Bow Wow Can’t Relate to Black Issues….Because He’s Mixed?

bow wow mom

These recent social issues, the upcoming election, and the police shootings have brought out the crazy in some of today’s celebs.

Shad Moss a.k.a Bow Wow is the latest Z-lister to make some WTF type comments on social media. According to Bow, all of a sudden he’s not black….um since when?!

In a series of tweets, Bow said he doesn’t care about voting in the election, because all of the world’s leaders are controlled by an upper power.

But when he was questioned about fulfilling his duty to vote to pay respects to his ancestors that fought for the right to do so, he let it be known he can’t relate to black issues…because he’s mixed!

bow wow mixed 2

bow wow mixed

bow wow 3


bow wow mixed 4


MLK is rolling over in his grave.

In case you care, here’s a picture of his dad.

bow wow dad


  1. I don't understand the bullshit coming out of his mouth saying because he mixed if you are not a pale white pink then you are still considered black so what the f*ck is this retarded coon saying. I also know that some lights skin blacks try to act like they are better and they will get better privileges from the puppet masters because they are a lighter tone.

      • There is no one drop rule fool. Fact is black people were the Only race with the dominant XX cromasone and a pure white person is the only race with both recessive xx cromasone every other race is a combination of both so here's the facts any time a white person have a child outside their race they are automatically something else and Everytime a black person have a child with any other race their dominant gene dictate the race of the offspring

        • "dominant gene" is a very very polite way of saying "f*cked up DNA due to massive inbreeding"
          ask any genetician

    • Wonder why black Americans are dumb we have noooooo one standing up for just because Black! Light up the skin Beyoncé Rihanna etc… Got all fukd up in ur your fake hair and heads !!!,

  2. Sad. I don't think he went to school & it shows. A lot of these "men" have the maturity levels of 11 year olds

  3. This lil sad as MF is black, I don't care what your ass mixed with, you're black.. I know for such white people consider your lil dumb ass as black..GTFOOH with thus BS.. Lil boy remember the1/8 rule in the constitution that says one drop of black blood and you're black.. Now there is plenty of white people that are black also, when they were tested by DNA, it let then know they're black..
    Where I'm from you have so much race mixing in the south and I don't give a damn.. I judge people by how I'm treated.. So most Americans have a trace of black in them and this is just some fact.. Know your history before your broke ass speak.. I detest dumb people, I don't care what race you are.. As my father RIP use to say KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. It's something no one can take from you, meaning pick up a book and read you dumb lil boy..

    • "white people" consider people with 1 drop, black because insecure "black" people feel the need to accept any and everyone. #PleaseHaveStandards #LearnToLoveSelf #KnowWhenYouAreAConsolationPrize Let the Mixed, biracials, tri-racials, multi-racials go there own way and have their own category. That's the reason for so much confusion and turmoil in the community now.

      • All races are insecure, why do white people lay out in the sun all day, to get a tan.. Why are they buying big lips and butts.. It's the new fad to have big lips and butts.. Anyway all black women don't have big butts or lips.. I'm going to keep saying this, we all need to stop judging each other on the color of our skin, there's good and bad in all races.. But as a whole black people judge each other so harshly.. The reason for so much turmoil is that they don't come together as a race.. Now that's just a fact, they kill each other over small things that could have been talked about instead of shooting.. Black on black crime is very high.. Everyone needs to get their heads out of the sand and do something to help their community instead of stealing from their community.. As a race black people are the only race that don't stick together.. Knowledge is power and please don't say nothing about Al or Jessie.. They run their asses to the black community when something bad happens.. Do a little research and see who are paying these two Uncle Sam money..
        They only represent themselves and looking to get on TV. But they get their no good asses back in a plane and leave., they don't work, so where does the money come from. It comes from the GOVERNMENT……

  4. Thank God. Good riddance to bad rubbish. We don't need his stupid ass. Let him be the Mexicans burden.

  5. Bow wow grew up around black people first snoop then he so when did he not hAve or aware of black issues self hate to the fullest now Keyshia cole can stop saying her dad white. All these blacks wannabe white I can slap these some of these mugs MN e being light skinned and accused of being a wannabe and then these same dark skins CV wanna bleach their skin and date whites

  6. Bow wow is ignorant. Where's his father? He's a misguided self hating individual. He can't keep a woman and he's probably gay.

  7. When he gets pulled over by the police and brutalized then he'll be yelling black lives matter. His hair is nappy, his complexion is brown, and I know he has daddy issues because his dad wasn't in his life. He has mommy issues too because she sold him into the industry for a quick buck. Its been said JD molested him and he was raped by a bodyguard and tried to commit suicide in Miami.

    • Thats incredibly tragic. Many of these poor black stars suffer so much unnecessary harm, and are repeatedly brutalized, no wonder they're confused.

