I can’t stop crying. Whooooooooooo, this is pure comedy.

          • She should have went to the store and got some AAA batteries for her sceptor. Because if she had a scepter she should have been able to touch old boy with it and stop him from beating her arse I seen tinker bell and hers was powerful. Maybe Kenya got hers from one of the Detroit Pawn shops with the intention of zappin dude. But when she found out it didnt work she should have ran…LMMFAO

            • LOL…she’s so wack! Once people know you as a pretentious person, you can’t come back from that. You’re branded.

            • This is heeeeeelarious, Thank you for this laugh, this is the funniest shit I seen since the the piss on you video.

              Yeah, she is about 13 eggs short of a full dozen.

          • I didn’t forget about you, Thattick414! You are still the biggest loser on this site. I look forward to threads that you don’t comment on. It seems that when you post, the intelligence of the overall thread goes way down-like your spreading an infection of stupidity that everyone is in danger of catching. And your post still looks like you have some sort of seizure disorder. And it seems you do “have time for that” because you came on another thread to talk about me. Pathetic! I was going to leave you alone because I feel a little sorry for you and I don’t like to mess with the mentally disabled but now, I’m not so sure. Nice to see that someone else feels the same way. I said it before- I talk to you how I like because your nothing to me.

        • @00:45, U really sound very ignorant right about now. I had the oppoturnity to talk to 214 over the phone. And she nowhere nor mental as you describes her. She is very intelligent woman. Not to mention, a very spiritual person. The reason for her typing like she does because they are encrytic. Meaning there is an message inside a message. If would take the time to pay attention and read it carefully, U could understand it better. She has every right to post just like U and I. She very down to Earth with a calmness that comes along with her. But for U to come off at her like U did is totally wrong. She is not mental whatsoever. But I can say one thing. She is very intelligent by the way she types and by the way she talks. Take the time to read her post. You will be glad she did. I know I do.

  3. Well older men can be a tad possessive and insecure with a hot young tenderoni and do foolish stuff; more so than with their wives they are cheating on. lol

  4. That awful to have that happen to her so early in life.. I hope kenya went to therapy for some of her issues.. It’s good to talk about abuse and how to avoid it if possible

  5. Older Men Are Sexier As Hell…They Can Fuck Better Than Younger Bwoys

    • Yes ma’am! Now totally agree! That’s an experience U will never forget! U Solange just married her older man!

      • @DaRadiant1

        Older Men Are Better, Their Kinder Smarter Helpful, They Can Dick You Down Like Wet Sponge!!

        *Wet Sponge Sold Separately*

      • LMAO @DR1..Hey sis, I see you still repin’ the Otis’? Aiiiigghtt! I ain’t laughing…I’m listening. Had an older man back in the days once…he wasn’t down with the freaky deaky…maybe I got the wrong one.

        • Hell yeah sis ! Me and Otis gets it on! Lmao!Frozen Fruits Yes they do! TB, better find Clarence or Boy Willie to dick U down! Lmao!

          • LMAOOOOOO!!!! Hey you never know what the future holds, but for now, I’m good sis…my man and me are doing okay in that department. But if it don’t work out, Willie and Calvin can get it…I don’t age discriminate. LOL, we are so bugged out.

            • @TB U better Willie James or Nasty Nate better yet Go Peep to get your freak on! And these names that I mention are real people too! Better yet I get Kool Kat to hook U up. He got a nice one. All the way to his thigh! Lmao!

    • Their conversation is better and they can show you things/places as well. Sadly women have grown accustomed to the bunny humping by younger dudes (or damn near rape in some cases). I blame p0rn.

      • There’s Nothing Like Having Vigorous Wild Animals Sex With A Old Codger

        Remeber That Movie With Madonna, She Was Vigorously Sexing An Old Man, And He Dies While Sexing

  6. Kenya is the bomb! She has real hair, eyes, and she’s smart. Nobody can take that away from her not donkey Phae Phae, the moose Nene, or that horse Porsha.

  7. Didn’t that chick pull out a Sceptor at the Reunion? She’s a donut short of a dozen.

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      • LMAO…but that’s her right?? I really don’t watch RHOA…a.k.a. ROACH. That bytch did not think she was a princess, did she???

    • Aaaaahhhhhhhhh,, I’m in tears…….please tell me she didn’t pull out a damn scepter. I’m begging you please tell me you joking because if you tell me she did, you gonna have to send a ambulance to get me because I’m not going to be able to breeeeve.

      • LMPRAO @ELTHP! Check out the Reunion from last season my brother. THIS BYTCH HAD A MF SCEPTOR ON STAGE!!!!!! That’s the last thing she pulled out before Porsha pulled out a can of whip azz on her! CTFU!!!

  8. She is a liar. This would have all came out when she was Miss USA. They do an intense investigation before you are considered as a candidate. She even lied about her dog. She lies on her mother about her mother not raising her. She left out that her mother was in a mental institute for a mental disorder. Therefore, she couldn’t raise her. That’s why she never talks about meeting up with her mother again. The aunt doesn’t either.

  9. Leave Kenya alone she brought the ratings up the last two seasons. She’s the thing that ever happened to RHOA. None of those other women bring the drama Kandi, Phaedra, or Cynthia. So please tell me why there still on the show.

  10. Ugh! I am tired of all the Real Rousewives and Love and Hip Hop actors. Reality television has been ruined by them.

  11. That’s a very mean and cruel attitude if her mother suffered from mental illness. You don’t come across as too sane yourself.

    • @anon

      Go Shut Your Ass Up Your Fucking Hypocrite, When Your Ready To Go On People’s Thread And Comment On Something, That’s Related
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    • @TheChick414 :
      Light travels faster than sound, that’s why some people appear bright, before they type/open their mouth!

  12. Kenya Is The Only Respectable Housewives On The Show, The Others Are Sluts And Skeeter.

    Khandi Is A Whore, Flipping And Flopping On Jermaine Duperi’s Dick, She Also Get Dicked Down By A Married Man
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    Lisa Talks To Damn Much

    • Ain’t nobody got time to read your illiterate ranting essay. You and that 414 block up the whole damn thread like constipation.

      • @16:31 But they tell the truth. I enjoy reading their post. But if U read 414 posts a lil bit carefully she pretty much done fore say stuff before it actually happens. She done predicts six things on six different posts and one of them was just recently. Just because U don’t don’t have patience doesn’t mean its not virtue to another. Slow down, stop, breathe and read.

  13. Considering that this is true..its unfortunate but why hasn’t she been a nicer person?

  14. I personally don’t think that Kenya Moore is wrapped too tight mentally myself. Something is off…and yes its been said that her mom also has mental issues.

  15. i never believed the things Apollo said about kenya, I’ve seen that type of whorish disrespectful male like him before, you can’t believe shit they say.

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