Columbus Short Is Now An R&B Singer

Columbus Short - Tommy Lee

Drops Debut Single … With Bizarre Title!?

HSK Exclusive – This year has no doubt been a tumultuous one for Columbus Short. That could be why the fallen Scandal star seems to be making an attempt to wrap 2014 on an upbeat note … marking his official debut as a singer with new single release titled Tommy Lee.

Take a Listen and let us know what you think:


    • Lol….that’s what came to my mind. “don’t eva be calling me no soau” what ever the hell Soau means cause that’s what he said….lol

  1. This is bad…horrible actually. With that said it’s probably perfect for today’s ‘urban’ radio format.

  2. He looks like the guy from the r&b group Intro Kenny Green but cant sound like him. RIP Kenny. I guess he had to find another hussle because he’s not acting anymore.

  3. Why is everyone auto tuned? i seriously hoped to hear some real crooning and am disappointed. Ice JJ Fish has already cornered the market on this type of music.

  4. Just an aside. I like Andre 3000s verse in that new UFO song by Timbaland. Classic autotune club hit but catchier than this crap.

  5. I think Tommy Lee is an Jamaican artist.
    He done f*cked up, scandal is a smash hit show he would of been rolling in money but he f*cked that up

    when it comes to acting in Hollywood black people have to do be careful. remember what happen to Isaiah Washington’s gay comment he got fired from the show

    hasn’t been acting since

  6. Any man excuse me any black man who would purposely put out a song influenced by the likes of a man such as tommy lee who just happens to be a white man highly respected and accredited despite his vulgar disposition in the same industry columbus is now trying to break a door down in, seems like self hate at its finest, smh another one bited the dust, columbo stick to ur day job my ninja

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