Mel B Gets Restraining Order Against Ex-Husband, Claims Abuse

mel b restraining order abuse

Mel B was granted a restraining order against her estranged husband, Stephen Belafonte, after she claims he “brutally beat her,” and extorted her into engaging in acts with other women and threatening to release private videos of those encounters.

According to sources, here are the allegations:

November 2007, he placed both of his hands around her neck, choked her and slammed her down onto hardwood floors.

July 2012, while taping ‘X Factor,’ he punched her with a closed fist and split her lip.

August 2012, he punched her with a closed fist and pushed her down on the carpet, causing a burn on her face. He then forced her to tweet out she had injured herself by running in her 7-inch Louboutin heels.

He got their nanny pregnant. First, he wanted the nanny to keep the kid and “all three of them” live together. But he later forced the nanny to get an abortion.

You can read the rest of the allegations here.


  1. Why is she saying all of this now? She knew how he was when she 1st started dating him. She was warned by various ppl about his violent tendencies. I don’t believe Ms. Mel is all innocent herself. I wonder what stories he’s got to tell about her. I believe he eluded to her being nasty/unclean once. Anyways, she’s got Spice Girl, etc. money so go on & pay dude off & get on w/your life. Must admit, I do find Stephen interesting because he appears to be a thug & con artist trying to be on the come up in Hollyweird. ;D

    • It’s reported that he has a sex tape of her and somebody else. He would threaten to release it if she ever left him.

      • The sword is double aged on that one 50 Cent tries to be cute and released sex tapes and lost against the woman in a lawsuit. If Stephen does this, she can sue him for the worth of child support and alimony payment he’s about to receive from her. I’m sure his lawyers will remind him of that.

        • The ””’I was hacked”” routine won’t work. He’s holding blackmail material and is in control of it. The judge will say he had the chance to destroy them at any time.

  2. I believe her about the physical beatings, but I also believe she is using their sexual arrangement as leverage for the divorce. She’s got young kid with him and knows well she will be exposed to freakiness just to spite the mother. She should be worried about that. She knew he was king pig and her family and friends warned her. Then she distanced herself from them and forged ahead and married him. In the meanwhile he was collecting videos of their dalliances. Mel swings either way even before marriage and the story of threesomes is….??? He got with other women and she allegedly followed a model into a john and made out with her for an hour. There will be interesting revelations in court as they recount their sexual dalliances as she has made that a focal point in their divorce. To make matters worse, this man has $00.0 to his name so Mell will have to pay dearly, 50/50 on all assets after marriage. It wouldn’t surprise me if she didn’t insist on a prenup. Arrogance and stupidity.

  3. Mel, you could’ve left and told the police…you chose to stay all those years. I can’t be sympathetic. I don’t want to hear about the syndrome…no one likes being hit with a belt as a child and not as an adult by a man with a fist. Next!

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