Michel’le Returns Fire @ Dr Dre Over Failed Extortion?

Dr Dre Shoots Michelle

If Dr Dre isn’t experiencing feelings of guilt over the time Michel’le says he could have killed her, Mr. Aftermath could now be dealing with some deep regrets. Know why? According to an insider, the “No More Lies” singer dropped the bomb because Dre filed to pay!

Just in case you’re not yet hip, the set of shocking, freshly-spilled details recall a reported time when Michel’le was left to dodge bullets! Sources say… shortly before Michel’le began to sing she made an attempt to collect hush hush money from Dre. “When he turned her down,” explains the source. “She started to do interviews to ruin his name.

Peep the drop Michel’le poured out on Dre:

“After a night of partying with Dre, we got into a fight that became so heated, he went for his gun. I dodged the bullet by just inches after running into the bathroom. I knew his intentions were not to simply scare me with the gunshot, but to hit me. I chose to leave the bullet lodged in the bathroom wall for a while just so he could see what he had done. It was the only time he pulled a gun on me, but that the beatings were intense and it took a while for me to realize that there had to be something better for me out there.”


  1. this bitch got 2 kids by 2 different men who hate each other!!

    women stop f*cking women beaters is your fault at the end of day for being with them. is interesting how
    women love to bitch and moan about their abusive ex’s but you women stay with these men for dick!! and money.

    got no sympathy for this bitch She f*cked Dre and Suge for child support money!!

      • @Anonymous

        taking it personal? getting Your f*cking head out of got damn clouds!

        women like Her are trouble. She’s basically missing His dick that’s why She’s talking about Him,
        She did this shyt when She was on madame Noir talking about Dre and Suge.

        this bitch needs to move on stop thinking about past!.
        She f*cked both Men who hate each other!
        Women like Her are child support whores.

      • No matter what place he’s coming from it’s still the truth. If the stories are true, Suge and Dre are less than men for beating her and her agenda and taste in men is suspect for dating them in the first place.
        The eternal truth is that stupid women date cowardly/low integrity guys and dumb azz dudes wanna get wit oversexed, shallow, golddiggers.

        • @Smmmoke

          They probably boxed Her because She was f*cking Them at the same time!!

          She thought She was slick by f*cking both powerful Men (at the time) now that Dre is making shyt loads of money. She’s bawling about the licks He gave Her

          is interesting how Women love to (cry out) shyt when it happen 20 year ago, grow up stop missing the 24 gold carrot encrusted dick it don’t want You
          or You goo goo gaga baby voice

    • Dr. Dre has spent a large portion of his life promoting violence against blackwomen. So, this info does not shock me one bit. When i saw dude in the ballet outfit, knew what time it was. Yes, women should avoid violent men at all costs, but, the female mind is unpredictable. Our anger should be focused on these crazy ass mofos who hate women for some odd reason…That’s What’s Up! She got bad taste in men, the pond has a lot more like her in it. No matter how much money Dre has in the bank, it doesn’t change who and what he is…Ditto!

      • She wasnt phucking them at the same time
        Ms Baylis/Tippie/Choco or Ms Bone Straight Hair, lol ! Check out her interview on The Breakfast Club Thats where u will get the real tea Lol ! Smh

  2. Deep down women are turned on by men who abuse them pain really gets a woman off for some reason

    • I usually like your posts, but this is bull Chris. Rephrase that to maybe low self esteem women because I don’t know any woman that likes to get her ass beat myself included.

      • That’s what makes crazychris comments so interesting .It’s a balance between logical ,humorous,and nonsense lol but that’s what makes it good read.

      • That part! I ain’t NEVER hit a nut by getting hit. You live, hopefully learn, & get the f*ck on. I did, & it didn’t take me too either.

      • You might not be one and THINK you might not know them but they are out here. I even had a chick tell me, that I treated her to well…lol. There are some twisted, damaged confused peope in the word, both men and women. I hear a lot of spitballing about being treated properly and not settling and having standards but I tell you what, There are a lot of women who are not interested in proper treatment. Too many women have shitted on men who were trying their hardest but would never leave the guy that drags her down the street. I have seen it time an time again. Not saying all Women but there are a lot of them out there. And women you might not know how they conduct themselves behind closed doors but some of yall have friends that like to get bounced around from time to time….

