T.I. & Evan Ross’ Bromance Affair Xposed!!!

T.I. & Evan Ross Bromance

HSK Exclusive – Does T.I. Harris share a secret smash affair with Evan Ross? That’s the word we’re getting.

According to our tipster.. not only does TroubleMan’s track record include a bromance affair with Diana Ross’ then-17-year-old son, T.I. (said to be 25, at the time), he may have been following industry orders — delivered straight from the top! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Clive Davis.

“T.I. is a switch hitter. He’s part of Hollywood’s bisexual club.”


We’re told T.I. and Evan hooked up back 2005. That’s when they both landed leading roles in the movie ‘ATL’, a Dallas Austin-produced project, released in March 2006.

Now.. eight-years later, Evan is said to be following industry protocol with his Simpson-sister/future beard-bride. If you still have any doubt.. Just ask MajorGirl!

Here’s the drop:

“Everyone in the industry knows Evan Ross is gay. It’s no secret.. he’s now dating Tony DeNiro.”



    • They both said they got some cutty on the same night. Didn’t know they got it from one another. Ick.

      • You have your answer in the second pic. Will Smith is standing right beside them. Enough said.

        • If Will Smith is standing besides you , somebody is going to get their bottom tampered with…Even his own son JADEN!

          • @Anonymous why you bringing his son into this?? ratchet minds lets hope no one dont hold you down tonight and start tampering with u buitch

            • whatchu so mad for? if will smith didnt want people to speculate he wouldnt have publically kissed his son on the lips.


      • I agree. Not every male in the industry is gay. As with life there will be gays/bi-sexual orientation but they say EVERYONE is gay. Where is the list of NON GAY MEN???

  1. What I would like to know is, were they like this BEFORE coming ibto “the industry?”

    • Some were, and some were not. It’s a club. You become addicted to the fame and fortune and will do anything that is asked of you to maintain it. The more homosexual activity you engage in the further ahead you get. Much of it is videotaped to be used against you if you get out of line. This is why there is a lot of drug addiction and alcoholism. They are trying to escape the reality that Satan has allowed them to dwell in.

    • 95% of people in the high profile Entertainment Biz is gay.

      I’d estimate that maybe 7% were gay before they decided to join the CIRCLE OF TRUST.

      Being in heavy rotation dictates that you perform sexually.

  2. Well the ATL is where all the gay boys hang out –

    Not surprised at Evan but I am surprised at Tony Deniro – even though I never heard of him until just now.

    • I’m sure he could do better but we don’t know what Mr. Deniro does for him in the midnight hour. I aint mad at him. IJS

      • But Evan moms us a multi millionaire and dad was worth billions. Dad has passed on so Evan likely has inherited a lot of money already. He must be hungry for the fame because I don’t think its the money. He was born w so much

      • what good is having millions if you need to keep yourself sedated just to be able to look at your own reflection in the mirror?

        Making $50,000 and have peace of soul is okay with me.

        • I don’t like mirrors in my house and it’s got nothing to do with demons. I just don’t like to see how old I’m getting. lol

        • Having mirrors in your home….mirror’s are a gateway that allows those to enter your home.They can be used for divination, magic, stealing souls. In tribal societies it is the belief that ones reflection is actually ones soul. And by exposing ones soul it is made vulnerable to evil influences and even death. It is believed that mirrors are tools in which souls may be stolen for evil purposes.often associated with evil, either as a means to repel evil or as a way to further evil growth in the world. Mirrors are thought to be portals into another dimension or world allowing evil, spirits, etc. to wreak havoc on the world. Superstitions about mirrors are many. For example, if one breaks a mirror one can expect at least seven years of bad luck, disaster or death. If the mirror falls on its own, then it is believed that death is coming for someone in the house. If a dead person is in a house with mirrors, their soul could be trapped forever in the mirror unless the mirror is covered.

      • Anonymous Reply:
        March 28th, 2014 at 15:23:

        College and/or UPS require work and sacrifice of time as well as putting your needs over your wants. They require discipline and integrity. That’s not what the secular world wants to teach people. They keep pushing their manufactured American dream that will only apply to a small number of Americans. Folks worship these false idols and have no clue how wicked they really are.

