Bow Wow’s Advice For Mya Regarding Strip Club Performance



Mya performed at a strip club in Miami last weekend causing the former 106&Park host, Bow Wow, to jump on Facebook and clown the has-been singer.

Here’s what Bow Wow posted:



    • Yessssss Yessssss clap back for real lil-bow wow that pleaseeeee punk you got the. Nervessss to comment and then Laugh this stupid. Punk dont know it’s. for the promotion of her album he’s a has been that NEVERRRR been. So go back to sticking that wiener of your into that peanut butter he’s a punk.

    • I knew he was getting clowned before I even got in here. lol. He’s going to be right up there with her soon. lol. Old luxury car renting washed up has been that barely was. lol.

      • Yep this faggot (bowel )woww needs to stop responded to Instagram talking about people going to fill out some applications, ain’t. Nobody checking for that fool out here after 106&park .he was a over rated lil – romper room rapper.,in the beginning of his little career ANYYWAY,

    • “…Mya can always make a comeback and win plenty awards WITHOUT swallowing and f*cking for it.”


      “…it is NO secret anywhere in the industry that Mya gets down with anyone, anytime & anywhere including behind nothing but a curtain that separated what she was doing & room full of audience members. Mya is pretty well known in the industry as a nymphomaniac who will sex down a guy or girl depending on what mood she’s in.

      I’m not trying to put her down or make her out to be a bad person so much as I’m saying “everyone knows sex is her thing” & she doesn’t try to hide it…”

      • I have read that about her own a few gossip sites ..not sure how true or untrue it is~! If a story is passed around enough people will take it as fact. Now I’m not saying it ain’t true but i can’t say that it is either! GOSSIP!!!Bow wow shouldn’t be talking sh^t about anyone. His career has been on decline status for more than a minute and he’s still fighting to hold on to his 15 minutes..lil

        • Shit Miss K. That short ass motherf*cker ain’t paying his child support to my cousin. So these are not rumors, these are the facts. I know my cousins up in Chi town talk to our other cousin regular and shit is shutting bricks because he ain’t doing what he is supposed to do. He better get his paper right cause his ads is grass anyway by my crazy ads cousin who been wanting to put his foot in Shad’s ass. I need to find out the next family reunion is and I keep y’all posted.

    • I rather her dancing with a stripper pole then riding one. Get a life bow wow and laugh at yourself, while your worrying about yourself. Work it Mya

    • Yea, I agree. Why he going at Mya like this tho? I can’t fault somebody out there making legal money, whatever the circumstances. He must’ve tried to get some and she shot him down.

  1. Where is BOW WOW’s sense of humbleness, at one time his career at fell to an all time low when he went from having platinum music career as well as a film career to hosting 106 and Park, when he could no longer sell albums. BOW WOW need to shut and be thankful he as landed a job on one of them CSI shows

  2. Damn Mya Though Sucking On Fiddy’s Girly Ass Dick Would Of Boasted Your Career, Guess Not
    You Should Of Saved Your Money Instead Of Buying Designer Labels And Shyt

    Now Your Just A Washed Up Hag With No Money, Your Looks Can Help You Get Money!!
    Just Date These Color Struck Nicca They Will Suply You With Dick And Money

    Just Ask Christina Millian, Lil Wayne Helpled Her Career

  3. Bow wow we’re laughing at you and that industry whore you wit,now that’s sum ta laugh at, what mya doen doesn’t compare to all the tricks she turned and all the coochie and dick that bitch lick and suck on no we’re laughing at you shorty, what happen to your so called rap career? look like time is up for you, soso def is so so broke while you talken shit, maybe when you grow up,wait your not getting any taller so maybe when you get older, because you’ll be 5feet from now on

  4. It’s not a good look for Mya, but never clown somebodyelse’s financial and econiomic status lest Karma comes knocking down your door. and turning your life upside down.

  5. Mya has been my number one since she hit the scene in “98”! Get them checks! Mya slammed those rumors about Fifty Pennies a long time ago. Mya mentioned that he apologized about lying when she was being interviewed by Vlad. Mya have a lot of haters for some reason. I assume because she never signed them special papers….

  6. Shit Mya looks damn good after a decade! Like I saw before Bow Wow better be worrying about taking care of my ill cousin or his ass belongs to somebody besides the devil himself. How the f*ck he is gonna come at Mya and tell her how to get money when he ain’t paying for his child! Sit you ill ass down somewhere with that haterade your sour ads is drinking!

  7. Mirror mirror y’all Yessssss mirror mirror y’all , we all know this fool bending over just to keep the role I can’t stomach this faggot


  9. I hate to see Mya fall this short. She has so much talent but Bow Wow has no room to talk faking a beard relationship with a known nasty whore. messy queen.

  10. Mya is naturally bad her body gets better with age im a chick STRICTLY about dick…but I would figure out
    HOW to f*ck mya.frfr

  11. Bow wow sounds like she dissed him and he never got over it. He is in no room to judge anyone’s career.

  12. Bow Wow lost his job on BET because 106 & Park became obsolete like Mya. What happened to soul music is taking place in hip-hop today. In due time, they will be forced to degrade themselves in the same way.

  13. Newsflash–they’re degrading themselves for relevance already! If I see one more IG/TwittieFace whore one more time I’m gonna scream!

  14. “Lil Bitch Ass Bow-Wow”. At least May body parts are real and she has talent unlike the slore fake ass/boob bitch this coon is wifing. This midget as nucca has nerve!


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