        • Question to EddieLongsTragicHairpiece,

          Why do good men get bad women, and good women get bad men?
          What is that?
          Why is that ?
          How do you fix it?

          • It simple, we choose people throught superfiicial reasons. We overlook major flaws for visual reasons. Lord knows I have an I blame me for that. Some people over look major flaws for material and monetary purposes. But that’s something we all know. I think he checklist is messing up peoples decision making process too. I have seen a few women’s check list and they all lack one thing. But I think once we get tired of the bull and want to make a good decisions as far as mates we will overlook everything on the surface and and not let that weigh in so heavily. But I’m going to keep I simple give one trait to look for that will ensure emotional happiness in a relationship. I have never seen a list where a woman had respect as a requirement. To keep it simple and not get too llong winded about it, I will just say think about a person tht you have respect for. If you have respect for a person you will do what ever it takes not to disappoint or hurt that person. If you are with a person, I will just say that at the first sign that the person has a lack for you or themselves head fir the hills. If a woman and man have respect for eachother they will not usurp or tear eachother down respect. As long as there is respect between two people they will have a good relationship. But the problem is that so few people, men and women understand what respect is. It aint easy tho, I’m still waiting…..lol

            • @EddieLongsTragichairpiece,

              Now I understand everything in your comment right here.
              On the respect thing…
              When I was a newly married young wife, I used to talk to my husband so wrong. But one day after a few serious trials, my husband said I don’t like the way you talk to me. It was disrespectful. That was my turning point. I put in a yeoman’s effort to always speak respectfully to him. And even though we ended up divorced, I am still proud of myself for mastering my tongue and not hurting his feelings and expressing myself respectfully to him. I fell down in other areas as a wife. But at least I got that part right.

              Respect is earned, but if a newly married person has never seen respect given after it is earned, how will they know what to do? Will they learn like I did by alienating my husband and learning the hard way?

            • I’m glad you tried, that says a lot about you you willingness to right any wrongs that was brought to you attention. Ther are so many of us that have not seen proper examples and thats fine because we all have different ways of learning what’s righ Wrong or indifferent. But when i dont know if its right or wrong to do something because I migh not have grown up with the proper example, I just ask myself how would I feel if someone did this to me or treated me this way and I normally get it right. But If we want to truly be Better people, spouses and mates we will. But there are people out there that claim they want to be better but their actions don’t reflect a desire to change. But you taking notice and ownership of things that you know might have been wrong which in itself is virtuous. And which to me that is the the base of any great woman And i hope that is somethimg that you are being appreciated for because its something worth cultivating in a woman. But you are righ I have a lot of respect and am willing to work with anyone who is really tying. I have always been one to to take 2 steps if you take 1. It’s a great formula when you are leading people, coaching kids or teaching. If you will show you willingness go the extra mile for them, People with literally die for you and love you forever. I have coached kids for years and hey always keep in touch, I have people led in the military and they never let you go. But it just does not work in relationships…..lol. But you are a good person who deserves all the wonderful things that you desire because you try. Not everyone does. Please Don’t let this crazy world change you.

    • Sadly, I agree. They are attracted towards the types who seem like they might, and after the guys do and they have means and money they stay. Broke guys who treat them right they don’t want, but they will take them after they are done having babies by thugs, then they want love.

      I was with a woman who claimed that she was abused emotionally and physically. I saw her FIRST ex-husband and he was very quiet, a drunk and he looked as if HE had been the abused! The second ex left without explanation, then I got out because SHE was the emotionally abusive one and a complete turn off. Women lie.

