Porn/Reality Star Mimi Faust Is Dropping a Book

Mimi Faust Writing Book

HSK Exclusive – Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast member, Mimi Faust, has penned a book that will focus on her troubled childhood and raising her daughter as a single parent.

Source says, Nikko Smith convinced Mimi to publish a book to add character to her story line for the up-coming season.

Here is the drop:

“Mimi is about to drop a book. But Stevie J and Joseline, are trying to beat her to the punch.”


  1. Whelp everyone else is trying to cash in and she has already done porn so she might as well. Aint nobody gonna read a book by Stevie J and Joseline…I fill sorry for anyone who has to edit Joselines book that us gonna be some hard work for small pay

  2. What the hell could she write about? We watch the show that doesn’t explain everything? Who wants to read about hip hop and love when we can watch it? So after finding out all the things you found out about nikko your still associated with him? Taken his advice? Nikko well if she allow you to pimp her and you cash’en in I can hate the playa just the game, pimp these stupid ho’s shit if she allow it then what can be said? Well there is one thing I could say and that is (MIMI YOU STUPID! ) I thought you were much more sophisticated and classy and smarter than this.

        • Mimi got low self esteem and she is hurting as we speak. U can tell she is still in love with Stevie but she doesn’t want to fight for him.

          • Absolutely! I agree. I wouldn’t fight for a seat on Stevie’s bus either though. LOL He’s toxic for her…He only makes her feel bad about herself. Why try to keep someone who obviously has moved on and did so in a very embarrassing way? She should just say “Deuces” to both of them and concentrate on raising her little girl. That’s a lot of work and she doesn’t need negative distractions. She gotta be whole for that.

            • That’s right…she’s always worried about WTF they’re doing…are they married? do they have a marriage certificate? Are they gonna last..I agree…she got it bad for Stevie still.

  3. Hey guys.. I got an advanced copy of JoselInes book.
    The tItle Is “Once upon a time in cokeland… ”

    Page 1.
    “I so tire of Steebie J & hees shitnanigans”, so I aks heem “wha de prolen ees”..

  4. Mimi and this book ain’t gonna help nobody. She proves how stupid she really is for the past 2 seasons of LHHATL. K was right about this broad! Good luck with that book because your image is ruined.

  5. I would read Stevie and Joselines book before I would look at the cover of fool Mimi. She put out the sex tape and now she believes she’s famous. She was on the BET awards sitting next to Snoop like she had finally made it and Snoop treated her like the porn star she is–he pulled out the curtain rod and everyone was laughing AT her and she thought it was a complement. Really Snoop gave Joseline a compliment. Snoop is slick

  6. Title of her book is going to be called “How to be A hoe” with forward by Velvet Jones.

  7. Well….that book better focus on how her self respect is like her weave damaged edges….once they gone, they ain’t never coming back. That’s all I got.

  8. mimi is a classic example of a love child
    both of her parents were married to someone else. love child will get hurt!! easily because their parents cheated and pro created
    with someone else that’s why love child will get cheated on because their parents cheat is sorta like karma.

    love child’s will get treated differently from other kids some time really badly which is do’t blame the love child blame the parents
    for sexing outside their marriage!!

    also mimi is hypocrite instead of worrying about her own business she tried to get stevie and josline in trouble!!!
    she got her karma because freako told her he is married!!!!!

  9. Mimi’s back story is really interesting. I’m intrigued by the fact that her mother was a Scientologist. Mimi’s mother abandoned her for the church, which I know adversely impacted Mimi’s life. I know a lot of people have abandonment issues, which plays a role in the choices they make when seeking partners. Mimi’s book may help someone.

  10. Who cares about her childhood. She is only a porn/reality star. She should hear what real porn stars that have been in the business for 20 years have to say about about their childhood. I won’t read her mess because most of it is probably made up. She did 1 or 2 tapes and think she got something to tell. Now the real story about her and Nikko comes out. She knew he was married. And his wife is in on it. Who has an affair with someone’s husband and come out with a tape and book?!!

  11. mimi is a mess!! eve caught her and stevie phucking while she and stevie were dating. mimi is a hypocrite bitch!!
    “do’t throw spit if your throat is dry” and surly mimi’s throat is dry she needs to get over steve and his she man

    mimi there are plenty of dicks in sea you have to wait 15 mins for one!!! do’t steal one!!

    • Co-Sign. LOL…That’s the good thing about dick, there’s always one right around the corner happy to meet you…there’s definitely no shortage of them. LML

        • Nope, ALL women get offered penis AT LEAST 5X a day. LOL The women are not asking for penis, it is being offered on a silver platter whether you’re able to read between the lines or not.

          • Chris Rock was telling the women in the audience that anytime a man is being nice, it’s because he’s offering sex (or ‘dick’ as he put it). So if a guy says, “Wow, you look great!” what he really means is, “Wow, you really look great, would you like some dick?”

            I’m sure this generalization has it’s exceptions…but we get the point. LMAOOO

          • @TainoBoriqua

            a dick is dick it says what it does!!. there are too many women worshiping the dick is no joke!! these women will put a dick
            in front of their own children!!

            a dick will come and go!!!!! just let it go!!

            • Absolutely…I agree with you. I guess my first comment’s sarcastic attempt didn’t come across as sarcasim.

            • @TainoBoriqua

              i call man dick it’s like a slang word for men!! i do’t sugar coated some men do’t like it but so do!!!!!

            • @TainoBoriqua

              your 1st comment was fine nothing wrong with it at all!! it was funny!!

            • @Black Woman On Top!

              LOVE IT! We definitely agree on not sugar coating ISHT. LOL..yeah, I got the dick slang. Funny ISHT!


  13. This woman needs some serious counseling because she will keep picking the wrong man and standing by him.. Nikko is only out for hisself, he’s so gross, both of them are disgusting.. That sex tape wasn’t enough money to pay for your baby’s college tuition ..
    My goodness everyone wants to have sex on tape–I don’t want to see it and I won’t buy it. You worst than a stripper.

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