J.Cole Banned From Performing In Detroit

J. Cole Banned from Detroit

Eminem’s goon/rapper Trick Trick jumped on social media to announce that he banned the Roc Nation artist J.Cole from performing in Detroit. Know why? Because J.Cole released a track titled Fire Squad dissing Eminem.

Here’s what Trick Trick put down:

Trick Trick J Cole Threat


    • I’m sorry I just can’t get over the name trick trick lmao
      A grown ass man?? Named trick trick even my fingers twitch with laughter trick trick hahahahaha!
      And he’s working for a racist women beating meth head who made millions trying be as black as he can be the true definition of a wigger by any means necessary ?!!! Huh??
      Telling other ppl who actually have a real job that trick trick lol say u can’t come here ?! Lmao

  1. fuk these fools

    where were they when eminem made the nigga bitch song?

    did eminem not take it to a black and white level?

    no wonder whites take blacks for fulls. we so blindly defend them against our own

  2. Trick Trick must be Detroit’s Suge Knight. This dont look good for J Cole and this is over Feminine. Lol.

  3. This is PRECISELY what’s wrong with the black community: Coon-Goons…

    These mf’ers only have cojones when interacting with fellow blacks but condone, cower and protect WM. They’re like modern-day slaver enforcers.

    EX: When’s TI going to check Em for dissing Iggy? he didn’t hesitate to check Snoop…

    Fuck Em he’s a white-trash, woman-hating, pill-poppin punk. He gives no f*cks about Detroit and Detroit shouldn’t give a f*ck about him either. Detroit should ban EM.

  4. He probably shouldn’t have grouped Eminem with Macklemore and Iggy because he is noting like the other two. However this marvwon person can’t ban an artist from performing in his city. Let J.Cole make his money.

      • Exactly.
        I traveled to Detroit about 10 years ago and was shocked at the state of that city. I also saw a real live pimp with alligator shoes and all but that’s a different for a different day.
        Also, Eminem has dogged just about every celebrity out there and no one ever tried to stop him from performing. Let J.Cole do his thing.

  5. He wasn’t grouping Em, JT, Macklemore, & Iggy together. He was making a point to say that history continuously repeats itself. He didn’t diss anyone. And what he said was more or less true.

    • Not all White rappers and singers are culture vultures. Rap music was not a genre only created for and by Black folks.
      Eminem was influenced by Nas and others but he did not become successful by copying his or any other Black rappers style.
      It’s obvious to me both Macklemore and Iggy are raping the genre for money while Eminem seems to really appreciate the culture.

        • I agree with both of you. And apparently MOST of the true hip hop community does too. You never hear any of the respected artists knock Em or the Beasties.

          • And…I agree with all three of you. My thing is…WTH is this “marvwon” character??? I have dealings in Detroit & last I checked, which was TODAY…there in NO mayor, city officials & counsel staff mates by that name. Could it be that this cat is a concert promoter in that city & has control over certain venues?

            I’m just trying to understand under what or who’s authority does this cat have the right to dictate where artist can or cannot perform. I’m having a hard time with this one!

            • Reg Marvwon is an OG Detroit rapper who battled rapped with Em in 8 Mile. He has a few AKA’s like “Brett Mavre QB of the Green Bay Clappers.” I’m not sure how he gits in with Trick Trick, except to say that no matter how many Eminem haters there are here at HSK, dudes in Detroit are very loyal to him. He does a lot of stuff for people that we never hear about and he never forgets his friends from before he made it big.

  6. nicca’s stop defending Eminem cos he won’t defend you
    did Eminem protest with black people at the protest rally …nah

    Eminem is typical white rapper just making a quick buck

    • Did Jay Z protest?
      Did Nas?
      Lil Wayne?
      Nicki Minaj?
      Will Smith?
      Dr. Dre?

      Do you see where I’m going here? There are a lot of typical Black entertainers out looking to make a quick buck too. You can’t blame outside people for doing so little when our own don’t speak up for us either.

      • yeah ok you made your point!!

        you know why these nicca ain’t fulling their weight is because their scared massa will black list them

        come one you know that, we all know that

        • You’re right but the thing I don’t get is why Black and White entertainers didn’t have that same fear back in the day. They risked accusations of being socialists and investigations by the FBI but entertainers back then stayed focused. What has changed?

          • this applies to black and white

            they can’t speak out because their scared of the outcome. that’s why they don’t say shyt because they might get black balled!!!

            no movie role or record deals no money etc etc
            the money is keeping them quiet

            • And that’s why I refuse to financially support any of the b.s out there today.

    • Marshall doesn’t leave his house. He does however channel money to people and causes he cares about. And he does it quietly without fanfare.

        • I’ll tell you this much, nobody from back in the day goes wanting.
          You don’t get the kind of love and loyalty he gets in D without taking care of your peeps. You and I both now that when someone blows up and then catches amnesia about the old crew, that will produce a lot of envy and haters. Yet you never hear anyone who has messed with Marshall on a personal level say a bad word about him.
          Think about it.

  7. J. Cole should have stuck by what he said. He said what he said and that’s it. Then only to follow it up with just playing… FOH!!! Trick stopped Ross I wonder if he is for real tho.. I would drive 3 hours to find out lol JK ahhhhh

  8. Trick Trick is an ignorant nigga an people like him keeps Detroit in a stagnant position. He is what too old for this wack bully shit. He ha No real power. A nigga with a muzzle mouth. He not pulling no weight in the city but having dumbass hoodlums following him like king hut.

  9. Don’t take that ass to Detroit lol that wild rough and rowdy city lol all them killers there I wouldn’t

  10. Grown ass should be retired D-boys acting overly bitchesque….dafuq ain’t you got workers to be taking 70 off a bean from or paks to drop off

  11. Trick Trick-STOP being a bully. Don’t let that white boy (who hasn’t elevated none of you Detroit niggas-to the level in which Dre help and elevated him) GET YOU KILLED. You doing too much.

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