Money Team Rapper Kills VH1 Personality Wife Then HimSelf

Chris Brown Stephanie Moseley

Rapper Earl Hayes, who was a member of Floyd Mayweather’s Money Team, murdered his wife, VH1 personality, Stephanie Moseley (Hit the Floor) and then killed himself. The motive for the murder suicide is that, allegedly, Stephanie had cheated on him with a “famous singer”.

Here is what’s been reported:

Earl Hayes Murder Suicide

“Stephanie Moseley, a dancer and actress featured on VH1’s drama series Hit the Floor, is reportedly dead after a suspected murder-suicide involving her husband, rapper Earl Hayes.

Residents at a L.A. apartment complex near The Grove heard shots ring out early Monday morning. The SWAT arrived to the scene and knocked down the door of an apartment … and found 2 people shot to death. Earl Hayes, who often partied with Floyd and his wife, Stephanie Moseley.

Residents heard a woman screaming in the apartment before shots rang out. Allegedly, Hayes had accused her of infidelity with a famous singer.

According to local CW affiliate KTLA, Moseley and Hayes were identified by Burrel Wilks, a close friend and self-described “life coach” of Hayes. Police were called to the scene at about 7:30 a.m., after up to 10 gunshots and a woman’s screams were heard by a resident, the Los Angeles Police Department said.

Along with starring as Arelly on the VH1 drama series, Moseley has appeared in movies like 2012’s Mirror Mirror and 2011’s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1. She also had a small role as Porsche in the 2015 film The Best Thanksgiving Ever. Moseley’s true passion, however, was as a dancer. Her talent has allowed her to work with numerous high-profile singers including Britney Spears, Chris Brown, Pharrell, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, and Beyonce.”

Stephanie Moseley Murder


  1. This is such a sad story. She was a pretty lady, it’s just too bad her husband was such a bitch. May she rest in peace while her husband rots in hell.

    • Yea, very sad. Not much else to say. Feelings are a VERY dangerous thing to play with AND even if you cheat on the worlds worst male cheater he’ll still be in his feelings if he thinks A BETTER MAN (his own insecurities) can TAKE his woman. Human nature combined with insane jealousy. Bad Combination.

    • the article failed to mention he’s the
      son of soul legend Isaac Hayes.

        • uhh, yeah, that info appears to be false.
          …my bad, i got the info from a ‘supposedly’
          credible source. its what happens when you
          comment b4 researching whats factual.
          my apologies and condolences to the family and loved ones.

            • Yes. Industry deaths.. I was looking for a conspiracy connection. .. sorry if I seemed inconsiderate.


    • She was playing with death.if you’re married and being passeses around to ALL these guys rumored to have the monster (50 cent, trey songs, dre and boys). She was married doing it. That is double risk.

      50 cent cares about no one..esp not his son in atl

  2. I guess tptb can finally leave Mayweather alone, for now. As for this couple, whatever. Hell is widening everyday, pick the most high people never knew when it’s time to leave.

  3. Oh damn….this vexed my soul. May she rest in Heavenly peace. No telling how much misery and pain that man brought into her life. Oh ladies we have to always guard our hearts, our souls and our bodies from these controlling and abusive men.

  4. Women can lay with all kinds of men…Good & Bad! No man should be so bold as to say he would never do blank blank blank. Being aware of our anger is half the battle. Killing a woman because she found love elsewhere is sick to the core… Is She A Slave? Women are not the property of men…Please Understand! The killing of our people needs to stop, to hell with saying RIP. Men are supposed to shield women from harm…Not Kill Them!!!

  5. Something in the coffee doesn’t look right. Sounds like a homicide penned as a suicide murder. Okayyy!

  6. He’s a coward. Birds of a feather flock together, you know he just had that typical dusty disrespecting women, egotistic, cocky rapper attitude to boot. Not every man is husband material. She saw the red flags, instead of running then, she married him and cheated. i bet he didn’t kill her for cheating, he killed her because she got the courage to attemp to leave

  7. Bible Law forbids a woman from partaking in intercourse with another man unless the previous man has died,and than the woman is free from the Law because Sex is viewed as Marriage in the bible.I firmly believe only a certain type of woman engages in a sex act while she’s either married or in a relationship and as we can see the fallout can and in most cases will be fatal.Honesty and truthfulness goes along way in Marriages/Relationships.

    • What about men? Why the sex rules seem to only apply to women while men run around f*cking like dogs in heat?????

      • Exactly my bf homeboy has the audacity to talk about me getting revenge for my bf cheating a year into the relationship he fukd his x but I waited about 3 yrs b4 I cheated and I fukd my 1st male friend from high school because my bf attitude was egotistical but his homeboy had a pregnant bm and he runnin around town pickin up bitches and has the nerve to bring them over my house to chill I’m no rat so I told my bf he was no longer allowed in my house like a year ago since he likes to talk shit about me. His homeboy is a dick rider n a hater. He so lucky tho I can’t stand bitch niggas n he was still tryna get wit my twin sister while his girl pregnant tho lmao.Niggas like to play that bro’s b4 hoes shit but everytime I try to leave the bitch come out n a nigga start crying or begging.

    • married people should know better. once you get married you can’t f*cked outside the martial home.

      this chit don’t apply to Hollywood because everyone screws every one.

