Megan Good’s Bad Sister Is Knocked Up

Meagan Good Sister Pregnant

Singer-songwriter, Eric Bellinger, and Meagan Good’s sister, La’Myia Good, are expecting a child.

The couple also announced they’re married. They were able to keep their relationship status under the radar for some time (because no-one was checking), but they’re now ready to go public.

Here’s the pictures La’Myia Good put out there:

Meagan Good Sister Announces Pregnancy & Marriage

meagan-good-pregnancy-pics meagan-good-sister


  1. Eww Why Can’t Pregnant Women Act Respectful Instead Of Being Damn Right Nasty, Keep Your Boobs In A Fucking Bra

    • I agree! That is SO nasty! Was she raised by wolves??????
      Apparently her mom and grandma have no class either or she would know better.
      If I even thought about going around like that my mama would slap the you know what off of my face.

    • That damn picture look like it smells of funk and ass and there she go paying her Hollywood dies by flashing that devil sign. Where her mama at? She needs a good old fashioned mama delivered ass whipping for showing herself like that.

      • @Sharon

        Pregnant Women Should Respect Themselves And Their Babies. The Problem Is Today’s Pregnant Women
        Wanna Consider Themselves As Sexy So Their Will Wear Skimpy Slut Clothes, Just Attract Men

        Have You See Dating Pregnant??? The Show Is About Pregnant Women Dating Men, Who’s Not The
        Babies Father, Sick Right!!


        She Looks Like Nasty Bytch She Should Of Covered Up Like Most Respectful Pregnant Women Do
        Is Certainly Not A Black Thing, I’ll Tell You That

  2. Congrats to them. Eric B2 is by far one of the most underrated artist today. His catalog is quite extensive. Don’t miss a day without listening to his music. I Wish them the best. I love black love!

  3. So tired of these talentless siblings leeching off their better known sibling. She needs to go away.

  4. Question, who did Megan Good f*ck to become a celebrity? That hoe can’t act for shit. If you think I’m lying, go watch the movie Video Girl. She was terrible!

    • You dont have to f*ck anyone to be a C list actress. Meagan been acting since she was a kid. She’s been a celeb for most of her life but She’s only a decent actress that’s why she isn’t a big star.

  5. OMFG!!! That pic is STANK!!!!! WHY??? I mean.. Megan Good sucks as an actress anyway and now her sister is news worthy? Please make it STOP!

  6. all these women showed the baby bump naked.

    all cept beyonce no shes too huigh and mighty to show her bump.

    beyonce is the only woman who can get pregnant just by thinking about it.

    beyonce can get pregnant without a man she did it before.

  7. The baby shoe picture is hella ratchet but I really love the B&W photo of the future parents embracing. Congrats to Laymia. Isn’t she in her mid to late 30s? She should be mature mom. I really liked her in that Netflix video vixen movie w/ her sis.

  8. I hope Li’Myia & Eric Bellinger can last. I’m happy that Eric Bellinger career is taking off. I just hope that he don’t go to the darkside. Also I remember L’Myia from the Isyss group back in the day. They were pretty talent and sexy too.

  9. that name is ghetto as hell. And she is ratchet. What happened to class and decency? All these pregnant women trying to be sexy instead of catering to the baby’s needs first. WTH?
    I blame Demi Moore.

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