Drake Hospitalized After Diddy Beatdown?

Drake Beatdown by Diddy

Various attendees to Miami’s Club Liv Art Basel closing bash last night, are claiming Diddy put hands on Drake.

Word is Drake was taken to the hospital following the melee after sustaining various injuries, including a dislocated shoulder.

Maybach Music DJ, Sam Sneak, was the first to break news of the fight.

Diddy Beat Drake Down


    • lmao hell yea puff mad yung azz drake is giving dat azz up 2 baby dat y he spank dat azz

  1. Wow Dids, you put your hands on a kid? Your too old for that shit, why not go handle your beef with Snoop and Shuge? They’re your age, you a puss!

    • The hell you talking about he put his hands on a kid what are you retarded if you are I apologize but if not you must be a drake worshiper last time I checked Drake is 26 or 27 get off his dick bout time somebody beat that disrespectful dude ass its just hilarious that it came at the hands of another soft dude how ironic

      • They are both too old to be fighting. It’s crazy to me that Diddy still hasn’t learned his lesson from fighting in the club.

      • Hahaha your cute! I mean by the age diff,Drake is a kid and Puff is grown. With reg off the street people, if some late 40 somthing got into a fight with a 27 year old, I’d still think he was a punk.

    • diddy hates light skin dudes

      he f*cking Al B Sure’s baby mums

      just last year he was tryna two piece J cole

  2. The Cassie diss has me dying. Like that bish is worth catching blows. Diddy a punk tho’. I’m sure he suckered punched Ole boy when he wasn’t looking. Diddy dirty as hell.

  3. Puffy is just jealous because Drake is hotter than him. I dont know why Cassie is wasting her youthful years with Puffy. He never married his children’s mother not Kim, Misa, Sarah,or whoever else. Lol.


    • Drake has $55 million dollars and he is stealing everybody’s girl. He is winning right now.

  4. Drake you bitch ass lil punk you let Diddy beat yo ass? LMAOOOOOOOO! Now I know you weak as f*ck! What ain’t no way that bitch ass lil punk would be able to put me in a hospital what? Is you crazy LMAOOOOOOOO! Shidddddd yeah right drake u weak bitch

  5. Man, watching two non-stright men fight is better than UFC. I bet afterwards each checked their face for welts and scratches with a blinged out Hello Kitty compact mirror like females. Age 30 and 50 is too old for fighting in public spaces.

      • Yep. Every teenage girl has a HK compact one from Sephora. Good stocking stuffer if you are into gift giving during winter solstice. 😉

          • You tripping. In case you haven’t noticed my screen name is in red. Somebody else is getting at her. The board looked fine to me today so my intent made a difference. I suggest you face the fact that I’m not the only one that was bothered

  6. Puffy is too old for this nonsense. He is a music mogul making millions and still acting like a wannabee thug. smh

    • You can take a nword out of Mount Vernon but you can’t take Mount Vernon …

    • Philly U ain’t Neva lied. Remembered on Behind The Series when Diddy asked 50 to produced and record for Bad Boy and 50 pulled out his 9 and Diddy got scared and let 50 go? LOL!

  7. lets not act like puff aint from a family of gangstas and has been through a lot. don’t rise to the top of the rap game being soft. y’all get caught up in the persona that a person projects to get paid. reality aint no soft dudes running no 20 year multi million dollar rap empire

      • Puffy ain’t running shit; ain’t own shit. Never has. Bad Boys is own by the white man & that’s reality.

        • A venture capitalist may be the main investor in Sean John et al, but that does not mean that he is running things. Do you not understand how companies operate?

          In that case, Bill Gates doesn’t run Microsoft, the share holders do. smh

    • We all saw what happen to Biggie, he died and I doubt Puffy has been fair with his family.. He died at the height of his career.. It’s still unsolved, his murder.. Smdh

    • Puffy set up Biggie. Once Big died; that’s when Puffy’s career flourished.

      For Puffy; it’s not about friendship. It’s all about the Benjamin’s.

      • Man you really hate dude. I don’t much care for him either, but I don’t think he set up the hit on Biggie.

  8. Puffy needs to focus on that sinking ship which is called Bad Boy Records/Revolt Tv.Perhaps he should change the name to reject TV because nobody watches videos outside of YouTube and whomever thought that was a great idea needs to be slapped.Btw Puffy,Loon and little Jerome both need Loans.

      • Yes @Radiant Loon’s family is doing an online fundraiser and Lil Jerome has been MIA since the”To Old For Me”Video when he was caught masterbating in his dressing room to one of the models.The Bad Boy Curse is real.Ask Megan Nicole.

        • @BA, so that’s what happened to Jerome! I had no idea, so I googled it, and found his music video as well as the below-what’s weird is,kid has the same first name as the artist in question :


          Somehow, I doubt this story.

  9. I don’t believe this. Diddy can’t beat his way out of a wet paper bag. This is all about publicity,Diddy ain’t never been in a fight in his life.

  10. Lover’s quarrel, probably about sex
    Diddy wanted to f*ck drake, and drake wasn’t having

  11. @willtho.. it not about how real he is or gangsta.. its about how much he pays us to protect him and only him.. its messed up that Cassie is only an after thought to him until someone else pays her attention.. i witnessed him telling her eyes front and nod only.. smile when necessary only. Drake disrespected by saying what Curtis said “Puff knows who killed Biggie”.. it started from that..

    • I believe u @hajj. And I know u aint lying cuz Puff used too have guys from The Fruit of Islam bodyguarding him. Are u from there too?

      • Yep.. and you are absolutley right. Chris (biggie) Lance Un Rivera and Mario told us not to trust him but at the same time 10stacks is a lot of money to an ex con from the hood with mouths to feed..

  12. @nba is fixed.. they were there but they arent getting paid so they are more like hanger ons and besides we’re from harlem who wants to step to us? thats facts..

  13. Drake has several hit records and a 6 million dollar house in Los Angeles. How can he not pay his bodyguards. If this is true, that half breed deserved to get his ass kicked. No celebrity can walk around in public without security; even D-list celebs. Good thing Drake wasn’t in Liberty City, he might have gotten killed.

    • Inflated wealth.. he isnt getting paid. Wayne aint getting paid from baby. so how can you sell 6 million plus units at .25 cents and only get half a mil? And the co owner of cash money bought a mansion with cash?

  14. YMCMB is crumbling right before our eyes. Drake doesn’t write his rhymes, Birdman is not paying him royalties that are due. Wayne is on the way out. So, him getting whooped in Liv last night is the icing on the cake. I would be more concerned about my paper. Violence is killing the culture, but many don’t care. No club is safe from “The Zoo.”

  15. Wait, wait…wasn’t diddy just online ACTING out enough is enough? Never liked is FAKE *** anyway!

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