      • Everyone lies. As a woman, i’m sorry that you attempted to love/understand an abuser, only for it not to work out. In my Maybelene Ephriam voice: “Look deep BEFORE you leap.” Oftentimes, we choose to overlook the flags, only to regret it later. We as individuals, & as a people deserve the best that “THE ALMIGHTY” has to offer. Peace be unto you! 🙂

      • Been there before man, I had one that was so irrational, emotionally abusive that I called he police just to legally leave the residence because I found out that she was the type to say “get the f*ck out”. Then say you abandoned her. Oh man, what a triped out chick that was. And she didn’t know why people would leave her and did not look back. Her Mentality was like, you pay the bills, I do what I want to do and I call the shots because I’m a female and I deserve it…….lol. Boy I wanted to take that chick to Lion country safari, drive around until I found the Hyena section, push her out and drive jst fast enough to watch feeding time in the rear view.

        • @Eddielongstragichairpiece,

          I am so sorry you had that experience. I have a feeling you are a sweetie.

          • Thank you, we all endure certain stuff, I was close to my grandma she always tell me how important it was to treat women and even told me certain things. So that developed a desire to treat women well. But where I mess up is choosing wrong. But I think as I get older and we become wiser one day i will run into a woman who can appreciate being trated well. Let’s face it, a lot of men and women learn later in life what’s important. But if I don’t, I like me enough to spend the rest of my life with me….lol

            • I am sooo glad you said this. Your comment below almost hurt my feelings. I don’t know why, but I think you are just this world class gentleman. See the comments below to see what I am saying.

        • I saw that last part in one of those blaxploitation movies from the 70s. Bernie Casey threw Pam Greer out of a car because she forced his underage sister into an orgy, but it was a lion that ate her.

    • Bullshit. The only women who are like that, are those, who were terribly abused, or possibly molested sexually who have deep rooted psychological issues. No one normal really enjoys gettibg smacked around , getting bloody and bruised. I know I would never put up with any of that shit.

      • You call bulshit but turn around and say that the only women who are like that have been abused. You are clearly taking it personal. You can’t say that only women who have been abused accept abuse. But to support your theory lets just say that you are right. Statistics say that 20% of women in a America were sexually abused growing up and 30% were either physically and or sexuall abused. So according to your philosophy statistically it would be understandable that almost one 1 in 3 would accept being abused.

        • @ Eddielongstragichairpiece ,

          I don’t understand your comment right here. I am a little lost on motive and intention of this comment. Can you expound?

          You see I always lurk and read your comments. I like the way you express yourself and I have adored your comments. But this comment right here is kind of messing my head up right now.

          • I made a comment along with some other men’s in reference to some one saying that no women wants to be hit. Start at crazy Chris post at 04:46 and read all of the comments in succession. You might get a better understanding. It’s just that some men are responding to comments that no woman wants to be hit. We are not saying that we hit women but from the action of some it does not seem that way, some women ate more loyal to an abusive man. That’s the way it seem. Maybe if you read Anon 07:46 statement then read mine, it might clear something up. But in a nutshell 0:746 said that only women who were abused growing up accept being abused. And mi point was that If that’s the case 30% of the women in America were abused growing up and if those are the ones wh accept getting abused then 30% is a lot of women to accept getting abused. 1 in 3 is a lot. That’s how many women were abused growing up. Once again 07:46 said that only women abused growing up accept getting beat as adult women but. 1 in 3 we abused, that’s a lot of women accepting abuse.

            • @ EddieLongsTragicHairPiece,

              I must say your left brain thinking has left me clear in the dust. For some reason my brain positively refuses to understand what you are saying.
              I know you are coming from a good place though. But let me ruminate on this section right here and get a little rest and get back to it.

              I should stick to lurking.

            • Yo Eddie, you are dead wrong about that taking it personal mess and I stand by what I said. Dr. Jeffrey Gardier was just lecturing on this recently. Again No NORMAL woman gets off sexually on being physically and mentally abused. Those that out up, with it do so because, they are conditioned/programmed and paddling in self esteem. Don’t get it twisted with something like your girl liking it when you tie her wrist s with your belt and bend her over your desk. What Michelle,Le went through is being some dirty sexy forplay. I didn’t say it had to be just when you get tortured growing up. Many fall into a pattern as teens and wives. I know one woman who was abused by her pastor as a woman

            • ….as a grown woman, I mean. Something about receiving that kind if treatment from a trusted authority just messed her mind up, I guess. Anyway I don’t claim to know every individual situation but I have never heard or, seen an example where someone just liked the, feeling if getting they ass beat. I could be wrong.I’ve just never seen it.

