Meek Mill Dissin’ Drake & Future?

Meek Mill just posted an Instagram a picture of two new sparkling diamond rings on adjacent fingers and wrote, “What a time.” Know why? Because according to radio personality Charlamagne Tha God, the Dreamchasers rapper is making a new track dissin’ Drake, with Sauce Walka.

“When I see stuff like that, all you’re letting me know Meek is that it’s bothering you.” ~Charlamagne Tha God

Here’s what’s out there:

“Meek posting himself wearing two diamond rings is clearly making a sly reference to Drake and Future’s recent joint album, What a Time to Be Alive. As to why — we don’t know. But as diamonds were a major theme of WATTBA, and as the post comes about a week after Drake and Future recently shared pictures of their own matching diamond rings.”


  1. .what is going on in this world god is everyone gay two grown ass men sharing a matching ring set what the hell is wrong.

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  3. Ha, notice the jewelry store counter in the background! LMAO, dude at a jewelry store fronting like he owns those hahahaha

  4. Meek MiLLL seems like he's takin more Ls again.#1. That Drake beef is old n over. He had time to respond n come hard but he dropped the ball.#2.Are those wedding rings Meek has on? I'd blow out Nikki's butthole like any other red blooded man, but to actually wife her n deal with her shit daily for years to come….f*ck that.

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