  8. Bow wow's dad looks like Timbaland! Lmao! Yeah, he's mixed alright! Mixed up in the head! And negroes need to stop trying to guilt trip blacks into voting..Quiet as it's kept, our ancestors die for us to vote… Okay!…Now a lot of misguided negroes of that time, gave their lives to vote, because they actually believed that things would change that way…Now fast forward to our current situation, we are now in post George Bush, and that whole miscount in Florida thing, and post 911, and post Obamatopia, well almost…If anyone, white or black, still believes that voting does anything at all, except keep you thinking on a mundane level, by voting for the lessor of two evil kings over you, you deserve all of the tyranny that comes with those blood sucking demons!…….Voting! ???????

    • COSIGN. Folks can write in or vote for a third party. I say always vote or…..

      some mysterious hand will be voting for you.

    • Voting DOES matter. If it didn't Republicans wouldn't have spazzed out so much over Ohio in the 2012 Obama victory. And it DOES matter who is president. They may all be similar in many ways, but the president has the most powerful tool in his/her hands, and that is the appointment of Supreme Court Justices who serve for life. The Court now is the most powerful force in government. If it goes back to being conservative, you can forget any progressive changes in the next 20+ years.
      Trump wants to replace Clarence Thomas(retiring) and Ginsburg(also retiring) and Scalia(dead) with three new Scalia/Thomas types.

      If that happens we are f*cked beyond f*ck. So think about that when you choose to exercise your franchise to vote. And live with the consequences.

      • Voting doesn't matter- the electoral college alone has proven that. Both political parties are both two sides of the same hand, entirely controlled by the 1%. Every presidential figure has already been pre selected. Why do you think their trying so hard to rig the election to get Clinton through? Do yo really think she's going to debate Trump, Let alone stand toe to toe with him in an actual debate? Voting hasn't mattered in this country for the last 60 years. If Americans want real change, don't vote and choose not to entertain the political dog and pony show. If Americans really want change over night, they need to put their money where their mouths are and just do an all out economic boycott. That would bring this nation, and the government to it's knees.

        • You idiot. What does the electoral college have to do with Federal and Supreme Court judges?? NOTHING!

          If you think that Trump will appoint the same type judges as Clinton you are genuinely ignorant or insane. The judges have an influence on everyone's daily life in one way or another. Only a fool cannot wrap their head around that.

          • It's your choice! If you still want to vote, and be apart of the electoral process, then great! If you like it, I love it! You won't get any interference from me…Now with that being said, it is getting worse everywhere, that can't be denied, but its going to worsen, no matter who's in office, because they kill all opposition! Now history and the proper extensive research would tell you that! It's all an illusion! Nothing is as it seems, but water is wet! It's easier to push a button and vote for a person, but it's a lot harder to except responsibility for thine self, ignore all outside influences, master self, and create your own destiny! No one wants to do that, they want someone else to do it for them, like a child…Most people on the planet are, pathological children at large, with sociopathic tendencies! Now ponder!

            • @Brooklyn Queen, no one expects a president, governor, mayor, city councilman, etc. to be the answer to their prayers. These people are NOT GOD!

              However, I'm sure if you ask auto workers if they were happy Obama helped to save the auto industry and thus their job, you'd get a resounding yes!

              I'm a living witness that the Affordable Care Act was literally a life line for folks that previously couldn't qualify for medical insurance because of pre-existing conditions.

              And, I saw a lot of folks be able to buy their first home because of the $8k incentive Congress passed under his leadership.

              My point is that all of this was accomplished because FOLKS VOTED someone into office. Does that absolve us of our personal responsibility to move our own lives forward? Of course not. But I consider voting as part of that responsibility too.

          • @Apathy….Thank you! Some of these folks have NO IDEA what's in store for this country if Trump gets his ass in office.

            You think $4 a gallon gas was bad? Every decision he makes is going to be for the good of BIG BUSINESS…HENCE YOUR J-O-B, RETIREMENT, WALL STREET, WORK BENEFITS, HEALTHCARE, etc.

            The everyday working man/woman will not stand a chance! And you're correct about folks not wrapping their head around the power of the SUPREME court. It's called that for a reason!

        • Are yall INSANE? VOTING MATTERS! If it doesnt:
          – How did we beat the odds of getting Barack Obama elected twice!???
          – Why are the powers that be trying to ship latinos out of here?
          – Why did Florida do it's damnest to discourage blacks from voting in 2012?
          – Why do politicians court the black community every four years?
          – Why did North Carolina and Texas enact laws to keep us from voting?

          Just last week the federal appeals court struck down Texas' voter ID law saying that it disproportionately affected African Americans. Our vote, coupled with the latinos is TOO MUCH POWER for the status quo to swallow, hence the challenge to "Make America Great (white) Again."

          Like it or not, there is a SYSTEM IN PLACE and we have to work within it to affect change (i.e. voting) and we have to work outside it (i.e. marching, protesting and pushing our communities' agenda like gay and hispanics do).

          And whether you like it or not, YOU VOTE WHETHER YOU CAST A BALLOT OR NOT. Staying home is your "vote' that everything is alright as is.

          The problem is that a lot of yall have been rocked to sleep cause you can ride the front of the bus, date outside your race and live in the burbs. WAKE UP!