        I guess Evan’s father was his sacrifice.

  3. Hip-Hop has turned into a “Gay Fraternity.” Ain’t too many real brothas left in the industry. Tip is just one of too many gay rappers that are aiding and abetting our destruction.

  4. So does this mean that he didn’t get no Cutty in the Movie.?!?!?!?!?!

  5. You desperate for hits with these lies. Hope Clifford sue the hell outta u with another made up story.

    • Tip isn’t gay as in the alternative lifestyle gay. He does a LOT of X and he is hypersexual. He likes to f*ck whatever is available at the moment. While that doesn’t mean he’s a good decent person, He isn’t full out gay like so many others inc Evan.

        • hmmmmm well OK Miss Gary. Be safe now.

          But do you admit that there are some guys who don’t do anal sex and just like getting their dicks sucked? I mean bi guys. That’s what my gay male friends tell me.

        • “I went from toys to boys before I could say the pledge of allegiance.

          This is so NOT funny; it is why there is such sexual perversion and confusion. Molestation is not a joke far less something to be proud of. It is probably why you are gay.

      • Sounds like you’ve described the industry as a whole. All y’all faves, that y’all think are so hood and macho will not hesitate to take a dick, if the drinks and drugs are flowing right.

    • I would be willing to believe Clifford, if he shows us his cellphone. Dude is meant to have an extensive collection of dick pics on his cellphone. Now what straight man do dat??

      I’ll wait.


  6. With all due respect Evan Ross is an excellent actor and is also a little cutie and can get lots of dates on both side. Go Evan!

    • I have to agree with you. It’s like his major role model is this gay man’s icon diva and he was swept up in that. Sorta like Cher’s kids.

    • MJ was was just a cute little boy B4 Miss Ross got a hold of him. (remember?)

      I believe he even lived with her 4 awhile (remember?)

      IJS….. 2 + 2 = 4

    • Stalae, no disrespect, but do you mean the only way to ascend the ladder of success? Because certainly the ones with god given talent could excel just fine without participating in the gay fraternity. just askin’

  7. @Anon18:24,

    The talented ones may excel in a storefront play or an off broadway show or even shine in the background.

    But in order to be in the spotlight up close and personal, u have to play by their (the industry) rules.

    U must pay (ur booty) to play in the big tymes

    There are no exceptions to the rules

    They may start off with good and honest intentions,
    But corruption soon follows
    if they want to excel ultimately

  8. This is too funny, I used to love this site but everyday this person is gay or the same person who is gay is cheating on his wife or got his gf pregnant. I have lost all faith is this website please move on from who is gay or not and get to the good news like the other sites do. 90% of the post her or people who are gay and the same ones u said we’re gay or messing around with jump off’s

  9. These post are too fake. One min u say he is cheating on his wife, got his jump off pregnant. Make up ur mind. 90% of ur post now re who’s gay! move on too real new I used to love ur site not it’s getting real old with these type of post.

    • Now are who’s get move on to real news sorry for all the typos damn ipad. I miss the old site so bad

  10. His mother Diana is a well-known Hollywood hoe. She did not get millions for nothing. Before she even landed in Hollywood, she already had a well-known reputation in the D. It’s sad that she knows how the game goes and then let her children be apart of the same Hollywood club that she is a well-known hoe in. I don’t understand how anyone could call Diana Ross a legend. This woman not only pimp herself out but pimp her own kids to be big as well. She is a disgrace and is not a legend. A legend does not sleep around to get millions!! What a sad life!! She can’t sing, dance, nor, act; a hoe is simply a HOE.

    • Based on the people AmeriKKKa, considers legends, they have done or do the EXACT same things Ms. Ross has done. See: Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe, just as two examples.

      • I heard michael Jackson’s song “Dirty Diana” was about the dirty things Diana Ross had to do to make it in the music industry.

        • I mentioned that song on a previous post about MJ. We were discussing paternity of his children.




    • Diana Ross is nothing but a backstabbing slut and Florence Ballard was a far superior singer than she was.

