Disaster on the Runway! Models Faint & Tumble at Yeezy’s Season 4 Show


kanye season 4 yeezy runway show models pass out

Kanye put on yet another spectacle during his Yeezy Season 4 runway show. The rapper thought it would be a good idea to present his fall/winter collection in the scorching hot heat on Roosevelt Island.

His butt kissing industry friends were in attendance to watch this mess go down. But it was a hellish journey for them to get to the location.

Everyone was forced to board chartered buses in Midtown Manhattan to take them to the runway location at a former small pox hospital. They arrived almost two hours before the show was scheduled but were forced to hang out on the buses.

The lengthy catwalk presentation caused many of the models – who were wearing spandex, wool coats and heavy jackets – to pass out from the heat. Others were forced to wear shoes that were too small, causing them to stumble all over the damn runway.

Other models helped out their fellow model friends by passing out water during the show, and an attendee of the show came to the rescue when one model gave up on life and couldn’t take another step.

A magazine editor who was in attendance took to her Twitter to talk about the horrible show. She says the best thing the industry can do is to stop talking about Yeezy completely.








Peep the travesty:







At the end, Kanye sashayed down the runway…completely oblivious to the fact that he damn near killed some of his models.



    • Maybe Kanye does love BW after all to not include them in this nightmare….thank goodness for small favors. The multiracial can have this show.

      • LOL LOL I needed that LOL that is some funny sh8t and worse of all I saw them pathetic clothes at the Good Will for $4.99 LOL

    • @Ms.Reg!…Are you really surprised?…The bullshit fashion line, that never was!…Disgusted!

      • I know. She talking bout he's not gonna give up. He need to give up. That whole waste of time family.

      • ?WAIT…..
        Did you guys see the model being helpful down the runway was limping?…because she was WEARING A BROKEN SHOE!?

        Oh the horror! ?

          • Oh I saw that mess! What about the black girl was walking all over her shoes!!! Omg! Did Y'all see that! I felt sorry for those who participated! Omg! My heart goes out to the models!!

      • This is all just another orchestrated event!…Kray kray Koonye is being called a genius, by that Teyana Taylor girl, he's allowed to rant, rave, and coon, on the recent award shows, why?…Because these TV entertainers, athletes, and politicians are misrepresenting Negroes!…I don't care what race you are, you are only supposed to show your very best, by putting your best and brightest, on the forefront!..No other race does this, and its not by accident! Whenever you see Negroes now, it's always a two piece of Buffoonery, with a side of stymie black oil slick!…Disgusted! Remember that Nazi's, went on a 8 year propaganda campaign, to portray the Semites as savages, sound familiar?.. They're gearing up to exterminate stupid Negroes, and nobody's gonna care! Watch!

          • @Anon16:57!…Facts!…You can have scores of people gossiping, clowning, but there's always just one, that actually gets the true meaning of this atrocity! Hey one! How you doing?…???

  1. The music sounds evil as hell those models all look possessed smfh I wouldn't go anywhere near kanye 's demonic ass

  2. OMG!!!! this fool is trolling!! Aint no way….lmao! the girl who kicked off her shoes and said f$@k it …I cant ,Kanye give it up dude!

  3. Might have gotten hit with all them demonic spirits. I love how kanye's falling apart also.

    What woman would seriously want to model his literal "rags?"

  4. It's funnyour how he said he only wanted multiracial women for this shoot. And when I see what they are wearing I immediately think of Kim. She once had on a nude skirt or dress on and had on boot leggings that were also nude. I think he tried to create a line based on crap Kim wore once. And then once he debuts the fashions it's funny how the only person you'll see wearing his stuff is KIM. I feel like they are psychologically screwed up. They are obsessed with pimping each other out.

    • Libra89,

      We should be GRATEFUL AS HELL black women were not invited to this ?fool's fashion fiasco ?

  5. Also why does one girl got on a nude dress with them ugly nude shoes. Why does this remind me of what they will call prison couture. Forreal they got on that prison nude color with them prison shoes on but nude.

    • PRISON COUTURE LOL LOL the only people who might buy that crap are prisoners LOL LOL

      I bet those few attendees are white folks MAKING MONEY OFF OF HIM for selling him that sack cloth, buttons, threads, etc., used to put that pathetic line together LOL LOL

      they laughing all the way to the bank LOL

      after all the losses to white folks, he knew he had to get a sexy black queen Teyana to help him sell music to cut his losses. stop letting these n8ggahs use you girls, MAKE THEM PAY YOU BIG TIME. IF THE PUNK AZZ WANTS 2 USE HIS PROFITS 2 CARE FOR THE WHITE WOMAN IN HIS HOME, MAKE HIM PAY YOU BIG TIME FOR HELPING HIM DO IT. DONT BE A FOOL

    • Exactly! Nude on nude don't f*cking go ALL together. There's gotta be some contrast!

  6. Obsesses with pimping each other out….interesting observation. I think I agree. Who can pimp the hardest? The fastest? Who outpimps (is this a word?) the other pimps in their circle? Cause I been saying Tygger is a pimp. Pimps are hustlers who use tricks.

  7. Kanye is telling yall about the future with his clothing line
    Yall laughing now but after Trump and Hillary finishes, this is what lot will be wearing
    Doesnt matter which 1 get in, wild changes are coming

  8. *this is what a lot of folks will be wearing*
    The only unfortunate thing is that they will be homemade 🙁

  9. Fuck that punk he hates black people but loves black shine and black dollars.

  10. He got the model at the end walkin like Ms. Sophia when she Helped Ms. Millie to her car on the color purple. Lawd this Negro ill????

  11. All laughs and creepy demonic possession sounding music aside- If you can't f*cking design fashion correctly, then just don't design it at all.

    Kanye can keep his fema camp looking shit

  12. Was this the all role call for light bright and damn near white??? Maybe, Yeezy does love the black woman after all. He relegates his psychopathic women abuse for the likes of non-Black women. He aint too crazy to know that a sistah's been through enough already.

  13. What's up with this dude? So much talent and so little of something! I feel something is missing in this persons life. You see it in his face and manners but you just can't put it into words that bring it to life. Where is the real down to earth person?

  14. The person who wrote this is too damn funny, I gives zero fcuks bout unstable Kanye, his poor momma, when he sacrificed her so went his mind & soul!

  15. Are my ?'s playing tricks on me, or did I read that he had the fashion show or lack there of, where a Hospital once stood,……???!?!…batsh!t crazy is Kanye West!

  16. Reminded me of visiting a cemetery.

    Bet all those models 'worked' for free as well.

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