            • At 13:37, you are right, I am wrong and I realized this when I read something about sexually attraction in your comment. When I commented sexually attraction was not even part of what I was talking about
              I was simply talking about the willingness of a woman to accept abuse in a relationship and the fact that some are more loyal to an abusive male than a non abusive one. And the fact that some women have expressed being uncomfortable with being treated well. The sex part made it obvious that we are on different pages, so please forgive and forget comment. The sex part changed everything, I ain’t in this one

            • @ Eddie, I coukdnt tell from your tone whether you were being sincere offer sarcastic, so let me clarify. I want saying violence us sexy… what I was saying is I know some folks are into s & m, and bondage, and they empty it not because they are traumatized.Its not my thing, but I am aware that some people do enjoy pain in a sexual context, that their choice. But I honestly don’t know if anyone that just lives to be beat, or loves to get humiliated. I’ve heard several psychologists on talk radio and television pretty much back me up in that anyone who continually seeks out those situations where they are being emotionally and physically harmed are conditioned to it and screwed up as it may seem, they are used to it, usually because they experienced it young, or often.. But their lives of turmoil do not make them happy. Anyway I do agree that some women like a bad boy and don’t know how to appreciate being treated well. But women like Michelle le that out up with brutality, its, almost like an emotional problem and they need therapy . They have problems.

            • Wasnt saying….they enjoy… Excuse the typos my autocorrect is annoying as hell. Bottom line is, while I know some people are freaks no one really enjoys, getting brutalized. Those, women appear, loyal, to those, men because they are afraid to not be seen a loyal.

            • Char, im female. And usually I enjoy CRazys comments but I just didn’t agree with the generalization. Its all good tho.

      • Ok, this I can agree with , but fifty shades of grey type stuff isn’t abuse. Dre has beaten women bloody. Nothing sexy about that, that ninja is evil.

  3. The child support payments stopped a few years ago when Marcel turned 18 so she needs money so badly. Michelle had to take Suge to court for child support but he’s locked up now. She has no source of income except for r&b divas.

  4. Marcel is the son Michelle has with Dre and there was a rumor that Suge spent Marcel $1 million trust fund and that when the child support payments stopped coming in from Dre that Michelle was on welfare. That’s why women need to stop depending on men and make their own money.

  5. Let’s not forget Dr Dre nearly killing Dee Barnes at an industry party. The details of beating her down lead me to believe it was an attempted murder case but he must have paid her off big time.

    • Damn I forgot all about that. Em mentioned that in his song with Dre. Dre is a mf for doing that.

  6. I don’t believe this tale, Michelle had every opportunity in the world to be a big star, but choose to hitch her wagon up with Suge Knight and disrespect her baby’s father Dre because she brought into Suge’s power, which died with Tupac before he did 5 years in prison, now that Dre is a billionaire she is a very angry, bitter person for having had made some poor personal and business decisions, life is about CHOICES when you are young you make some good choice and some bad CHOICES that’s apart of growing up Michelle made some very bad choices when it came to her singing career

      • Dr Dre was horrifically beating up Michel le LONG b4 she hooked up with Suge.
        Dr Dre been on them steroids probably for a while and the side effects is Roid Rage

        • dre is a homosexual, hasnt anyone heard the recording of tupac? he outted him a long time ago

  7. I always believed Dre was gay. I wonder if he beats his wife Nicole. I believe a lot of women stay in abusive relationships because their scared of being killed, kids, financial, etc. I’m glad she’s telling her story.

  8. I watch r&b divas and I believe Michelle. She’s a damaged woman. She’s contemplated suicide. Dre has several children by different women I wonder if they have similar stories about this monster named Dre. Oh and he’s a rapist too. I read that he raped a women and she had the baby.

    • don’t feel bad for her she knew dre’s rep.

      he showed dee barnes no mercy.

      yeah punk move he beat her ass cause of what cube said on her show.

