Carter Confessions: Jay Z Faces Bonnie’s Wrath!

Beyonce Tell All Book

Holy Hova’s days on the man’s game board seem to be numbered, now that Bey’s apparently cried ‘checkmate’! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Amerikka’s favorite biographer, J. Randy Taraborrelli, better known as the author of “The Hiltons: The True Story Of An American Dynasty” and “The Secret Life Of Marilyn Monroe.” Having recently dropped word of his upcoming “Bey-Ography” book release, Taraborrelli seems to have joined forces with Queen Carter to Jigga Jay Z too!

“Queen B Is Getting Her Very Own Bey-Ography”

It’s a read set to chronicle an obviously B-sided Carter-story, addressing Jay Z and Beyonce’s “marriage problems from cheating, love child, drug use, sleeping in separate rooms and seeing a therapist to solve their marriage issues” — solidifying Beysus a royal seat in Amerikkkan history …. while throwing Mr. Brooklyn Barclays, Dr. Barneys New York Carter, under the bus.

“During three years of research, biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli, whose tell-all comes out in the fall, spoke to countless insiders who were eager to spill on music’s royalty.”

Check out what Randy revealed:

“There’s allegations that they’ve split three times in the past four years — and discussed divorce each time! Jay’s cheated with Rita Ora and he also tried to get with Rachael Roy, which sparked Jay’s famous elevator brawl with Bey’s sister, Solange. The allegations of Jay’s son Rymir Satterthwaite, is humiliating for Mrs. Carter. She’s afraid the world will think she’s a doormat. They’ve each been sued numerous times over their songs, including Big Pimpin and Drunk In Love. Digging into ex-crack dealer Jay’s drug past, which is worse than anyone knows. The drug usage will come out and people will get to know the real couple — and Beyoncé’s terrified. The book could prove her marriage is, and has been, a shambles.”


  1. Beyonce is getting Her karma!!

    She wasn’t nice to Her ex Band Mates, getting all of the attention. always being in the middle always speaking for the group just because Her (coked out) Father managed the group.

    Beyonce is getting Her nicca movement for sure

    • She didn’t get all the attention because Matthew is her father you idiot. Look at the picture above^^^^ That’s why she got all the attention. Do you really believe could ever be the superstar Beyonce has become?

      And what the f*ck is a nicca movement? Does it take place in a boardroom or a restroom?

      • @Anonymous

        f*ck you, you spineless motherf*cker your meant to be f*cking genius I meant nicca moment.

        Matthew pushed Her in front the of band! if Her Father wasn’t the manager Beyonces wouldn’t be where She is
        would be like Kelly Rowland fighting for attention.

        She got with Jayz for money

          • @Anonymous

            damn Your f*cking annoying it fits with your name, let Me slow it down for You so you can understand!

            if Matthew Knowles wasn’t the manager of Destiny’s Child Beyonce wouldn’t be as popular like She now (got it) She would be a z list bytch always craving for attention!

            Her fame-hungry Parents pushed Her up to the top of sneaky crafty deceitful evil devilish ladder!

      • Yes with a publicist, stylist, marketing, nutritionist, trainer, marriage contract, and autotune ANYBODY can be a superstar. If theybarebwilling to pay the price. Its all spinned together like a web.

    • Beyonce is overrated.she sing the same type OD song.. We already know she’s a cheater and she likes women.. So what, what all the money they have.. You rarely see them helping the poor. Not wealthy but I help the poor and needy.. The bible says, they will always have poor a needy ppl.. I’m not talking about Lazy ass ppl…

      OT:: been out a few weeks husband had a major heart attack and I had a knee replacement surgery.

      • @It’s just me callin

        the only reason why She’s overrated is because She has White People supporting Her
        She caters to Her white audience not the black ones

        White People have hyped Her up sadly She’s gonna fail just like Nick Minaj did

        • Those are going to be the ones that destroy them.. They have enough money, I had so much power at my Job before I retired, it was disgusting yo me..
          One no deserves the power I had, but I never used it to hurt ppl.. That was a mistake all the black ppl I helped, their assess when and told the VP i toldt them what to say,mbut THATS what I called NIGGERS.. because I they would read their rule books and all the information given to you, when hired U would know UR own rights. So happy I was able to retire at 40yrs old…

          • U dumb fool, I’m retired and had several illness that effects my writing, but I know for sure, u are one dumb MF, to answer something 18 days old.. Looking for a fight. Sweetie I suggest u get ur lazy ass up and go to work.. I retired at 40.. So u are so full of bullshit. Good nite
            Have three degreees. LMAO at dumb as negroes..

