Transgender Shauna Brooks Says “Chris Brown & I Never Smashed”


Transgender female, and self proclaimed professional adult companion, Shauna Brooks, said she only partied at Chris Brown’s house and the pair never had sex.

Brooks said she recently spent a night at Chris Brown’s Virginia home but don’t rush to speculation. Know why? Because Brooks said she only partied with Brown and there was nothing more. Though, Shauna does admit that some of her clients are indeed closeted celebrities.

Here’s what Shauna Brooks told RadarOnline:

“Let’s be clear. It was Howard University’s Homecoming weekend, me and my girls were turning up and were invited to party with Chris and his people at his crib. Yes, I took a picture as we were pulling up, I’m sure many people would’ve attempted to do more, if not just that! Had I been a biological female I’m sure this wouldn’t have been as big of a deal, but it’s considered the cardinal sin because of me being transgendered. Am I not allowed to hangout with the upper echelon because I’m a transgendered woman? And let’s not be mistaken, I’m proud of who I am, however I don’t go around waving a flag or telling every man I come across that I’m transgendered. Just like most people don’t tell their whole life story to strangers. And what is the issue with a straight man accepting us girls for who we are? C. Breezy’s party was a blast, he was a great host, the TurnUp was real!”


    • That man with fake boobs is a hooker, flossing. A big mouth hoe. He needs to shut up while he can why do hoes floss so much? The best hookers keep their mouth shut about their tricks.

  1. Dang dat ninja Shauna looks terrible but look at the world we live in

  2. I knew this shit was gonna get into the news somehow…
    Shim is so fulla shit….this business about how it going to a CB party wouldn’tna been a big deal if it was a bio female is bogus. How bout it ain’t a big deal u going cuz u ain’t did NOTHING with him. This story is only a story because TPTB are gunning hard for this boy as he tries to extract himself.from their clutches. This gender confused robocrotch was probably dispatched to get at him so there could be more of a story, but apparently it didn’t work. Anyway he is still with Kutchierank, or whatever her face is. And after battling that bajan she goat witch, she can handle this sillycone ladyboi. Whateverrrrrrrrr!

    • Anonymous @ 8:48,

      You said it, baby! I agree with you 100%. Like you said…she may have been “dispatched” but there was NO story to be told beyond “her going to party & maybe smash but she got NOTHING on Chris!”

      • I’m NOT saying Miss Tranny Shauna didn’t smash at Chris’ party & I bet she smashed some of those Bloods he rolls with & even some of the runners & an assistant BUT…doubt Miss Tranny Shauna smashed Chris…DOUBT IT!!!

        • I’m not buying it either. I don’t even think he invited her personally. I’m sure his entourage just asked for a gaggle of hos and she tagged along.

      • She was obviously paid off.

        This is clearly a cover up. Good for her.

        She was probably paid by Chris to smash and she was paid again to DENY. Lol

    • You sound crazed as hell. Breezy ain’t a big deal anymore. If the powers that be wanted him gone, he would be gone. Ain’t as if we are talking about an MJ type star. CB is too insignificant.
      Stop making excuses for why CB like sucking trans cock

  3. Chris and the Bloodz must have gotten to her and made her change her story. Why on God’s green earth would celebs invite t-girls to a party if theyre not interested in having relations with them???? Isnt that the whole reason for the groupies and tour buses? for sex right????
    She was invited to have sex becuase she is a transgender escort

    • Yeah but WHO invited her and WHO she has sex with? Not Chris” These His ain’t Loyal” Brown.

  4. why can’t people just leave chris brown alone!? stop messing with him he paid he’s dues (literally!) even kendell jenner is
    obsessed with chris brown!! (not all black men are lusting after skanky looking becky’s)

    • Are you for reall or just a 13 year old fronting as grown. CB beat devils horns on Rhianna and so called did his time for it. OK. Now a trans american is coming out saying HE spent the night at CB’s cribe. What part of the story don’t you get?

      Yeh most – not all but a very high number- of Bm are lusting over anything nonblack and that includes trans. Open your eyes to the truth, dear.

