Jhonni Blaze Uses Drake For Love & Hip Hop Casting


HSK Exclusive – When Jhonni Blaze went public with her story that Canadian rapper Drake sent goons into a Houston strip club to assault her. Mona Scott Young was impressed and reached out to Jhonni Blaze to ask her to join the Love and Hip Hop New York cast.

Dig the drop:

“Jhonni used Drake to be cast on L&HHNY. She’s going to bring Drake’s ex-girlfriend Lira Galore, to be a guest on the show too.”


  1. More throt t.v. wow just what everyone need this throt here is just that it must not be getto enough and needed more whore and sleazyness

  2. When did strippers become bankable celebs?
    I don’t think this girl is attractive in her face.
    Is her body fake?

    Also, awhile ago I thought HSK said she was trying to use Rich Dollaz to get on LHHNY…

    • LOL…since everybody started wanting to view live train wrecks. LHHH is the WORSE Thot on Thot action. LOL

      • I suppose. I don’t see the appeal.
        Isn’t it better TV to watch a good girl go bad?
        These strippers are already lost on the road and don’t have too far to fall..

        • Yeah, it’s not much of a downward spiral to witness…bytches already hit Rock Bottom! LOL

    • Smartest comment so far.

      Drake may think he’s a thurrg getting goons to fight women, but as long as the public are distracted away from his love of peen, he really doesn’t care.

  3. @Willie Jones Jr all I ask is what body? She has those tats that make her look even worse and forget about that forhead. Lol. If she had a fake butt and implants like Nikki and Blac Chyna it would have been obvious. I read that Lira got a fake butt too.

    • Ive only ever seen her NatalIe Nunn face.
      I assumed she had some plastic parts like the others..

      Can safely assume she does not make her money because she has a winning personality. She’d make no money in Charlotte clubs if she doesn’t have a body.

  4. But what I can’t understand is Jhonni has mad talent! This girl can play 6 different instruments, sing and rap. Why be on a reality show when U can soar higher?

    • Good Morning Sis! I know right? Who knows why these tricks play themselves short. $$ faster in reality TV…but their soul burning is slower…

      • Hey Sis! I simply don’t understand. Now the girl is smart and a go getter but why stripping is beyond me!

  5. Why does all our shit involve singin dancin rappin and stripping? It aint them it’s s wat in this bullshit

  6. Ain’t this the one had a bloody miscarriage during her set at the KlassyKat or wherever she performs her gyrations. That’s one stankass storyline right there. Pimp Mona should love it.

  7. this girl is really talented she can play 6 instruments and sing but she choose too be a whore instead
    guess she wants that easy money!

  8. How is liar drakes ex he never dated her she was only around for a music video he stated that via IG it was also other girls there as well ,striper hakima ,ayesha diaz and others and his whole crew why does he have to date every girl he’s in a pic with

  9. im glad they did that LOL drake is such a bitch ass nigga. all he does is hurt females and put on a 100% facade! this is all Wayne’s fault smh dick in the booty ass niggas with they tight ass leopard print jeans LMFAO Nicki dissed the shit outta all of them in ”Lookin Ass Niggas” and they ont een know it

    • Aside from the whole malcolm x cover art/fiasco I like the song, a bunch of non mogul azz niggas, frontin’ like they got a plan, Boost mobile azz niggas.

      It guess the modern day No Scrubs for some reason pissed a lot of fellas off

  10. this is the reason why men should be in their children’s lives!?
    many women today act like sluts because their see their mother/aunt/grandmother etc do it so they think it’s the norm but it’s not
    single mothers need to be tough on their children

    when i was growing up there were a lots of women back in late 90’s having children by different men which is nasty they though
    it was cool but it wasn’t is nasty!!

    if your slut do’t let your children see it keep your sex lives private do’t bring your man into the house rent a hotel
    or motel or just phucking in the car!!!

  11. Mona’s Motto…All I Do Is Win Win Win No Matter What…Thank You DJ Khaled aka We The Best! Ratchet is one thing, a hurricane is a force of nature. “Mona, let me blow into NY and get super turnt-up?” Yes You Can… Yes We Can…Make It Rain Up In Here! Being sarcastic, but this is oh so true!!!

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