Bobbi Kristina’s Aunt Will Reveal How She Really Died?

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Bobbi Kristina’s aunt is planning to reveal horrible news regarding the circumstances surrounding her death.

As the investigation into Bobbi’s death continues, and the lawsuit against Nick Gordon for her wrongful death is ongoing, a family member has some harrowing news.

Leolah Brown, who is Bobby Brown’s sister, has already come out and said that Nick murdered her niece, and that several people wanted her dead to get at the money she inherited from Whitney Houston.

In a cryptic Facebook post, Leolah says she learned how Bobbi died and she is going to reveal the truth.

“I am hurting so badly right now for the death of my niece Bobbi Kristina and what REALLY happened to her!  Hold on to your seats as I expose some really terrible things!”

bobbi kristina aunt

She has said in the past that she believed the circumstances surrounding both Whitney and Bobbi’s deaths were too similar to be circumstance so she could possibly reveal info about both deaths.


  1. When is she going to tell us.
    She's been saying this for months.

    Whats she waiting on a TV DEAL? or is this just public threats to get the people in the shadows to pay her off?

    Tell it or SIT DOWN LEOHLA…your wolf calling, and 15 minutes is about up.

  2. absolutely Leolah we are patiently waiting! DONT let them finish that f*ckin reality show that they planned! We Love You Leolah lol

  3. This woman is addicted to attention and she wants a reality show. She has approached many producers and keeps getting no for an answer. So she continues to dangle the only carrot on a stick that she has.
    Leolah, unless someone is mentally challenged, they KNOW how Bobbi K died. She was a serious drug addict like her mother and she made horrible choices just like her mother and surrounded herself with the wrong people just like her mother. The rest is just minutiae and details. When you do drugs all day everyday and live with a DD, there's only one place you're going to end up—the cemetery.

    End of sad story. Now sit down and deal with the fact that your time in the spotlight is ovah, cause nobody cares about Bobby Brown.

  4. She die from all those damn drugs her & her lil nasty azz white friends were doing that what happen

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