      • Chris stans are crazy. FO REAL.

        They can cape for fist all they want. Fist loves peen, like a fat kid loves cake. A lot of these DL dudes love trans. Christopher is one of many.

  5. These transgenders better be careful and honest with the people their dealing with because the other a transgered got killed. Dont know if they caught the assailants.

  6. That trans know damn well he wanted to spill ALL of the tea BUT chris probably put a ”price” on the trans’s head just in case the trans said anything smh this is why people have to make sure they are fully protected whenever they decide to expose these celebrities

  7. I dont give a damn how big your tits are if you a man get the f*ck away from me . I’d rather bone a chicken head with a natural stank ass p*ssy than to be jugging some dude…eewww

  8. I know Shauna personally and your a damn fool if you think Chris didn’t smash. She signed a confidentiality agreement. I want Shauna to stop doing this. I tried to get her to partner with me to legitimize her brand. I don’t want to see her hurt or worse.

      • And…in case anyone missed what Anonymous said please allow me to reiterate for everyone…

        Gtfoh… What brand??
        The Devil is a motherf*ckin Lie

    • Nope. Don’t believe a word. Selling ass to upscale tricks is what it does. So shim wouldn’t have signed anything. Snapping pics from random driveways is as as that thang got. U lyin

    • I believe you 100 percent. Chris smashed. Shauna was feeling herself and thought she could make money off spilling. Chris team stepped in, either with threats or money. Chris may be dumb as rocks, but his handlers are not. All Chris conquests sign confidentiality agreements. I’ve heard this many times. When he wants to f*ck- whether it is men, or women phones are confiscated at the door.

      I knew Shauna would backtrack though. Watch her delete her social media accounts soon.

  9. “And what is the issue with a straight man accepting us girls for who we are?”

    US girls??? WTF? I must have missed something. LOL

    • Exactly sis! us girls? He will never be a women, no matter how much f*ckery surgeries it has it will never be a female. I am sick of this nastyness in my face for real eurgh this world needs a spiritual cleanse.

      • They think having a plastic punnany and air filled tits make them female. Yeah right. They , still smell like male armpits and sweat. They don’t get it that being female is more than rubber body parts. My mind is female. Science can’t ever change that for them.

  10. AWWWWW LAWD, LAWD, LAWD! Say it ain’t so! Omg not you to chris, dam, well I guess this is what it’s come to, don’t yall know they send those transsexuals after yall so they can do just what all of’em do run to the press, after they done them trans’s run right to the press don’t believe me? Just ask Eddie Murphy he paid alot to keep all his trans activities under cover but it didn’t really work because we know Eddie like trans’s, it’s well known, I think that’s one reason they do it, to get paid for snitch’en chris, chris, chris stop it I’m feel’en sick, everyone is gay now the agenda is complete just about God help us pleaseee!

  11. Yeah men do have the right to say, ‘Aw hell no’ once they discover that the sexy chick is actually a bloke in a wig. But I suspect that many simply don’t give a damn –

  12. Do transgenders actually feel anything when they have sex? Do they have orgasms? I’m just wondering what they get out of it. Their paynus has been sliced down the middle and inserted back up into the groin to become a vag but does it have any feelings? They don’t have a clitoris do they. Weird.

    • Yeah while getting f*cked they can cum out there dick, especially when iam hitting 5hat spot! Lol

        • Dont have to rape the willing, soon as they in the joint aint no rape they goin willing! 95% of them, dont believe the hype!

          • When you in the visit with your old lady, do you tell her you a homo? Or do you take a poloroid with the Shim and wifey when she come to fill your commessary??

            • It’s getting so obvious to everyone now that Glok posts under these fake names…sad creature.

            • Ill come out when you come out wit me, I luv to tap that virgin ass, but I doubt that ass virgin tho! Lol

    • Scorpiess I remember a trans woman on a radio show explaining that the surgeon makes a clitoris out of the head of the peen because it is full of nerve endings. I doubt it’s as good as the real thing, but “she” claimed she could have an orgasm.

