Charles Barkley: “I Don’t Think Anything About Slavery”

Charles Barkley & Uncle Tom


NBA legend, Charles Barkley, is back with more. This time, he says slavery doesn’t have anything to do with him. That’s just the twisted train of thought Barkley revealed in recent interview.

Here’s what Charles Barkley said:

“The only problem I had with Kenny’s, umm, open letter was, umm, I don’t think anytime something happens in the black community we have to talk about slavery.

Listen slavery is, uh, well, I shouldn’t say one of the worst things ever, because I don’t think anything about it other than what I read and what my grandmother told me.”


  1. It’s a petition on to boycott all things Charles Barkley. Anything he endorses boycott it.

  2. Look he will have his day it’s all ready been written !
    For man to have claim to have nothing to do with slavery?
    Damn it if he doesn’t have the speech and grammar down to a science !
    Can some one explain to me why is it ,his top lip is always sweating???

  3. “I read about slavery”.. something a white person would say.

    I realize Barkley has never been an actual slave and would not actually know slavery, but to be so far removed from it.. wow.

    He’s huge. Hes strong. He would have been a sought- after slave. I think the picture above is correct and he shouldn’t have posed topless and barefoot. .

    • Lmao…. Yep its time for ah lynching! I betcha his ass will wake up for real! Lmao!

        • Lmao! R you got me thinking that episode on The Boondocks where Stinkmeyer was in Tom’s body and Uncle Rukus did the exocerism on Tom. Fool pulled out a noose, a belt, whip, a book and a job application! Lmao! Talking about, “Read Nigga Read!” Lmao!

  4. Ask john Stockton what he thinks about slavery. Chris mullin. Phil Jackson. Mark Cuban. Pat Riley’s Kentucky ass.

  5. Obviously, his bubble is pretty thick. Basketball has afforded mr. Barkley much social blindness, including his weakazz oratorical skills. I won’t bring up his golf swing.

    • I can’t stand to hear this mofo struggle to commentate. He has zero articulation skills. My boyfriend’s three year old daughter speaks better than that fool. Charles be like, “Hookt on Phawnix wurked Fer me!”

  6. That’s because you bitch made Charles plain and simple you a bitch made mothaf*cka! your ancestors were kidnapped brought here to build this lousy ass country for nothing less than nothing and you mean to tell me you don’t care nothing about that? That’s because like I said you’s a bitch made punk wit heels on bitch

  7. Ever seen his wife? She’s trailer trash! Maybe it’s her that’s got Chuck all f*cked up!

  8. We all kno he a dumb azz fool stupid idiot his big stinky azz needs 2 pick up a damn book & learn 2 read dumb mofo we in the blk community don’t need his azz fo a spoke person 4 us f*ck charles bitch azz barkley

  9. THAT picture is straight out on the money! I heard him, & I can even “understand” him twisted ass argument, but that fact remains: slavery STILL exist. This m.f. has a white wife who could not possibly understand, more less know a black struggle, or his children simple because of HIS ignorance. If one has NO sense of purpose or knowledge of self in the true sense, then it becomes the blind leading the blind. Thus, there where he’s lacking, & quite sadly, it’s by choice. That being said, f*ck him. Artificial comfort is a bitch.

  10. I can understand his logic . he’s rich so everyday people seem stupid to him I’m not rich but when I go through the hood I see stupid shit all the time like a brand new SUV sitting in front of a house and the grass is sky high , screen door hanging by a thread and snotty nose kids in the yard

    • That nigga ain’t Rich shit!He a gambling attic just like Iverson and ask yourself,how many folks who’s rich would waste they’re time cooking and being a s Mascot for TNT?That job would be beneath him if he was really well off.Theres a difference between being Rich as oppose to Wealthy and Barkley is neither one.Ask the Casino dealers.

        • Damn BA. I was all excited thinking that Barkley had started his own restaurant and was working in the kitchen.

      • Yep, the last time he was in debt and they had made him pay around $300,000 in gambling debt or else he would have been missing like Vernon Jordan.

        • Yes Gawd! I remembered that case like it was yesterday! Found his body in Marlboro County! He was in McColl,SC in the Pee Dee River!

        • Vernon Jordan? Isn’t he a lawyer and past activist and Bill Clinton’s best friend?

      • So are you saying that Shaq who works with Barkley isn’t rich? I know that Shaq doesn’t have a gambling problem, but he is a mascot as you put it on TNT.

        • Yes,Shaq is another Shuck Jiving Coon and with his size and playful Persona makes him the perfect Mascot for not only TNT but also,for the Whiteman in general.All these washed up has beens are forced to go begging the whiteman for a job as an analyst once their playing days are over because they’ve squandered their millions away.When will we ever learn that we are nothing more than a Pawn to this corporation called America.

  11. I saw that interview on Thursday and he also made a telling contrast saying all black people aint great and all white people aint evil.

    • Thanks for posting the link.

      Everyone who has an opinion, good or bad, about CB needs to watch the whole thing. It clarifies a lot of what we’ve been talking about here since the last thread about him.

      • Kein problem. I enjoyed the exchange between Kenny and Charles until Shaqs inarticulate azz joined. Sadly some do not bother to reesearch gain a 360 perspective let alone form independent opinions outside of group think mentality.

