Michael Jackson’s Nephews Sue Radar Online Over Child Abuse Allegations

michael jackson nephews sue radar online child abuse

Michael Jackson’s nephews are firing back at online gossip site Radar Online to defend themselves and their late uncle.

In their $100 million libel lawsuit, the nephews claim Radar Online suggested the singer may have sexually abused them when they were younger.

Filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday by Jackson’s nephews Taj, TJ and Taryll Jackson, the men say Radar Online wrongfully reported the singer “sexually abused young boys [and] implied that this included his ‘nephews,’ but added that his ‘family’ (which, of course, includes plaintiffs) resisted any inquiry into that criminal conduct.”

Radar also reported MJ bought his nephews a”brand new car” to “shut them up” about the abuse, and one of the men had been kidnapped to avoid talking about the incident to the police.

“Radar’s statements were entirely false and defamatory. In fact, although plaintiffs are Michael Jackson’s ‘nephews,’ ‘relatives’ and ‘members of the family,’ none of them was ever sexually abused by Michael Jackson or ever had any sort of sexual contact with him.”


  1. Wow, they all look so different compared to their father. Just found out the middle one TJ was Kim K's first >.<!

  2. So they were just fine with receiving those cars huh? Seems like something deeper going on behind he scenes within that wicked family. I don't put anything pas anyone these days, but Im always a tad skeptical when hearing about abuse allegations involving Michael. None his accusers stories have ever added up, and many were proven to be false. Michael has been extortion central since the early 90s.

      • @freddie – I've seen fairly attractive biracial children before…but the 3T's don't make the cut, in my opinion.


    • Lol. And it's funny that you got so many black folks out here who seem to think mixed= better looking.

  3. I know each of us is free to have sex with whoever we want, but it just seems like the Jacksons have always wanted to be with anything, as long as it wasn't black. I don't think any of them have black children. And just look at them, Jermaine is all covered in grease, LaToya looks like an alien & Michael was a white woman when he died. His kids are white, only stupid people would say they're biracial. They're not biracial by appearance, DNA nor upbringing, Michael raised those kids white like he always wanted to be

    • God rest her soul ,their mom is a light skinned black person, Dominican and whatever. You hate on these boyz and is a shame. Michael never molested them.. they should bring u a lawsuit. The Jackson kids don't marry black women because of systematic hatred of their own race thanks to Joe J. and the fact that they don't want their kids going through the same level of generational abuse like each Jackson had to endure. You all are awful, have some sympathy. It is not easy growing up Jackson.

  4. Damn these biracial white and black kids are ugly !
    I wonder why the (((TPTB))) is pushing this biracial agenda …

  5. I don't agree with the lawsuit. The story had already died down. IMO, if they wanted to refute the article, they could have done so with their own rebuttal or Youtube video. This lawsuit, IMO is unneeded negative publicity. Let MJ's children Prince (All Lives Matter), Paris, & Blanket defend their father. That's their job now.

    I wasn't a fan or paid much attention to these guys in their 90's heyday, but I did enjoy their recent reality show. Their latest cd Chapter III, is pretty good. It's not R&B, I'd describe it as Alternative.

    I don't consider them biracial. Both of their parents are black. Their mom was Puerto Rican/Dominican.

  6. A statement by American Media Inc , which owns Radar Online, said the article does not accuse Michael Jackson of molesting his nephews and it does not accuse the Jackson nephews of accepting any bribe.

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