Mia Farrow’s Unfortunate Birthday Tweet For Black Daughter


Mia Farrow is being clowned on social media after posting a birthday message to her 21 year old African American daughter Quincy. Know why? Because Farrow posted a picture of her daughter Quincy and herself beneath the photo read the search term ‘Mia Farrow and her black children.’

Farrow’s team quickly replaced the photo and The Rosemary’s Baby actress had this to say:

“I took the photo myself and it was sent to me along with an unfortunate search term.”

Here’s what a critic of the 69 year old actress had to say:

“You’d think Mia Farrow would have a photo of her daughter without having to Goggle it…with such an awkward search.”


    • She treats all her adopted tribe like a museum exhibit, not like a family. I’m not at all surprised she had no photos. I expect it was treatment lie this which made her daughter Soon Yi hate her so much that she chose to wound her in the worse way possible. The majority of her kids she adopted with Andre Previn and after hate her and side with Soon Yi. That should tell you something.

      • Not condoning what she did, but that isn’t true. Her adult son and daughter, hate Woody Allen . Not sure what the opinion of the special needs kids are, and the youngest one but Allens visitation with them was terminated by famiky court after he took those naked pics of possibly underage Soon-yi . Only her asian son that was raised with soon yi speak to soonyi and Allen.

  1. They Bashing And Mocking Black People!
    What Have We Done So Bad To White People?? Nothing!!!

    Now Black Teen Are Being Killed Left,Right And Center
    Blacks Celebs Are Even Mocking Fellow Black People On Social Media Just To Please Massa

    • She sure isn’t. I think the combination of being Mrs. Frank Sinatra and shooting Rosemary’s baby did a number on Mia’s psyche. You can’t tell me she didn’t know Woody was molesting their children.

    • MF is Mental McMentalstein. I have some inside knowledge on the situation. Let me tell you this: NO one who knows her personally(and I do not) believes her stories. And the fact that Woody Allen is such a sleazy creep made it easy for the general public to jump on board with her. Her BLOOD brother is in prison right now for sexual abuse on a minor female child. It is generally known that she has taken her deep seated hatred of her ex boyfriend and juxtaposed her brother’s reality with what she may or may not honestly believe happened to Dylan. Most think she doesn’t even really believe it, but she’s such a whack job I think she might.
      Sometimes in a bad relationship BOTH parties are bad news. This is one of those situations.

      • If we are going to criticize people based on the actions of their friends and relatives, let’s string Woody up for being a dirty pedo like his friend Jeffery Epstein…which means we should criticize Prince Andrew too. Or Roman Polanski for having sex with a minor. Anjelica Houston knew about it but since she was incestuous with her parent she isn’t one to judge. Her man Jack Nicholson also liked having sex relations with female children. In other words, that was a very sick circle of friends which included Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis jr, both who were practicing satanists

  2. Hey she’s up in age and has children of different races so maybe that’s how she remembers them. Whatever the case how is classifying someone as black when they are black a problem? There are real battles to fight and this ain’t one of them imho.

    • I agree. My grandma is like that, she can barely figure out how to search on google. Her searches are like… `that spanish lady on that show that comes on saturday` or `good doctors for black folks’…however she thinks it is what she types. And she couldnt upload a picture to save her life. I honestly think what Mia Farrow typed sounded more old lady than racist, but thats just me. However I do get suspicious of these hollywood types adopting multiple races and then treating them different..Madonna posting a pic of her bio kids and calling them her life comes to mind.

    • Race aside. Its tactless for a parent to Google a photo of the kid by description. Im sure Mia would have gotten the same or more photos with “Quincy Farrow” As a keyword search, Even the Duggars with their overpopulated brood are on first name basis. Would have ached my bleeding heart if my mom would have tweeted a photo with her named followed by ” and her child with the slight overbite”, even if it is true. But Mia is the White Halle Berry in terms of sanity and todays parents are mostly shyt.

    • Roman Polanski was both a pedophile & handler so I know he f*cked his children & Mia Farrow

      • Polanski didn’t have kids until he was over 60. What are you talking about? And Mia had no kids when she worked with him.

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