Trina Knows French Montana & Puffy’s Secret

French Montana Diddy Uber Gay

HSK Exclusive – Word of a bromance between Puffy and French Montana is buzzing throughout the industry … and according to our inside source, the Bad Boys’ alleged secret smash affair is a situation that Trina knows all about!

From what we’re told …Trina and French were previously reported to be dating … AFTER she signed up as his beard.

Wait …There’s more!!!

Supposedly, Trina was about to blow the whistle on French and Puff during her Power 105.1 interview, last month.

Check it:

“Trina didn’t expose French and Puffy because she was afraid of getting blackballed in the industry.”

Trina Exposed French & Diddy


  1. Puffy, drake, Rihanna, and a few more are just soooooooo f*ck’en nasty, they will f*ck anybody! Nasty as hell, that’s all you ever read about these people is who they’re f*ck’en, wow I just can’t believe how nasty these people are, it’s a cesspool of filthy ness, nasty

    • These men love each other when the time is right . Kissing in public going to all male pj party’s ?! But yet they garbage ass music still,sells and you trashy money grubbing hoes flock to screw them at every event they go to ! Every song they talk about them mean streets and being ghetto woo I never laugh so much in my life !! If your willing to sell your soul what’s your ass hole worth?.

    • Damn what Riri gotta do with these closet dl freaks? Stay on topic. The issue here is men claiming to be straight in public, but having sex with men. Let’s name them, shall we? Jamie Foxx, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Drake,Jay Z. The list goes on. Back to French Montana tho – Anyone got tea about what his zesty ass was doing in Dubai few weeks back? My guess is, one of his MALE Arab sponsor’s is out there.

    • Yeah I heard ol Frenchie has a HUGE ding a ling
      1 of the largest in the industry along with Fab, Snoop,Wiz Khalifa and I cant think of the other 1 right now

    • You know what? Not to sound racists or prejudice BUT…

      I find it funny yet quite odd how some of these Moroccan folks in the US have come here, ingraciated themselves in the entertainment industry & lost their damn minds. Nicole Murdaris is not much more than a token whore in various circles swearing she’s a princess. Her brother has a bad reputation for abusing women as does her father & acting ghettoriffic but only to those they know won’t kill their asses! And…this French Banana person is no different. I’ve never met him in person nor do I listen to his music but I have heard his name mentioned in the context of “him laying around the industry with various men” & not just with the likes of Puffy. I’m talking about club owners, luxury car lot salesmen, etc.

      Why they’re not in Morocco trying be such hot shit is a mystery to me!

      • No Reg U are right. Its not just U that notice it, so did I. I’ve never heard French Montana rap let alone be irrelevant to anything or anybody. I’m sitting here thinking to myself like, why on the hell this dude come up with this corny ass name and he isn’t irrelevant? As far as Nikki,shit does stank and so as she. I don’t know why she think the world revolves her , but her in her imagination mind is just like they say in Hollywood. It’s just an illusion.

  2. These celebs needs to take an AIDS test. Being gay is a lifestyle. Gays are trying to make people think being straight is not the right way. Also, gays think that since they have been in the closet for years, their life was worse than slavery.

  3. Damn Diddy stay chasing dick. I need this mofo to just go ahead and kick down that closet door and come the hell out. According to my boy he f*cked in Miami he likes to give the dick.

    • Oooh you have insider tea! So Diddlysquat is a top, huh. LOL I’m not surprised. Some of these closet queens swear they r straight of to give, not get. Diddy seem like he like both ways tho

    • Hey Chris,

      Who the hell listens to Fruity Puff & French Kiss Ass either, right?

  4. This is no surprise because Trina claimed her and French were only friends and never had sex. Trina’s career is a joke and she’s not the baddest chick so why is she scared of being blackballed. Lol. I believe Naya Rivera was Big Sean’s beard as well.

    • Now Big Sean has that Mariah/JLo mashup.. Ariana Grande.. MarLo 2.0..

      Nickelodeon child star who got her “big break” from Dan Schneider..

      • And by big break you mean penis. Look what his corrupt ass did to Jamie Lynn spears.

        • EXACTLY…I couldn’t have said it better.

          Not to be mean but…I’m sincerely tired of Ms. Grande already. She has a nice voice, however, she is highly overrated. I give her 2 years or less & we’ll start seeing uncomplimentary stories about her.

      • Then you know she was road tested by Schneider. No bigger perv in kiddyland than him.

  5. Is Sean a top or bottom? He seems to be a true bisexual so I assume he is a top.

    • Non Importante I would bet he’s a dedicated top. I believe that it’s part and parcel of his deep seated inferiority complex. He enjoys turning men into “punks” by effing them. He then feels he has complete dominion over them. He may perform a BJ on occasion, but I do not see him receiving anal from anyone.

  6. Hollyweird/music industry are nothing but a bunch of diseased freaks.

    • Ther you go again. U stan Freddie for crying out loud. Wake up to urself please. Or like I said before you only approve of openly white gay entertainers.

  7. I always heard from the older generation, that why it’s called Hollywierd..
    It’s not just the music industry, take a good look at the movie industry, then the political, then just look around, they are all suspect.

  8. How can Trina be Blackballed when she’s always busy with NBA balls in her mouth.Ask James Hardin,Kenyon Martin and several others.

    • Whateva, Trina is still 1 of the most sexiest bitches in the industry
      Homegirl still looks good though

      • The fact that the only thing you could speak of is looks proves just how shallow and stupid you really are.Fck off you dumb bitch!!No one asked you about Trina ‘ s looks.

  9. This has Kris Jenner written all over it. Khloe and French just broke up…again. The timing is truly suspect. Every time someone tries to break up with one of them, she always discredits the men in advance so that anything they say about the Kardashian women does not seem credible… looking for Bruce. Smh. This woman is diabolical. Lol

    • Those kuntrashbins stay up under bisexual dudes. I guess in their drive for fame love just isn’t necessary.

    • Khris is a super pimp. Also an amazing media tactician. It’s interesting two of her daughter’s men have questionable sexuality – French and Kanye

  10. This sounds too suspect. I don’t believe this one. If anything she was probably in between the sandwich. Trina has no room to talk about anybody.

  11. what is trina worried about getting blackballed from, black balls possibly, because her career has been staled for a very long time, exposing some info like this would probably propel her career.

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