        • so that’s why are songs are aimed for the white gays and lesbians.

          will he expose about bey and gwenrth paltrow.

    • She should be worried about people looking at her as a witch biotch then a doormat.

  2. Whatever they get they deserve. Absolutely no sympathy for either one.

      • Awe. I feel bad for her. I feel guilty bc i wanted her to be exposed. Now, i feel bad.

  3. I don’t need a book to tell me Beyawnce is a doormat its very obvious. This marriage was fixed to keep both their greedy asses relevant since they can’t do it alone.

  4. Interesting, I just started to read Tarborrelli’s book on Michael Jackson just this morning before I head to work, I’m definitely going to read his book on Beyoncé, but probably some years down the read though, I’m already reading too many books as is Lol

    • You can NEVER read too many books, maybe junk books.. But reading is very good for the mind,, also learn current events, that why U can hold anyone a conversation
      Knowledge is power—keep reading,mbut mix up the books you’re reading..
      Don’t ever say U read too much. ( no harm or foul, just information) when u are knowledgeable U can speak to anyone intelligent. Don’t ever be the person in the room that doesn’t know what s going in the the real world, not just your own world. Just a note FROM experience .

  5. What did they do to piss TPTB off? I cant wait for the book to come out. When is the book coming out?

    • It seems like everything has to come to an end. No matter what. That’s why they try to act and do other ventures. Madonna seems like the only one who still consistently puts out music since forever. but her new music barely gets any play on the radio, like the power that be don’t want her there but they can’t make her stop.every music person gets to a point where it seems like they fall off and the record companies don’t care anymore. I see this happening with Katy Perry. you think her fans would still buy the music but there’s just something that changes after these artists put out 3-4 popular records and then its like they can’t get any play anymore.

      • madonna has a loyal fan base that probably still buys her music and they still check for her dispite her not being in the limelight anymore, they need the air time to push new gimmicks, madonna doesnt need air time shes an OG who has passed the torch for the new generation to rammed down our throats

        • yes the gays and lesbians support Madonna queen estherm aka whore of Babylon.

  6. Doubt if I read the book but I look forward to the fall out from it. I’ve read J. Tarborrelli’s books before and he’s one of the first to rip the lid off the Jackson’s fake “kingdom.” Glad these two are about to be aired out. Everybody know about Jay-Sleaze and his antics. Now it’s time for the want to be “icon” to get put on blast. She IS a doormat. She walked, if not ran, into that marriage with eyes wide open. She is as cut-throat as her husband. She wants to be seen as classy, elegant, and perfect. The truth is she has low self esteem, is a gold digger, and craves public adulation. Glad they’re being exposed thought I doubt this will tarnish their image with their ghetto fan base.

    • I believe all of the above – most definitely Beyoncé has low self esteem and IS A DOORMAT! Also, I think that Beyoncé treats Jay Z nastily, uses her looks to get what she wants and he goes elsewhere for love (but Whora, Rihanna are nasty!).
      She might be the worst of the two – ah, mammy!

  7. Jay Z played Beyonce like a fiddle since day one. He got all his chicks on payroll including foxy,rihanna, Rita ora, and possibly Rachel Roy. Beyonce takes after her mother by taking the abuse just like Mathew did her mother. Beyonce married her father both men cheat and have kids out of wedlock.

    • Uh ok that child is like 21 right means he was born long before Beyoncé married him and 21 years ago he had nothing to lose by admitting or hiding the fake child

      • He didn’t dodge twenty one years ago, the baby was thought at first to be someone elses until dna proved otherwise. Jay been avoiding rreasonability for Rhymir for years tho. And he has at least two other children besides Blue.

  8. Why is this uppity b*tch so embarassed about his 21 year old son that was way before her. She needs to worry about w ho he sired during the marriage. She looks more like an a**hole for standing by that man while he denied his child. She dont want that man sharing any of his money outs:de her own child.