        For the record I am not a CB fan and the only professional sports I follow are soccer(Real football) and tennis.

        • You should have look at rugby league. Fast paced, skillfull, tough. Make sure rugby league not rugby union. Google state of origin match. Soccer will be like watching paint dry after you watch it.

  12. Most Black Americans never question why we are being ruled over by a recessive group of people whom by far we do everything better than,and instead of us returning to the Most High and trying to keep his Laws, Statutes and Commandments we go along like well trained slaves just like Barkley does.The whiteman has implemented a system that pins one black against the other and today 394 years later here in America his chicanery and Divide and Conquer tactics are still working very well on our people to the point that he no longer has to physically touch us because were so mentally destroyed by the constant lies and abuse we’ll do it to ourselves.Come Out Of Her My People!!

  13. MJ is another zionist satanist puppet K00n and 33 degree free mason. Michael Jordan invested in 20 million in a prison where most so called black men are locked up like animals and he he doesn’t even like folks that look like him. Just ask chamillianair. A lot of these so called blacks y’all sheep look up to hate themselves and they hate their own people See they think they’re apart of the satanic elite,but they are just pawns in their sick game

    • I wish I had a milli to invest in it too. While I’m at it gimme a funeral home in the hood also. Just solid business strategies. I aint gon begrudge that. Yall cats is too much.

      • I guarantee ryan seacreast aint mad at Donald trump for investing in a prison in a town full of hillbillies.

        • We wanna critique HOW a nigga make his money, worry about what color the bitch is he laying the pipe to, if he walked in a march FIFTY FUCKING YEARS AGO. We need to chill with that shit. No other race has to deal with such incredibly high standards to be considered successful. In fact it is a form of self hate. We simply must find something negative to say about everyone of our heroes. This shit is sickening.

          • You mean your heroes, the veil is being removed they were fake all along !! Now i know where my money need to stay , in my pocket !!

  14. what You need to ask Yourself is

    why would a black man who’s married to a white woman care about slavery??

    it would be the last thing on his mind or he probably doesn’t care

    sooner or later slavery will be a classic tale. filed under fiction


      Read an article or listen to the tape before forming an opinion. Not just you Name, but everyone.

      he’s no longer married to that woman if you didn’t know

      • We can form any opinion we want! It doesn’t matter what he said, everyone on this site knows what type pf person this man is based on a lot of everything he has said and everything he doesn’t say! He is a puppet and he says the most ignorant things which are exactly what WHITE people want to hear! In addition, you mean to tell me that the only way he knows about one of the most horrible things that happened to his very own ancestors, is from his granny’s mouth? You have got to be kidding me! How on earth can you not know where you came from and the sacrifices your people have made in order for you to get where you are today! He is a suck up uncle tom and everything that comes out of his disgusting mouth is ridiculous, ignorant and dumb! He stands for nothing BLACK or anything worth fighting for! I have no respect for BLACKS who don’t have a clue on past issues or present racist issues that plaque BLACKS today! He CAN go kick rocks!

  15. Chuck like everybody else. Won’t rock the boat. He fails to understand one miss read by the cops and could be his son choked to death. We are allowed to stand up to cops in unjust treatment. If we don’t we are kept people. But saying no to a cop is the green light for them to take you out. We are damed if we do and damed if we don’t. It’s gunna come to a head one day. I can’t see no way around.

  16. Barkley is a house slave. He gets paid millions to insult and degrade us. I believe he made the deal with the devils in the justice system to avoid prison. Don’t forget, he threw a guy through a window. He was also arrested for D.U.I. in Arizona a few years ago. Barkley was this close to wearing prison blue suit. That’s what I believe happened.

  17. This is typical of Charles Barkley. He is a pathetic an ignorant coon. He’s been tap dancing far too long. He keeps himself controversial because he’s a paid bama idiot with no class or dignity. Let’s see how prideful he will be when karma comes knocking down the door.

  18. When it comes to that picture above i compare it to my mind being free to see all the bull crap for what it really is, nothing has ever change it was all an illusion !! Wake up people and if a sprinkle of white are including in whatever is going on trust their plants. Plants to make it look like it’s not racially motivated when it is.

  19. Charles Barkley is a self-loathing blackman…The Ugly Truth! No proud man among us would utter such foolishness in public. I agree with him on the crime issue and peer pressure to not be intelligent in our community. Everything else is bogus to me that spews from his mouth. Growing up, i never imagined that so many brothas in sports could hate their people as they do. Barkley is just one of many well paid slaves that promote confusion and ignorance. Other than Walter Payton…RIP…The NFL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA can implode into a billion pieces. We gotta move away from this foolishness at some point. His biracial daughter is not a valid excuse. I don’t care if she was blue or green. Hating blackness and using his lust for whitewomen just makes it worse. Sad what’s become of African-American men. Our forefathers made this a better planet for all people. And, we hate ourselves without cause. In my world… Blackmen Don’t Hate Black People!!!

  20. Everybody check out First Take from dec 4th. Stephen A’s take is interesting

    • Saw Stephen Smith’s response to Kenny Smith’s open letter to Barkley. Never liked Stephen Smith or Barkley. It’s a coon-a-palooza. lol.

  21. Quote from author Bobby G. Smith, “Barkley was one or two white women away from becoming the next OJ.”

    So true, So true!

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