      • flo should have became berry’s number 1 and she might have stuck around a little longer.

        • Florence resisted Berry’s demand and his attempts to control her,so in came Cindy Birdsong.

    • Diana Ross is every bit a legend she CAN sing dance & act so shut ur black hole. OK!?

    • Diana Ross is a living legend . She can sing dance & act so shut ur black hole ok?!

    • Diana Ross = Old Hollywood Hoe is TRUTH! With her don’t wanna be black ass! Ugly, no talent bitch! 😛

      • Do you think that he gets gel infills too? I wonder when the gay fraternity will start wearing sanitary towels. I miss the Neanderthal type of men. Dirt under their nails, stubble, gruff, masculine. Oh what a shame that these men are in short supply.

        • Agreed, Scorpiess. I love a masculine man. Callouses on his hands because he actually does work. Nice, muscular build. Not one of these perfectly manscaped, hairless mofos who arches his eyebrows and wants to push me out of the mirror.

          • Too right Metrosexual men are just not for me. Now they are shaving their pubes, arching their brows, applying foundation – with a kabuki brush! Mani / pedi. Ex-foliating …


        • What happened to the men who know how to build and repair things?!. Are they all deceased or 3′ under? Men who could build a doghouse, birdhouse, fix a car… I always said I would not marry a man who doesn’t own a set of tools. Hell, even I can assemble and repair certain things. I expect more since that’s a masculine trait.

            • No, bitch. My grandfather was a builder. Spending time around REAL men teaches a girl what to look for in a man. He taught me a lot. I will happily do whatever I can for myself to improve my quality of life on my own merits. You wish you could.

          • Go play spin the double headed dildo after you finish screwing yourself with it on both sides from front to back.

            You anonymous hos are going to learn to stop trolling me. Section 8 f*cks.

  11. Man f*ck these two, I want to throw down all over Tracy’s big ass! Hook me up with the connect, and I’ll take it from there!

  12. That’s interesting. I think though, some of them do bend that way and have female relationships, or sex a lot of women to cover up their leanings.

    I think of Chris Brown, Drake and Trey Songz when I say this.

    There is picture years old floating on the nets of a dark skinned brother balls deep in a young guy said to be Chris, Trey Songz has male lovers, but doesn’t stop him boning 3/4 females a night (Tryna prove something?)Drake is the same. Groupies in every town, but WE ALL KNOW how those young money boys love dem boys. No one can tell me Drake doesn’t swing that way too. Plus Jacky exposed Drake and has long term lover, Chubs.

  13. Do you think that he gets gel infills too? I wonder when the gay fraternity will start wearing sanitary towels. I miss the Neanderthal type of men. Dirt under their nails, stubble, gruff, masculine. Oh what a shame that these men are in short supply.

  14. its amazing how many people try to make excuses for ANY guy (or grown MAN), who will have any kind of sex with another man for ANY reason. a REAL “straight” guy is NOT going to have any type of SEX act with another MAN.

    there is NO way to “spin” this FACT.

  15. ashlee doesn’t care about evan being gay, her dads gay and her ex husband was a fag so she knows the game by now besides she can’t sing noway.

    tiny’s not complaining about tip’s maLE LOVERS.


    • Any tea on Eminem? Hasn’t been lined to a woman other than Kim and that Clueless actress who died. Wonder if Em has invited and taken part in Dr Dre’s all boy parties?

      • Eminem has been dead for years. That man walking around, rapping and claiming to be Eminem is nothing more than a sad actor paid to play his role. Missy Elliot has also been dead for years and they’ve hired an actress who “resembles” her to carry on the facade that she’s still alive. Youtube it, Twitter it, Google it and you shall see.

        • Of course what you are saying is totally far fetched, but I am definitely familiar with that type of conspiracy theory. Paul McCartney has been alleged to have been killed off in the 60’s and replaced. Missy I had never heard of that. To be honest I can’t possibly think why they would ‘replace’ her. Her star power has waned tremendously, and I can’t think when her last hit was.

          With Em, I would need to look into it more. What I will say is, his eyes seem dead to me. He just seems to have no verve and is dour all the time.

