50 Cent Takes Shots at Puffy: “He’s a Fruit Pop!”

puff daddy 50 cent gay

50 Cent took shots at Puff Daddy during a recent interview…and he basically calls Puff a booty bandit!

50 tells the story about being a guest at late music exec’s Chris Lighty’s wedding to his wife Veronica. 50 was at a table next to Puffy and Steve Stoute, and a whole lot of sh*t went down!

According to 50, Puff asked the rapper to “hang out.” He even offered to take 50 shopping and told him “I’ll pay for everything.” And that’s when 50 called the Bad Boy exec a “fruit pop!’

Peep the video at the 24:00 mark


What do you think, was Puffy trying to get 50’s drawls?


  1. Like, we know! I mean, the ninjas name is Puffy! Puff! Powder Puff! He's gay, a narcissist, a thief, a liar, a cheat, a "woman beater" (Cassie), and a murderer! See a lot of people don't know the real reason why Cassie had to shave the sides of her head..It all went down allegedly in a parking lot! Closeted Mo's usually beat women! Fifty is so tacky and corny. If only he just made music! Damn!

    • Fifty is funny as hell though! Lmao! He is real petty and Grimey sometimes! Lmao!

      • You ain't kidding….OMG
        What he did to his former friend Floyd Mayweather was more than enough to prove to anyone paying attention that 50 is an untrustworthy, treacherous, deceitful, hateful, sadistic, petty, bitch-like perpetrating bastard who is relentlessly evil. He is one cat who should NEVER-EVER-NEVER….discuss the next dude being "a fruit pop" or anything else.

        50 should be made to look in ANY mirror at himself & his actions BEFORE he opens his mouth to speak especially about "somebody being fruity!"

      • Lmbo!!!! Yes fifty is hilarious and petty i like him though because his post be outrageous. You can't.take him seriously but the stuff that rolls off his tongue is funny.

    • Real reason Cassie shaved both sides of her head? Ive never heard of this…Spill the tea on that one!

  2. LOL this tea is so old, c'mon 50. And we know yo ass has got some sugar in your gas tank as well. The industry is nothing but a long cock congo line.

    • Aha!!!!! The TRUTH!!! CC always gets thru the BS to the bottom line/

      Like when he said Tip is f*ckin Zonnique. I don't want to believe that to the core of my soul, but I am afraid he is right.

  3. CatFight! Battle of the bitchy queen's? 50 is just daring somebody to come out and expose his downlow Homo thug ass. A friend of mine met Miss Diddy he said she is gay as hell a total screaming queen?

  4. Wait but didn't 50 get exposed by vivica fox tho ! About him liking booty play lmao puff is a fruit pop and 50 is a fruity pebble

  5. Y'all better get used to 50 Cent and his goofy ass because back in 2OO3 he stated over and over that HE WONT EVER STOP BEING A BULLY lmfao

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