Mayweather Will NOT Bail Suge Knight From Jail Post Fight

Mayweather Denies Bail For Suge Knight

Suge Enters Not Guilty Plea…

Fallen rap mogul, Marion “Suge” Knight, will not be out of custody, because of his one time cohort, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Here’s the rumor started by Suge’s attorney, Mathew Fletcher:

“If Mayweather wins the bout, he expects the boxer to cover his client’s $10-million bail. They’re good friends. That’s one of his wealthiest friends.”

Here’s what Mayweather’s camp scrambled to release in response:

“Suge’s lawyer was just plain wrong when he told media outlets there was a plan in place for Floyd to fork over the money. Floyd and Suge were close in the past — but they haven’t been in contact in several years.”

In worse news for Knight, the judge denied a further reduction of his bond. Suge then entered a plea of not guilty.


  1. the fight is gonna be fixed all sport games are fixed

    the richest but weakest boxer is gonna pay the strongest but poorest boxer, so that the richest boxer can We and take all the glory (more like acting cocky for the camera's)

    remember He's fight with one of those Mexican Boxers ( I think Danny Garcia) ??? Floyd and He's Father were trashing talk about Them

    but after the fight Floyd Sr hugged the Boxer's Father??? (maybe out of respect but still)

    My question is how can You talk shit about someone and still huge Them???

    that's how you know boxing is fake

    • Just like football and basketball, boxing is a SPORT which apparently you know nothing about.

  2. Hope nothing is rigged like the Bradley vs PAC fight 3 yrs ago just to make a rematch that they already knew was in place before it was even mentioned by the promoters.

  3. Floyd would have to be sleepin with Suge to give him TEN MILLION DOLLARS THAT HES NEVER GONNA SEE AGAIN. Thats crazy! Is it like 10% of ten mil? Even then! Shiiiiiiddddd.

  4. they need to just throw away the key on suge. gangbangin' is dead. he's the last of an era.

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