  9. The rape was years ago and I think it was his first son that died a few years ago from a drug overdose but some believe that Dre sacrificed his son.

  10. Why tell now? Is her money getting low or she trying to promote an upcoming album soon? There is a reason why she talking now. Why not tell when it’s fresh so he can have jail time? Silly women talking to bring down black men. Bitter black women?

    • Don’t put all black women in this, that only one black woman is doing. One prison is not responsible for many no more than I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be fingered for another nigga bull crap. So please have several seats and you probably one of those bastards who get mad when you see a sistah you can’t get on the arm of a different race of man, that can have. And would still be talking ish !!!

      Bye Felicia

  11. Hmm find it odd to wait 20 somethin years now since Dre a billionaire boy now she feel the need to speak up and try to rip his name up 20 somethin years later hmm ok cool story

  12. Shame on Dre. I have zero respect for women beaters whether did it 100 years ago or 10 minutes ago. When he shot at her she should have pressed charges and sent him straight to prison.

    • I have zero respect for any female commenters going after Michel”le. A man’s physical anger is something terrible to behold. I have seen women beaten bloody, by bloodthirsty husbands and boyfriends. Most women are significantly weaker than their abuser. A woman in that situation has only four choices while it is going down.

      1 she can continue to get beat down until he gets tired.

      2 she can maim her assailant.

      3 she can kill her assailant.

      4 she can try to run.

      I hope young women and old women read this article and learn from it

  13. The comments here are sad. Dre’s reputation as a woman beater is well documented. He nearly beat Dee Barnes half to death. Yet the focus is on Michel’le and why is she talking now. What does it matter? Truth be told she waited too long to spill the beans on him. She should have made that f*cker set her up for life YEARS ago and certainly before the Beats deal dropped. Dre is garbage. Period. Any man who beats women like he does is a piece of shit. And yes, there are rumors, that he beats his current wife. Amazing how in the black community the focus is ALWAYS on the black woman and never the black man and his misbehavior. No man should ever put his hands on a woman no matter what she says or does. Black men need to get their shit together and stop victimizing their own women, children, and community.

    • Thee best comment on the thread. True enough Michele is a broken woman gaining an opportunity to milk her story for some dollars but lets not pretend Dr Dre has an infamous with abuse towards women. People just ride on the wagon because of that overprice garbage head phone set people purchase just to say they have it. Its unbelievable how our community be in such denial about these celebs.

      • More like in a constant denial about life at large, period! Still believes in santa claus, the easter bunny, & pie in the sky. Celebrate on!

    • Even though I cracked on her speaking voice , I am in total agreement with what you wrote. I was amazed by the people blaming her, yes, getting angry about her sharing her story. I feel if she wants to talk about it, that is her right. Dre just be thankful he is not in prison.

      • her vocal chords was not developed properly thats y her voice is squeaky. i believe she said she was an abnormally quiet child and she did not start speaking/talking till after 5 years old. I have a little brother that happened also except he was traumatized about something. Sort of like a mild disability

  14. Michel’le is finally revealing these secrets from the oast makes me think she has a personal vendetta against Dr. Dre. He left her years ago for another woman but atill paid child support up until his son was 18. Now Dr. Dre is almost a billionaire and he refuses to help Michel’le so she is telling his business. Her relationship with Suge was after Dre cheated all out in the open and got other women pregnant. Suge and Dre fall out and Suge thought getting with Dre’s ex would.hurt him. There life is a reality show!

  15. It would have been better if she spilled this back in ’96. At this point, no one cares. Dr. Dre has cemented himself as a Hip Hop production legend and now, successful entrepreneur. Sometimes, celeb success can transcended bullshit, even if its the truth…

    Case in point, R. Kelly. No one cares that he’s a pedophile bc his music has always been the shit!

    Sorry Miche’le…your story is a 20 years too late.

  16. It is good she is telling her story. This could help someone to avoid his personality type. This could inspire someone else to leave an abusive situation. This story could help other girls know it is not love and it not cute to be with someone who lays hands on you.

