Migos Member Shot While Rollin’ Down I-95 South!


HSK Busts TMZ Reporting False Details, AGAIN…

Miami promoters may be behind this morning’s shooting attack on Migos. Know why? Sources say it happened “after some type of tif with [Migos’] management”, leading the group to cancel their show.Though we can’t confirm which Migos member caught a bullet to the leg, we can tell you his injuries are “non-life threatening”, and he’s recovering at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

“We are still investigating the incident and are looking into the identity of the shooter. At least 12 shots were fired.” ~Florida Highway Patrol

Cops say it went down around 3:30 this morning (March 28th), while the group was heading back to their South Beach hotel. That’s after Migos bailed from Cafe Iguana nightclub in Pembroke Pines, jumped into a Mercedes van, and headed down I-95 South.

Here’s what Florida Highway Patrol reports:

“A black vehicle pulled alongside near the Northwest 62nd Street exit, and someone fired a weapon toward it.

A guy in the van had a gun, he shoots back at them. There was an exchange of gunfire… no one else was injured.”

Did TMZ fail to fact check the details of their March 28, 2014 “Migos Involved in ‘Scarface’ Style Shootout In Miami” report? Of course.. Just ask State Trooper Joe Sanchez.

TMZ didn’t just fudge the date and time of the shooting, publishing the March 28th incident occurred the night before — Harvey’s team is AGAIN proven to rely only on what they are told: “One of the group’s bodyguards was shot,” TMZ reports. “Migos’ manager tells us no one in their van was injured.”



  1. For those outside of Miami, Cafe Iguana is a death trap. The location in Pembroke Pines to be exact. Numerous shootings and murders over the years. Sane black people don’t f**k with this club.

    • I remember when you were alright as song as you were North of 183 street. All you had to worry about was the racist police in Davie and Hollywood


  2. @Eddie

    The same crew that has effed up Miami Gardens, hangs at Cafe Iguana in Pembroke Pines as well. Hip-Hop is killing an entire generation of young black males and females as well. As to Davie, more blacks live their today than in past years. The overtly racist whites have left West Broward by and large. When we move in, they move out ..Status Quo!

    • Are you serious? So them idiots are moving further an further north. A lot of people not from Dade dont believe me when I tell them that it’s impossible to get away from the criminal element in Miami. I knew dudes that use to live in maim Lakes that would go down and rob the dope holes on 15th before they shut 15th down. . Man, Old girl told me stories of the 60s when everything north of the Babb was white. I was trippin when they told me that. Bu people don’t understand that once you get into Dade county. There is no and I mean no safe territory. The safest place in Miami Is probably star island. You in mami, you in the right place to get killed.

      • I hear ya Eddie, but even on a guard gated “island” where I live(Brickell Key) you still have to leave to go to work or play, so the security is
        basically just there to make you feel safer in your bed at night, but even with that you are always aware of the fact that if someone is after you, there are always ways to get in.

        So I take my personal security very seriously:
        “say hello to my little friend.”

      • @Eddie

        Miami Gardens is a residential neighborhood, yet, is always in the news. It has gang issues, but the residents are in denial. Compared to other cities, Miami is not as bad as Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, etc. But, it has pockets of drug and gang violence that are problematic and persistent in nature. Liberty City is not what it used to be, but, it still can be treacherous at times. Drug Culture is still a problem down here, a lot of innocent sistas and brothas die because of it.

  3. More senseless violence. People wonder why we get treated the way we do or why we aren’t wanted in nice neighborhoods. Don’t know how to act. Shooting people is praised, having good grades and manners are ridiculed. Backwards.

  4. I agree this is all a publicity stunt. Theyre feuding with Chief Keef and these nuckleheads dont value life. Its a shame all this money being wasted on useless non talented negroes.

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