  13. Nobody straight wants to date a transgender. Transgenders should date other trangenders. Straight people dont want the fake but the real thing. Regardless if you had the surgery you were still born the way the lord intended. Stop living a dishonest lifestyle.

  14. If this don’t prove to people that we are living in the last days then nothing will. Everything the Bible told us was going to happen is happening. America is Sodom and Gomorrah, Babylon,Ancient Greece and Rome all rolled up into one. Every evil under the Sun is here and it is making us all sick because it is all around us. No matter how you try to avoid this abomination,it is always in your face. Can’t even send your kids to school in peace anymore because they are now teaching this wickedness to them. By the time they get grown it will be so normal to our kids.

    • Amen, Cassandra.

      I work in midtown Manhattan and idk what exactly is around there but there’s a concentration of shims in that hood. I saw one today over 6 ft tall maybe 100 lbs wearing 6 inch heels and tiny shorts, with a weave to its butt with a FULL BEARD. Strutting in a cloud of stank perfume like it was Naomi.

      I was watching and not even tourists stared at it.

      I’m trying to get out of this city ASAP.

  15. This fake woman was paid to say no sex happened. Trust me yall….there was only one reason this freak was at that party. Don’t let them deceive you. If they had a trans at that party it was a f*ck session and they recorded it too….trust me on that one. This is how they living in the industry. What more does THE MOST HIGH have to do to show yall. All of these men are switch hitters and they think if they do trans’s it is not the same as f*cking a man.

    • You better tell them. Too many dumb stans commenting on this story. Shauna was PAID entertainment FOR Chris Brown. There were likely many of her kind at the party, that Chris and friends played with that night.

  16. The girl was invited as a female. I couldnt tell if she was male. Isn’t that what they do–hide the male and show the female. Heck any guy could get caught inviting a cute, easy female to their place for sex. The question is do you kick him/her out once you discover the truth or do you go with it, and does he/she have female, male, or male and female parts.

  17. do’t forget women are dressing like men now. billy tipton a blues player was a woman she dressed up like a man just to be famous
    she was in a band with men. they didn’t know she was female

    • she was married to a woman she even adopted 3 boys. they didn’t know she was women untill she died

  18. This shim is out of frigging order you will NEVER be a women. I don’t care what program the white man sets but the most high sets the rules and you will never be accepted as a WOMAN. This place is finished when all this nastyness is going on, I can’t wait for this wicked world to be destroyed and all this filth is burnt in the lake of fire.

  19. He just confirmed exactly why tranys shouldn’t be able too sue or press charges of any kind what so ever !
    He said he doesn’t tell straight men he’s an Xman because most straight men don’t tell all of their history wtf! When I meet a woman I automatically assume that a-‘she’s a woman!! B-she automatically assumes I’m a man ! So if that art isn’t obvious then one of us are supposed to come clean and say hey!!! I’m a……… If not don’t complain when I burry yo ass somewhere! U scream gay rights but…do u deserve it?..

  20. Wow shit is gettin outta control all this great FUCKERY Biz guys. If that shit is twisted then Chris Brizzy must lay charges. Pussy is emotional & soul pleasure f*ck that trans bullshit. Blow me bitches !!!!

  21. Let me get ahold of that shim in my cell ill hit her wit this 13 inch Kentucky oak wood, and bust that bootyhole wide open! You would be able to stick an apple up there when iam done! I luv me some bussy!

    • Lol. Truth.

      She/he was boasting on Twitter that she was gonna tell all. A week later, she backtracks. Most def she/he was paid off to deny

  22. No loyalty Chris,now you get phucked by men with titties,that Guyanese bitch,corona with her boy looking body wasn’t enough,next nigga,you about to dance around penises Christine!

    • Dont be mad at chris, u know in the dark you hit that nigga! Go head Chris iam aint mad at ya smash that bussy!

  23. So is Shauna pre or post op? If no wang exists where a wang once was is it still gay.

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