? Apollo’s Attorneys Calls Phaedra Parks ‘Shady’ After Divorce Reversal

Real Housewives of Atlanta exes, Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida are still hitched, after a Fulton County judge threw out the Bravoleb’s divorce judgement victory.

AJC.com spoke to Apollo’s attorneys — who dished more info about Phaedra’s legal tactic — a move they labeled “shady.” 

The outlet reports that Apollo’s lawyers, Onyema Farrey and Tessie Edwards, believe that Phaedra deliberately entered a misspelling of Apollo’s name in  the initial 2015 divorce filing. Phaedra entered the name “Nita” rather than “Nida” then had the filing sealed, keeping Apollo clueless in the process. This allowed Phaedra to win by default, in a hearing held  last summer. Apollo was never informed of the July hearing. 

Phaedra’s rep, Steve Honig, claims that names were ““were slightly altered in an effort to protect Phaedra’s privacy and prevent media on reporting on her personal life.” Phaedra’s co-counsels don’t buy it, and believe that Phaedra was purposely making it difficult for Apollo to respond, so she could walk away with the kids, and without coughing up a dime. Farrey and Edwards called the maneuver “shady.”

The judge apparently agreed, and sided with Apollo, believing that he had been mistreated.

Apollo’s attorneys now plan to prepare for trial. Apollo is in prison, serving an eight year sentence for identity and bank fraud, but might be able to respond by phone, or via a filed written deposition.

Phaedra has been quiet in explaining her strategy, and is not acknowledging that the move seemingly backfired. Honig recently issued a statement asking why Apollo would “work so aggressively to avoid ending his marriage.” Apollo said that he simply desires a fair division of the couple’s assets.

Honig also pointed out that Apollo already has another woman, waiting in the wings. Sherien Almufti is set to make her own splash on the Bravo reality show, as Apollo’s alleged fiancée. Evidently, Apollo has not confirmed that the pair is engaged, although Almufti alluded to the status about four months ago, on Instagram.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday nights, on Bravo.


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