          • Mama We have traded words on voting in the past, and we are completely on the same page. It just boils my blood when someone says that the two parties are the same, so there is no need to vote.
            In fairness, perhaps they don't really understand the ramifications of having a Republican administration rather than a Democratic one, so I used the example of the Supreme and Federal court judges.
            Obama has done so many progressive acts, and again, so many peole don't give him his credit where it is due. He has done more than any previous POTUS on prison and sentencing reform. He has made changes meant to keep more of our people out of prison for bullshit offenses such as weed possession. He has made stands about police violence which no other president has ever done, but there are many here who say he hasn't done enough.

            I am feeling extremely confident after the DNC convention. I won't lie, I was a bit anxious a few weeks ago, but I really think Hillary has made her case well, and if the Bernie Bros will finally get over their anger and support her, she will be elected.

            The only thing which could case a turn in the tide would be a MAJOR ISIS type terror attack before November. That is the one area in which Hillary is less appealing to the masses. But fingers crossed, nothing really bad will occur before the election.

  9. It's idiots like this who make black Americans(not Africans) suspicious of mixed people. It's like when Beyonce made her famous Loreal commercial claiming every nationality but Swiss.

    Let me represent 95% of the mixed black American population: We are black. We look black. We identify black. We vote and view politics as black. We eat, watch movies, spend our money black.
    In no sane world are we white. End of story.

  10. Bow is nuts! His mamma used to lay hands on him and beat that ass when he was a teen and she bragged about it to the press she basically handed him over to grown man to manage his career wink I wonder what happened to him.

    • He was also raped by his body guard… Well he was raped by some older male. Media takout posted the pics a while back.

  11. lmfao the only bi this wack ass nigga is would be sexual smfh this coon is turning into a Raven symone

  12. If that picture is of his father, there ain't no mixture there. Does he really think he is foolin' someone? He don't even look like that rapper Oowee, from years back who looked half-Asian, but he wasn't and didn't claim to be anything else. Does Bow Wow think we stupid?
    Why are these rappers always claiming other, marrying other and degrading their own?

  13. I can't help but notice that insecure dark-skinned black people that are mixed with something else always feel the need to mention they aren't full black, yet mixed raced people like Zendaya and Jesse Williams have no problems saying they are black and speaking out on injustices??

    • thanks for pointing out the obvious.

      it was always the lightest who were the most radical and involved with political dissent.

      Huey was practically white. Same with Angela Davis.

    • 05:15 BI-racial mean TWO races, not black and not white. Genetics 101 Hybridization says that the Biracial isn't black. Only insecure ignorant black people run around claiming the 1 drop throw-a-ways. Did it ever occur to you the people like Zendaya or Jesse Williams claim black because they are following the usual protocol that forces them into the category?

  14. Many rich black people in Amerikkka think like Shad Moss. Too many black bourgeoisie assume that if they become rich or marry a white person, they have attained white privilege. This couldn’t be further from he truth. Here are some examples.

    OJ thought he wasn't black, the white justice system locked him up in Lovelock prison. Tiger Woods thought he wasn’t black, the white justice system awarded his white ex-wife a quarter of a billion dollars. Halle Berry thought she wasn’t black, the white justice system made her pay alimony to her white ex husband. In other words, if Shad Moss continues to think he isn’t black, he may receive what comedian Paul Mooney calls the “n***er wake up call.”

    • @NBA I agree wholeheartedly! It's unfortunate that a lot of "us" don't feel as if we've made it until we can say white folks like or want us. Problem is that they only want us to make money off us until they can find something white they like better.

      They loved Chuck Berry…till Elvis came along.
      Loved the Jackson Five…till they replaced 'em with the Osmonds
      Loved Janet Jackson…till Britney Spears showed up.
      Hummed along with Boys II Men…till Backstreet Boys and Insync came on the scene.
      Loved Beyonce…now they're pushing Taylor Swift and Katy Perry

      The list goes on and on. And the individuals you cited didn't realize this until it was TOO LATE! That's why I will ALWAYS GIVE PROPS TO MUHAMMAD ALI AND JIM BROWN…two black men that NEVER SOLD OUT. Never tried to be anything other than their beautiful black selves. And demanded that the powers that be accept them as they were.

      If you haven't seen it, PLEASE You Tube Muhammad Ali's response to a white reporter that asked why he was pro black. It is classic tv.

  15. There is no one drop rule fool. Fact is black people were the Only race with the dominant XX cromasone and a pure white person is the only race with both recessive xx cromasone every other race is a combination of both so here's the facts any time a white person have a child outside their race they are automatically something else and Everytime a black person have a child with any other race their dominant gene dictate the race of the offspring.

    • "dominant gene" is a very very polite way of saying "f*cked up DNA due to massive inbreeding"
      ask any genetician

  16. I would have never guessed he was mixed because from what I can see he looks like a handsome young black man. He can say he is whatever he likes however at the end of the day he is still a black man and that's what the world sees him as so he need to quit playing acting like he doesn't know what's going on in the community.

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