Mike Epps & His Goons Get Gangsta: Send Aspiring Comic To Hospital!


“Cocaine’s A Hell Of A Drug.” ~Rick James

Mike Epps has made a career on delivering jokes. The problem is he doesn’t seem to be able to take being the butt of the joke. Don’t believe me… Just ask Lavar Walker. Sure, you’ve probably never heard his name before… but the aspiring Atlanta-based comedian sure did land himself some shine. Know why? Simple… shooting a diss joke on a known comedian [in this case, Mike Epps].

“Lavar Walker made an Instagram video spoofing the beef between Epps and Kevin Hart. In the clip Epps appears to have been snorting cocaine.”

Here’s where it’s gets juicy… Lavar hashtagged Mike Epps in the IG post leading Epps to eventually view it. And, let’s just say Mike didn’t find it funny. Know why? Lavar’s over-the-weekend stop at Atlanta’s Uptown Comedy Corner ended with Mike, and a pair of the comedian’s homeys sending Lavar to the hospital after allegedly delivering him with a beat-down over the parody! Talk about Turnt!

Check out what Lavar told ATL’s NBC affiliate:

“I was going out to meet him and he struck me. He struck me and two other guys he had with him struck me and hospitalized me. Beat me over this joke.”

11 Alive reports:

“Walker was reportedly slammed into Epp’s Ferrari, kicked in the stomach and had his cell phone thrown onto a roof. He was treated at Grady Memorial Hospital for heavy bruising and cuts to his head. A police report was filed, but no warrant for Epps’ arrest has been issued.”

Take a look at the clip that pissed Epps off…


  1. these muthaf*ckas in the industry get me like theyre some special class permitted entitle KNEEGROWS !
    i HATE TO sAY iT but when Donald Sterling let the world know how they really feel, thes same type of kneegrows didnt go running up them

  2. please excuse grammar and spelling, refresh page going fast. but 50, lil wayne, rick ross, jay z, kevin hart and the rest of these type of bozos are really sickening they did the same thing to get to the top now all sudden aint no more room for others. insecure bastards

    • clownin* hahahahah hilarious. “Yall look good then a government check…thats YOU MIKE!!! lol

  3. didn’t koonye pest do the same thing with another rapper then after signed him on his music label. celebs are weak they front like their all that but their not

  4. Mike Epps trying to sell his soul! That’s why he is all up in the Kendrick Lamar video flashing the horns like a a lol puppet bitch…smh

  5. I saw this comedian the other day, he was talking about his daughter hit’n him playing this game punch buggy and then ends up pounding the shit out of her! White or black ALL these comedians crazy!

  6. Mike Epps handled that diss Swiftly and Professionally..no charge…like I said Proffessionally.Harpo who dis Clown..Kevin Hart in sum parody niggga chid n substance..Thats y u got Served

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