    • Anastasia, you need to revisit those verses. The laws against adultery, fornication, and divorce apply to both men and women.

  8. The illumanti is busy. Hollywierd snatched another two souls. These people are being offed seemingly every week. People must wake up before more are lost eternally.


  9. Unfortunate, senseless. Whatever happened to counseling or time apart during rough times in a relationship?

    • Agree. This was a revenge killing. His boys probably were razzing him about the fact that it’s rumored his wife been tricking around the industry with so many better-situated dudes. I hope that women every where wake up. If she cheated, she was wrong. However, she did not deserve to die for it. This man made himself judge, jury, and executioner. He put her down like she was a dog he got tired of. Emotions and sex are very powerful. RIP to both of them and condolences to the families.

  10. Oh, here we go; that rule applies to both sexes! C’mon now, put your stones down and quit being daft!

  11. Sounds to me that he was extremely insecure. Women you must train yourselves to look for that in men earlier in the relationship. Some dudes feel they can cheat on a woman all they want, but she better not do that back to them. It’s a sickness in a lot of men. Study these signs ladies before you lay down with these weak dudes.

  12. Sad y’all conspiracy ppl need to quit I’m pretty sure you’re laughing as you type though you don’t even believe what you type …. When you’re loved ones die I hope u say natti did it

  13. It never said anywhere that it was with a famous singer that she cheated with. It was Floyd. Why would a grown man call another man to say that he is about to kill his wife. He asked Floyd. Floyd being the retarded insensitive person that he is said Yes. That man killed his wife right in front of him like, that’s that then. He killed himself out of not wanting to go to jail and hurt. His friend slept with his wife. She looks just like Floyd’s type and he is known for creeping on his friends girls. Dude was on Floyd’s payroll. They were close. Floyd and his wife cheating pushed him over the edge. I’m telling you. It was Floyd.

  14. If you look on his Instagram, not one single pic of him and his wife. No pic of him on her page either. What kind of marriage was that. Marriage is about family, they weren’t even a family. Sounds believable that it was Floyd but his weak ass is supposed Togo after Floyd. This is what happens when men have an unnatural bond or closeness with other men. Your wife is supposed to be your best friend, cleave to her, build the bond with her, not some loser short boxer with no integrity as a man. I see this all the time, black men are so immature, they only want to be in the presence of their boys, homies, bros., because they are homos. Sick. They are just like the flaing queens that only hang with women. It has to be a balance, nothing wrong with having a close male friend but he had more of a marriage with his “boys” than his wife, then you expect her not to cheat on your clown ass? The woman was neglected.

    • I have to agree with this post, not. My ex had TWO best male friends. He actually had three but he “broke up” with him for the lack of a better way of putting it. Never got the homo vibe from them at all but I could not compete with his friends. They held his confidence. He wanted to get married and I refused. No way I’m going to marry a man who cleaves to his homeboys. He broke up with his ex pretty much over the same thing.

  15. @saycheese you said her husband was a bitch? Were you living with them? Lets not throw names and make accusations. Two talented people are gone and lets hope people can learn from this. I send my condolences to both the Hayes and Moseley families.

    • Accusations? HE KILLED HIS WIFE AND THEN HIMSELF! That makes him a bitch in my book.
      Okay his wife cheated and yes it was messed up but he should’ve been a man about the situation and left if he couldn’t handle knowing what happened. Instead he decides to murder his beautiful wife and even after that, he wasn’t man enough to face what he did so he took his own life. If that’s not the definition of a punk ass bitch, I don’t know what is.

  16. @Lucid its not just black men who act immature. Italian, Irish, Arab, Latin, I could go on and on but look at Halle Berry she thought she won a prize marrying that white man now her behind is paying the price. There is no perfect relationship. We dont know what mental issues this man had.

  17. How can we be sure that this was a murder suicide and not the swat team or the police killing them and then covering it up by saying it was a murder suicide. I smell something fishy.

  18. What’s going on with all these suicides. Mental illness should be taken very seriously. A few months ago actor Michael Jace killed his wife and the beautiful actress Simone Battle took her life but the verdict is still out on that one. Yesterday morning a twelve year old boy took his own life because he was being bullied. All we can do is pray.

  19. Men need to stop letting their emotions get the best of them. If your having issues with your woman and counseling doesnt help then its time to walk away from the situation because there’s plenty fish in the sea. That goes for women as well if your heart isnt in it walk away fast.

  20. What a tragic story condolences to all the families involved.You know what they say everything happens for a reason.If they were married why wasn’t she carrying his last name?

  21. Alot of these men need self control. Something sounded off about this story because there’s not much pictures of them together and they dont look happy. Also if they were married why isnt her last name Hayes as well.

  22. I just read on another site that she was cheating with Trey Songz.Damn he gets around. This isn’t the first time Trey has been the center of a cheating scandal an nfl player killed his girlfriend and himself a few years ago.

  23. Trey Songz needs to sit his ass somewhere far where he can’t be found. He stay all up in Chris Brown butt. I believe he’s gay too. They ain’t fooling nobody.

  24. Dont blame drugs for a man who was in a jealous rage about his girlfriend cheating on him with Trey Songz, Floyd Mayweather, or whoever else. You should never play with people’s emotions, money, and health.

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