        • Your actually right. I think what you meant to say is that is Eminiem’s clone and the real Eminiem died years ago. This is true. The truth is that “they” can male a clone now in less than 24 hrs. It’s called alien technology. Look it up

          • Cuckoo for Coco Puffs. Em is alive and miserable as always. I see him almost monthly and I’ve been knowing him since he live off 8 mile. He ain’t dead and he don’t have a clone except n the video. Yall need to stop with the Youtube.

            • Why he so miseranle? He has riches and fame…..all he ever wanted. Why did he sell his soul? I will pray for him to get out the contract he has with Satan.

    • I do not totally believe it about Nick Cannon. I’m sure its true about Puffed Fruit. He looks like he screws girls, guys and goats too prolly

  16. They probably gave him some Roofies and raped him at an Industry Mansion party.

    Young kid with no parental guidance.\

    Next thing he probably knew in the morning was he was wrestling with Suge Knight for the CornFlakes.

  17. Lately T.I. has been questionable his new roster on Hustle Gang all look a little queer except Doe B and he got murked I wonder why. Was it because Tip was advised to take him out because he wouldn’t get with the agenda. Makes me wonder. But when I saw the remake to the Mystikal “Here I Go” by Hustle Gang those boys look a little fruity.

  18. I read the interview about Houston. What they did to that boy was sad. He blamed the label…he said they had him around a bunch of thugs and gangstas and had him wearing shiny jackets he wanted to do a gospel CD.

  19. @GeorgeMichael, i actually truly believe out of all the ones u mentioned, Chris Brown really like the females but had to get turned out in order to get the fame.
    U can see the actual battle and war he is having within himself being manifested.
    Trey Songz, not so much. He seem to be enjoying himself and the thrill.
    Hes what i call a trysexual

  20. Sydney Starr and Amiyah Scott are both gorgeous transexuals. I dont think many strait men can deny them

    • They are both disgusting to me. And they will always be boys even if they took their testicles and refashioned them into tits. They are still stinky sweaty boys

  21. Reading these comments makes me feel like some of yawl are just jealous! So what if these guys are having gay sex or whatever kind of sex to make a name for themselves? Some of yawl sound like it’s your ass or dick that’s being used for leverage! Some of yawl are just mad because you screwed lots of people in your life but don’t have shit to show for it, well maybe a hamburger or STD.

    Anyway, men and women of all sexual persuasions and orientations have always used their power and influence as leverage for sex with young people trying to get a come up! Stop making it look like this is something only gays do!

    If this shit happens in everyday life on average jobs, of course it happens in a business where a hell of lot of money, influence and power is at stake!

    • Bitch be silent and be seated. You the only one up in here endorsing that pervert shit.

  22. Jacky, I linked this thread on Data Lounge and apparently quite a few of my boyz over there have now discovered HSK. I hope that will boost your traffic so maybe you can slow down the auto page refresh a bit. haha

  23. All u muthafuccas have lost ur frikkin minds,fags want everyone to be fags like them apparently, wtf is wrong with u fags and dumbazz bitches?? All yal need Jesus

  24. why do all these people want this for god is good.

    to everybody they can change it and stop things.

    I don’t really understand stand it .

    money isn’t worth giving up everything for the devil.

    in the end you pay for what you do wrong is wrong.
    ps its scary youre telling everybody things that’s going own in the industry if its even ture.

    • They should look up videos where real ppl have had near death experiences and went from being lifelong atheists to becoming ministers of the gospel…they saw some shit no man would want to see!!!

  25. Evan ross must be gay, just watched “just before I go” great movie but he plays a gay guy and kisses another dude in it….then again when your famous you’ll do anything for money even if its playing a gay character and getting your ass beat because of it lol

  26. Evan must be Gay because he's always coming out of a Gay Hotel Roosevelt or the Abbey or WEHO .He got married for a show and front and Ashlee signed up for the Beard part because she's so ugly and no guys wanted her they all dumped her.She has no Talent she was Booed off stage at Orange Bowl and SNL what a looser.She can't sing or write music.

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