Funkmaster Flex Is Telling Jay Z “Don’t Call Me Anymore”

Jay Z Hot97fm

Funkmaster Flex, in his latest rant, is telling Jay Z to stop trying to call him. Flex also cleared up a rumor that, Hova is buying the NYC radio station, Hot 97FM.

Flex went on to say that Jay Z is so insecure; he never congratulated his Roc Nation artist, J. Cole, on his record sales for Forest Hills Drive.

Here’s Flex putting Jay Z in his place:

“In 2015, you are a commercial, corporate rapper that drops a little catchphrase every three months,” said Flex. “There’s nothing wrong with that. I think that’s super dope. Don’t talk to me funny in the text, bruh. I don’t work for you.

We not scared of you. This radio station doesn’t need you or care. Actually, the whole company doesn’t need you. You can’t call the bosses like you do other things. Stop having people call me. It’s nonsense. I’m not picking up and I don’t have anything to say cause I don’t wanna talk to you. That’s that.

You buying Hot 97.? Yeah Right! We good over here! They not buying s**t!”


    • It seem like some sort of publicity stunt between the 2 of them
      Jayz and his wife will stage just about anything just to get some attention

  1. Word. Even though flex is annoying he told jay what’s real “I don’t work for you”. See

  2. Seems like people are starting to let the Carters know how they really feel about them.

  3. Well Flex aint scared. But I am. I dont know…seems like too many folks have met untimely ends. Im not saying its that serious, im just saying….if you dont want to work with dude, dont. But im too Generation X to be blabbing everything in public or over social media. That shit is for kids.

    • I am labeled Gen Y and we are not all are stunt queens. Flex, like many males < age 55, has an innate trait of bitchassness like Jay Z did with Nas during the Summer Jam 2001/diss record era putting his emotions and business on blast. I need less of Flex's pink lip service or over used bomb sound effects and more of Lupe's Tetsuo & Youth on rotation! Shyt like this makes me long for my childhoid days of yore when listening to Vol. II on my Discman.

  4. So is that guy standing behind Jay a symbol of Flex giving him is “ass to kiss”?

  5. Wow told you Jay Z sof as cotton he ain’t got no real thug in him till only reason he can say he knows the streets is because he did indeed come from the streets, but he didn’t really get rough fight or gun battle he just sold dope ran with cats nothen serious,he ain’t no real street cat like that, now that he has money he tuff,cat’s out here don’t like him cause he shady and a snitch face sho,the kinda cat that cut yo throat,go behind your back sneaky,fake don’t believe me ask dame dash he went behind his back and pulled that hoe ass move he did ta him but I don’t feel sorry for Dame shity act’en ass ,he bitch made arrogant a ass hole, so he got what he deserved,i don’t feel bad he hit ground like a safe, he was a SELF entitled ass hole he saw everyone as beneath him,but they sof they ain’t no real gangsta’s please yeah right, flex needs to be careful because like I said Jay don’t do shit his self he gets others to do his dirty work he never does it himself he been like that,he ain’t gone bust a

    • The way you describe Jay Z pretty well defines his success thus far. He has JUST ENOUGH thug in him for credibility’s sake and to know the the ropes, but not so much as to hinder his climb in the business and entertainment worlds.
      To wit: at the time of Elevator Gate, quite a few folks here were saying. “I would have popped Solange’s ass right back if she had come at me like that. He just stood there like a bitch and took it.”

      Jay Z is no street/NFL thug when it comes to elevators. Dude knew full well what would happen if a Ray Rice tape were to emerge of him responding in kind to his sister in law. And I don’t mean if he had cold cocked her…even a well placed slap would have made him seem thuggish in mainstream America’s eyes. Jigga’s mind was saying “Hmm let’s see…do I let this hot headed bytch know what time it is or do I hold on to my 700 milli fortune and up my stock as a couth “gentleman” in the eyes of the REAL shot callers who do business with me? Yep, he’s not a full on thug, but he can play one in his videos.

      • He bitchmade. That ” reputation” excuse was a ploy for him to inhibit how much a Punk he was

          • A business that doesn’t involve buying out a fake reputation and album sales and owing so many damn contracts all over the place. A business that does get scrutinized through elevator debacles and and cheating scandals. You stupid ugly ass anonymous piece of shit!!! 😀 $$$$

  6. Airing Jay Z out is on thing but now this guy is just being petty. If you have a problem with the man, be a man and handle it one on one. Flex is going to wind up dead in a ditch somewhere if he doesn’t stop.

    • Now Cheesy I will agree with U on that one. Most cats got beef will catch your ass slipping in the streets. But like On Top said, Jay ain’t hard. Yes he from the streets but he ain’t from the streets. There is a big difference. If Flex wanna flex,then he should do it from the Gupta. Get that fool where it hurts him at and that’s how U solved that. But real will recognize real, IJS.

  7. LMAOOOO….seems like nobody respect Jays in the rap game any longer…Batty Bouy Flex be coming out the side of his neck to Jay now, what’s next? Farrell gonna do gangsta rap.

  8. I don’t know if this is for publicity or not…..If not, Flex better watch out. Gay-z will pay somebody to off him or call on his god, Satan.

  9. Im jealous I grow more facial and leg hair than Hov. Dont think Ive ever seen media of him with a hint stubble. He would bankrupt my eyebrow threader, Kamala. Some serious equatorial gene action.

    • Yanno and thats whats most important – the diplomats. When Cam’s verse from The ROC dropped after Flexs whining I started nodding like crazy. Been using words like piff and no homo all.

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