    • Speaking g of the 21 year old son, my question is about the name. Is that a spin on the word rhymer!?! Is that his name because his daddy is a rhymer, rapper MC. If so, that was a calculated move by mama.

  9. I hope they both go away after this. I wanted to see her apologise to Lisidi and ask for public forgiveness after that jack move she did at the grammys. She has no shame. Any other celebrity would have apologised for that. All she did was offer an excuse for her foul move. Not good enough. We should have never let up on her for that.

    • beyonce’s an egomaniac.

      she paid the folks at the bet awards to not let latoya luckett promote her songs there.

      she wanted to be paid for attending Michael Jackson’s funeral.

      her mom’s a scietologist now.

      jay z was sleeping with solange at some point why now get mad at jay for cheating everybody knew jay was a dog.

      ho va
      ho va
      ho va

  10. I hope he digs deeps and brings up Cathy White, their former bodyguards freak “accident” death, the fact that Beyonce’s last completed grade level was 5, the fake pregnancy, Beyonce’s plastic surgeries, Jay Z’s fake bragging (he owned less than 1% of the Nets and .099% of Barclay’s) and the $200k they spend a month on damage control payments to media outlets

    • I forgot about the bodyguard! That was some weird ish, he was hopped up on drugs running around in the streets that was some crazy mess!

      • Doubt any of tht gets covered. It will be another worthless project to promote a old black demon who desperately wants to be the black version of madonna.

  11. jay and bey wants the world to kiss their asses they think they are father time and mother earth.

    Kelly and michelle have to kiss beys ass the only time they can make any money is when bey wants to reunite with them if only for a night.

    kanye kisses bey’s ass and bey and jay never responds they didn’t even attend his wedding.

    whwen jay z became ceo of def jam dmx said he wanted out.

    jigga signed and promoted a lot of southern rappers while legends like ll cool j, method man, ghostface wasn’t even being promoted right they had redman’s album on hold.

  12. Karma for using “eat the cake Anna Mae” in that crap song they made. Long overdue. Beyodel is a doormat!

  13. Beyoncé is a doormat – the proof is years of using Jay z for career uplifting and publicity. Jay is no saint but I think this time he has been had.

    Beyoncé’s brand is damaged forever – no fault of Jay, it was unrealistic to begin with.

    Arrogance on both parts brought them to their knees.

  14. guess whites are tired of their success when whites feel like you been making too much money they bring out all the dirt expose drug issues, bankruptcy’s endorsement losses, and possibly arrests.

    beyonce has never been arrested or sent to rehab when she starts going to rehab that’s when her descent to hell starts.






  15. it was funny seeing Gwen’s flat ass twerking at a jay z concert.

    some white folks sztill can’t DANCE RIGHT MILEY.

  16. Yall are effin crazy. Jay has never been held in such high esteem as he is right now. That music streaming venture has put him at the top of the heap. He’s getting very close to Dr. Dre type money if it works out as most predict it will.

    Why can’t black folks be happy that a black man put together the coalition which has brought together the hottest acts in the industry? You’re always hollering that the black man can do shit in the biz without being robbed blind by The Man. Now something epic happens and all you want to do is cheer that you want him to get his comeuppance. Black folks couldn’t come together if you dipped us all in a vat of Krazy Glue.

    • Who told you that their new streaming venture is going to work? I like the fact it’s all about the artist and they completely ripped off the UI from Spotify. Nice way to build respect for intellectual property.

    • Well in that case, you spend your money. I’m going to keep mines in my pocket, i have better things to do with my $240, like spend it on something that makes money.

    • Oh and by the way go ahead and use that reverse psychology if you want to, it only work on weak minded people. Everyone black in that industry don’t give a damn bout nobody but themselves and only stand for black causes (with no physical change) when other blacks call them out. Now that my eyes (spiritual mind) is open knowing about all that blacks in entertainment and politics, I’m not supporting nobody else no more. We’ve been bamboozled and played all along these blacks in high places, are paid to be distraction to us, while there’s never been any change all along.

  17. Wow. …money REALLY changes people. But anyways, I still wanna know where that ghetto Easter Egg hunt was. At who’s house? Was it all fake? Can sombody please answer me that??

    That’s all.

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