  17. If I was a member of another race, after viewing some of these comments, I would think black people are some of the most heartless, cold hearted, cruel insensitive people in the world. Good thing I know better. But even so, some of these comments are inexcusable.

  18. She put Her self in that position by f*cking 2 men, getting knocked up twice!!

    now 20 years later She’s suddenly talking about Her Ex? She’s just like Faith Even

    Talking about Their Ex for bragging rights

    any moment that Faith get’s She always finds the time to talks about Biggie, is not about her washed out career is always about Biggie, also like She’s talking about Him to keep Herself relevant (how sad)

  19. So whats all this talk about “hush money” he failed to pay and now she is talking. If that is true, she can stop her whinning..no one feels sorry you..money is her motivation. Something tells me a bathroom door is not going to stop him from popping a cap in your ass if he really wanted to…wnd who stays with a man after you feel he intenionally tries to wound you with a gun…even pulling one out. Clearly this woman was not in fear of her life.

  20. From back in the day, I would look at Dre’s face and think..damn, he looks so mean, I would’nt date him.

  21. Michelle is a two hit wonder for” Nicety” and “Something in my heart”. She should have went a different career path after her failed success.

  22. Some of the comments about Michel’le are atrocious, irresponsible, callous and childish. I hope none of the brutal commenters ever find themselves in an abusive situation. It is a horror and a life changer.

  23. Faith Evans slept with both Pac and Big. She keeps Pac’s dick in her mouth everytime she does interviews. Ray J even said he saw Faith sitting on Pac’ s lap in the studio. The infamous picture of both Pac and Faith leaving the hotel. In the” Soon As I Get Home” video there’s a ball headed man that I think Faith is rubbing his head. Faith needs to own up to her lies. I don’t blame her for sleeping with Pac the man was gorgeous. Madonna came out said even she dated Pac.

    • sorry if women had to choose between pac and big you know pac was the winner.

      sorry pac beat big in all categories.

      big made no films, pac did 6.

      pac always had the finest women he boned or did pics with, jada pimkett used to cheese her ass off.

      jasmine guy, salli Richardson, yoyo, kidada, arnelle simpson, left eye, Adina howard,storm, plenty others.

  24. I agree Faith only says things to make herself look good. I thought it was shady she quickly married someone else after Big died.

  25. Lil Kim was more faithful and loyal to Biggie than His wife, and that’s saying something

    mistress are more loyal and faithful then wives

    at least Lil Kim doesn’t talk about Biggie in every interviews She gets, at least She’s got a career unlike Faith leeching off Biggie’s empire and legacy

    She even wrote book about Their Marriage!!

    • How in green acres is a mistress more loyal than a wife? The mistress is sexing someone’s husband which is why they are called mistresses.How the hell is that loyal? The husband cheating with the mistress so he aint loyal and shouldn’t complain about loyalty to anyone . Morals and priority’s are mixed up.

      • @Anonymous

        f*ck you, mistress are loyal and faithful then married women
        mistress care about their “Dick” they care about His well being. is not all about the sex

    • kim stopped back when big died that’s all she talked abhout big this big this.

      kim said whewn she died shes going to heaven to be with biggie.

      she hired a psychic to contact biggie.

      oh yeah there was that song where kim said I was thinking bout how big used to phukk his hoes and imagine if she had a big fat dick like big poppa.

    • Anonymous why do you care??? seriously Your beefing over something so stupid, grow the f*ck up!!

    • how I am standing up for Mistress’s?? please read what I wrote because I never stood up for Them
      please stop cause shyt and re-read what I just wrote!!

      all I said is Mistress’s are more loyal and faithful then married Women, and it’s the truth
      You can bad mouth about Mistress’s all You f*cking want but their faithful and loyal then Wives or Girlfriends
      They care about Their “Dick” then the Wives and Girlfriend do

      They don’t nag bytch or complain like these Wives and Girlfriend’s do

      • Hold up Bone Straight Hair….
        There are some questions that need to be asked about your hypothesis.

        1). Is a mistress truly loyal to her married man, or she being supremely selfish by assisting him to undermine his relationship with any children he might have?
        Adultery is almost as traumatic for the children as the betrayed spouse.

