Is Rich Dollaz Plottin’ To Produce Next Sex Tape … with Stripper From Wayne’s Video-Leak???

Rich Dollaz Paris Richards LAHHNY

HSK Exclusive – Just days following the Tunechi Sex Tape leak, and one of the skrippers starring in the X-rated footage is said to have already landed herself a live and direct lane into the limelight! Just ask Rich Dollaz. Know why? The Love & Hip Hop staple cast member / longtime entertainment manager is said to be “the puppet-master” who’s now guiding the reported “industry takeover” of Paris Richards!

“Rich and Paris have been talking for a while now. They’re getting ready for a photo shoot for Straight Stuntin magazine.”

Inside sources reveal the Toronto skripper was “Rich Dollaz-recruited” … and “not just for “modeling gigs”, with exclusive details pointing to Rich Dollaz and Paris Richards apparently hookin’ up!!! “Rich Dollaz is currently dating the chick who starred in Lil Wayne’s sex tape Paris Richards,” says a source. “Don’t be surprised if you see Paris Richards making an appearance on Love & Hip Hop New York.”

The drop:

“Rich Dollaz’s story-line this season on Love and Hip Hop is going to be crazy! This fool got girls bringing him other girls to smash. Who knows … Maybe Rich, Paris and her other two girlfriends might just end up making another sex-tape!”


  1. Wasn't he and moniece getting married .will she be OK with his story line I hope that she would care and not to be with this kind of guy she can do a hell of a lot better. And get herself a new story line.

  2. I hope them filthy byotches put some soap and water on they feet. better yet some pine sol .

  3. This dude is nasty as f*ck. How can one man know and bed sooooooo many hoes. And what woman in her right mind would even get with this dirty dick loser.

  4. Broke azz tired Richz $ who give a f*ck abt his punk azz he a damn loser like all those mofo on L&HHLA losers smdh they all need story lines

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