Birdman Trans Fetish Exposed!


HSK Exclusive – Bryan “Birdman” Williams allegedly spends enormous amount of money tricking on transgender escorts in Miami, Florida.

A former Cash Money Records affiliate is saying it’s an addiction for him.

The source went on to detail how, Birdman’s security brings the lady boys to a dark room, where the YMCMB boss is waiting.

Here’s the drop:

“The security places a pillow case over the transs head and Birdman blind f*cks them. He’s going to go broke from his trans fetish and using high price recording studios as his office.”


  1. Since Lil Wayne is on his way out, Baby is probably going to go back to the thuggish roster of artist and thuggish type of music he originally began with when he and his brother Slim was selling albums in the hundreds of thousands without leaving New Orleans, Baby and his brother Slim are true pioneers in Southern Hip-hop Music, and by the way I don’t believe this post

  2. As long as he doesn’t have sex with women. Men are having sex with men and bringing the diseases to their girlfriends/wives and side chicks. Celibacy is the best option, Ladies. Nobody is safe. There are a lot of men who are messing with gay men/trannies. This is why I don’t get why so many women are pressed about finding a man. God kept you single for a reason. Stop forcing love to happen before you wind up married to a trans chaser.

    • c’mon now, every man is not having sex with a man and being a sex deviant. Stop trying to scare people with that silly propaganda. Nobody wants to be lonely like you.

        • Amiyah Scott is one of the prettiest transexuals that I have seen but he is still a man.

        • Think! believing is a
          Lie told2u from yourself, know everthing knever believe in nothing it seams like it all needs to be evaluated further all African’s soukd research and question everthing as we did when we was kids and these olders/elders/rolemodles
          Didnt have answer & believing/stories/ gossip
          Starts the death of the race/culture of people
          Lost in this world of confusion & entertainment
          All things in africans minds should be questioned because Africans have lost all of your ancient knowledge that would forbid you from engauging in the demise of our peooke if they gay its a problem that shoujd be delt with in our community period if not its still a problem because African’s think its ok to ignor problems that will eventually surface to the top with un adressed issues attacthed to it . conclusion think before we form thoughts yet its its ither we want to solve the problem or we want to ad to the problem be being entertained by the problems of our world today.. 2pac “think” what do you want the people to do: “think” use yr brain. In all topics in our culture uf its wrong we confront it not ingnor it thats ignorance and we dont tolerate that.Young Game-

    • Sounds like you just hate men. All men ain’t punks. You women just be looking for money, riches, NBA, NFL, actors, somebody to financially take care of you all, not understanding that the family structure is being attacked by Satan. Your mind has excepted the fairytale ofthe entertainment industry, tv and music. You all believe that you dont need men and women are GOD, but are being punished by the true living GOD. Its all idol worship. Once you turn to the real GOD, you will receive salvation, truth a real man, a husband. Until then you will continue to be lonely and bitter, just what Satan wants.

  3. I’m not shocked him and young Frankenstein get’en it on he kicked Wayne to the curb for Frankenstein, what young Frankenstein prance around in pink panties and heels isn’t enough ?you see that young Frankenstein while you were thinking bird loved you so much he out here search’en for trans’s mayne,thats what you get for creep’en wit bird dirty low down ass,i guess when bird looked into your eyes and told you, you were his one and only and y’all kissed passionately you believed him? or when bird romantically hugged and whispered in your ear how much he loves you you believed him? and look he hot on the trail check’en for trans’s ain’t that a bitch young frankenstein?after all you did now this? See what happens when you f*ck wit dogs you get fleas and ticks and it look like you already had some and bird dog gave you more, so while you walk’en around polish’en your nails and run’en around in pink and purple heels and panties hot curl’en ya hair bird out look’en for better looking trans’s lol!

  4. keyshia cole needs to gwet checked and birdman’s wife.

    yes birdman is married.

  5. LOLOLOL, these industry does are just nasty. Why do so many of them have their sexuality in question? I don’t see how anyone would have sex with someone who constantly trades partners, can’t stay true to the one they married. I may like their music, but I would NEVER lay down with them…. Not to mention, this dude is so not attractive.

  6. that’s one of the rituals is homosexuality at these hollywood sex parties you see trannsexual, lesbos, etc. most people at cash money has had sex with baby that’s why bg, manny, juvie left he want to turn them out. juvie back with them so i guess he gave in. some of these models in the rap videos are trannsexuals because that’s what they are into ask eddie murphy he loves trannies had that trans killed that exposed him years ago

  7. After seeing Birdman’s baby photos and viewing that he was even mean mugging at age 3 tells me hes seen some vile stuff in his lifetime. Im curious as to what happened to make him such a piece of work.

  8. NasTy trifling ugly robbing stealing killing raping DONE committed all ten commandment self and i believe it all cuz h e ain’t got non els.e to do wit all that stolen money A UGLY MF

  9. I don’t know about the rest of you ladies, but if I was forced to have sex with Baby I would BEG for a pillowcase over my head so I wouldn’t have to see his ugly mug.

  10. My honest opinion on the industry…How can we trust that any of the men in Babylon are not true believers? Sin is the. rule of the day, but, some claim to be good? Who is in charge of the “Black Hole” that exist in entertainment as a whole?

  11. Well we know where Lil Wayne’s money from his advance went to …SMDH…YUCK! Look, I think he probably abused Weezy when he was a kid too….what kind of man kisses another man in the f*cking mouth. I knew BirdDropping was a DL Gay thug back when those pics were exposed….SMDH! Most of the rappers in the game has a DL/Tranny tendencies. I honestly think when some of these men get too much money and puzzy, they get bored and start f*cking any and everything that moves….Rick James comes to mind. “He was the freest man I ever knew”–Charlie Murphy.

  12. Yes Birdbutch sodomized Weezy at a young age. You can find the video on YouTube. Weezy said he will never forget when he was first signed Birdbutch came in with an entourage of dudes and told them to break in the lil’ homie and suck his…well u know! It was all downhill from there.

  13. @ High Dolla I saw the YouTube video. Wayne was referring to a chick, but in his own way maybe he was trying to tell us something not sure tho. I do believe this story and I do believe majority of them are DL. Some of the women as well. Hollyweird it’s all a delusion. And Baby probably molested Wayne when he was younger. Parents watch and protect your children male and female…. Smh

  14. Too the person that, says 95percent of Male will f*ck anything, your statistics are Offff….these industry men 95 percent of them are Faggots….

  15. yep,
    wayne was abused and conditioned by birdman from a young age. To get in you have to get down in this industry. Nobody. NOBODY gets anywhere without giving up ass and much much worse.

  16. This shouldn’t be news or nothing to talk about. If you believe this bullshit, you need to be f*cked in your ass.
    Why is it that we always get some bullshit story from celebrity security (so called security) who have seen everything and now what to talk about it.

    It’s the f*cking Internet motherf*ckers.

    Also, if Birdman wants to f*ckoff his money, it’s his motherf*cking money motherf*ckers!!!!!

    Get a life HATER motherfuclers.

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