Migos Knock-Out Chain Jacker


Migos stomped on a jacker. Know why? Because dude tried to snatched a member of the trios chain during a performance!

Here’s what the Migos had to say:

“When n***s try to snatch chains on stage it don’t go well for em!!! (Stomp a nigga out in $1000 #Giuseppes).”

Peep the pic!



  1. That picture is priceless. Looks like he is doing that gay man dance where they fall out.

  2. in my Smoky voice “You got knocked the f*ck out”…lol bet he wont scatch another chain!!lol

  3. That nigga is voguing hunty yasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss$ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssasssssssssssssss!

  4. They gave his ass a pillow!! Chain snatching 101: find primary and secondary escape routes, scope and confirm target, make sure p rimary escape route is in direct line with target. Take two steps back, start running, get up to maximum speed right before you encounter target. stick out your arm, ensure firm grip is on chain, right before you arm is fully extended, make slight bend in elbow and give a firm tug, this ensures the clasp breaks from the pressure. Now we there chain is in hand or not, top foot speed must be maintained as you as your focus is the escape route. Things can change in an instant therefore be ready to use secondary escape route. Now failure to follow this procedure precisely can result in you getting a pillow, hence the picture above. Disclaimer: chain snatching can result in jail time, serious bodily harm and in extreme cases death. ACTIVITY NOT RECOMMENDED……LOL

  5. Smash & Grab Robbery…Not! Fallout Boy is the name this cat should have stamped on his “4 Head.” 2 cats stompin’ the excess gas out of his B-O-D-Y!!!

    • FALLOUT BOY!!! You killing me over here LOLOLOLOL! That fool is twisted up like Elastic Man, my goodness! When he woke up he had a crook in, let’s see, his neck, his back, his shoulder, one of his legs, both feet an ankle and a knee cap! He looks like he fell off a building. Watch out be-looooooow!

      • Almost Forgot…He’s A Gymnast & Contortionist In One…Wooooow! Gabby Douglas—Where You at Ma?
        Lean Back Lean Back Lean Back…Fat Joe Would Be Proud. A Can of Whoop-Ass Made Him Spaz For The Cash… No Trespassl Ass On The Grass Puff Puff Pass… Caviar Dreams Unfulfilled! Good Lookin’ Sis!

  6. Hit em w/ a left, Hit em w/ a right !!!! Im knock his ass out like fight Nite!! catchy tune

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