        2) Is it easier to be more loving to married boyfriend because he is not living with you? It easier to to romanticize your married boyfriend because he does not live at home with you. He does not leave his dirty docks under your bed foryou to search for, so you can do laundry. You don’t wake up in the morning smelling his morning breath. You don’t go behind him to you use the bathroom, and a funky green mist pushes you back out. The reality of day to day living is where it really goes down.
        That is where your love for the person is fully put to the test.
        An adulterous affair is nothing but a broadway stage play, complete with a setting and two phoney actors.

        • @Charlotte Blacklock

          please calm down honey, Your only making yourself sound stupid

          mistress care more about their “lovers” I still stand by that statement

          I’m not condoning cheating because it’s what selfish people do

          I was just referring to Lil Kim and Big’s love affair, She cared about Him than Faith ever did!!

          She only got with Bigg for bragging rites

          • @Oh Lord, Dear Me

            please do you research, She knew what She was doing getting knocked up by 2 men who hate each other
            all She saw were dollar signs, She was getting bang out by 2 Men who were business partner at the time

            She bawling because Dre ain’t giving Her no attention or money

  26. Honor blackman…you forgot number 5..6..she can press charges or she can wait and see if he kills her. How about being dissapointed in the men who talk about her this way.

  27. You swear because you are running a tantrum and cant express yourself articulately.

  28. remember when ruthless and deathrow was beefing.

    daz, kurupt, doc, and Michel le called dissing eazy.

    Michel le called eazy a punk ass mf in her Minnie mouse voice saying you 30 years old.

    knew daz was smoking coke then when he told eazy that he sold more records than eazy did.

    I was like what daz wasn’t even wellknown then he had a little fame off the chronic.

    dogg pound’s first lp 95, daz first lp 98.

    chronic was all about dre and snoop.

  29. her vocal chords was not developed properly thats y her voice is squeaky. i believe she said she was an abnormally quiet child and she did not start speaking/talking till after 5 years old. I have a little brother that happened also except he was traumatized about something. Sort of like a mild disability

  30. **** news flash **** – Video was on VLADTV (youtube) !!!! The Video was Up for 3 hours before it was removed !!!! ROFL !!!! Michelle said Dr Dre HAS 10 KIDS FROM 7 DIFEFERENT WOMEN !!!! LOL !!! Michelle said she was coming out the bathroom and Dr Dre shot at her !!!! She said the bullet missed her by 2 ft. !!! Michelle said DR DRE HAS A BABY BY DEE BARNES (host that he beat up) !!! Michelle said he beat up Dee Barnes because she dissed nwa while she was interviewing ice cube !!!! SHE SAYS DRE BEATS ALL OF HIS GIRLFRIENDS !!!! Go to Vladtv and ask them to send you a copy of the Video !!!! vlad flew from new york to la to get interview !!! She CRAZY !!

    • dee didn’t say nothing bout nwa cube did.

      whats worse was when eazy, ren, and yella said that dee deserved her ass wooped and the bitch should have kept quiet.

      no members of nwa stepped to cube oh yeah above the law was the ones who jumped on cube.

      kind of odd above the law never dissed cube or da lemch mob on record but big hutch said he didn’t like the mf back in 90.

      • You mean to tell me Eazy, Dre and Above The Law were scared of a five foot nine inch fat boy who can’t fight? They have the nerve to call themselves gangster rappers? The rap game is just as fake and phony as the WWE! Damn near all of these rappers are either studio gangsters or gangsterlicious!






          RBX DISSED DRE.











  31. Michel’le and Whitney Houston, two extraordinary talented black women who were surrounded by demons! Michel’le constantly dating woman beaters and Whitney always surrounded by drugs, drug users and drug dealers. Michel’le could sing, maybe not as good as Whitney, but definitely better than the sluts name Bey and Rih. I’m glad Michel’le survived the beatings Dr. Dre put on her. Isn’t it ironic that the man who produced the Chronic puts out overpriced, whack ass headphones called Beats?


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